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Why is it so difficult to lose weight permanently

This mortally obese man - one of the few other mortally obese people featured in the following video presentation says: "I love to eat … I wasn't looking at the after-effects, the side-effects, the repercussions … This is me and my world. I love my food, I appreciate my food. Once you eat everything goes away. All the headaches, all the pain, all the misery … This is like home, sweet home, another dimension, a twilight zone …"

Well, with this kind of life / food orientation you can only look forward to being encapsulated in one of the containers featured in the following presentation.

What has been presented above shows the reality of those for whom no weight-loss-program is ever going to work.

The people for whom there is no hope represent the extreme end of the spectrum of the human, food-related thoughts and emotions, which are responsible for the commonly experienced tremendous difficulty in the area of permanent weight loss.

They show us very clearly what we all experience to some degree, and what we absolutely have to overcome if we are serious about losing our excessive weight permanently.

In a way, the mortally obese - those for whom there is no hope - are our best teachers. It is so, because no one can better verbalize the actual facts of the human, weight-loss-related tragedy, than those who have been sucked into the black-hole of the excessive food consumption.

Let's take a closer look at these facts

#1 - Comforting function of food

Have you ever experienced the reality of: "Once you eat everything goes away. All the headaches, all the pain, all the misery …" ?

I've experienced that reality many times, but not frequently enough to become a mortally obese man.


By the way - the term "mortally obese" is not some sort of a derogatory expression which I've invented. It is a medical term, which reflects the actual, deadly consequences of the excessive obesity.


Coming back to the above mentioned INCREDIBLY COMFORTING function of food - we notice that its ability to relieve all kinds of mental anguish is both: Blessing and a curse at the same time.

The fact is that we all need to be comforted from time to time. Only severely psychopathic individual could be free from this common human need, and food is the most accessible comforter of all. 

Food, especially good food can make anyone feel better. Unfortunately the improvement of our psycho-physiological state, which can be obtained through the action of food is rather short lasting. Consequently some of us reach for food over and over again, with the frequency that turns their bodies into mountains of fat, incompatible with any kind of healthy functionality.


Those of us who have learned that food brings comfort into their tormented minds and bodies, soon become food addicts, and totally lose their conscious control over their eating behaviour.

Their eating patterns begin to operate on the subconscious level, and as such they become automatic. When this stage of food related disfunctionality is reached, human lives begin to be governed by FOOD HYPNOSIS.

At this point, all conscious, dieting efforts are doomed to failure. The power of FOOD HYPNOSIS assures that the food addict finds himself forced to follow his deadly eating patterns regardless of what he consciously wills.  

#2 - Pleasurable function of food

Everyone derives pleasure from eating his favourite food.

And in many lives, food is the ONLY source of pleasure.

Have you ever tried fasting for at least couple of days - eating nothing, just drinking water?

Only when you eliminate food completely from your life for some time can you really appreciate how much pleasure you derive from your food on a daily basis.

Any extended period of lack of pleasure results in a terrible feeling of deprivation.

And if it happens that food is the only pleasure in your life then the chances that you are going to become a mortally obese food addict increase enormously.


Both - the comforting and the pleasurable function of food can be bundled together under the banner of the STATE of MIND ALTERING function of food.

Truly - only a few things outside of the realm of drugs can alter our state of mind more efficiently than our favourite food.

From the times immemorial humans have been searching for, and inventing, various ways to alter their miserable states of mind.

Food has always been used as one of the most accessible and most effective agents of mood modification.

It has always played a role of the human chief un-hypnotizing agent.

That is why whenever we end up possessed / hypnotized by a particular negative state of mind, we instinctively reach for food which instantly un-hypnotizes us from our miserable state of consciousness.

Why is it so difficult to lose weigh permanently?

It is difficult because it is almost impossible to give up something that works a the only source of positive hypnosis in our lives. 

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