Weight Loss and Your Subconscious Mind

Do you want to know the only real secret behind ANY successful weight loss program?

Here it comes: “You gotta lose it on the inside before you can lose it outside”.

No dieting alone is ever going to work unless you are really ready for the change.

Losing weight just on the outside doesn’t last. It doesn’t last because the permanent weight alteration is an inside job, before anything else. 

There is a well known weight loss clinic in Toronto where fast weight loss is almost guaranteed. However, over the years, I haven’t seen anyone who went there and lost weight permanently. On the other hand, I’ve seen quite a few people who went there, lost a lot of weight relatively fast, and equally fast gained it all back. I’ve seen one lady who has been to that clinic twelve times. They should have crowned her as a yo-yo queen.


A troubled weight loss story of the almost 700-pounder serves a superb example of the reality behind the statement: “You gotta lose it on the inside before you can lose it outside”.

After losing a lot of weight he looked very good on the outside, but remained a terrible mess inside. Consequently, he gained his weight back. 


Another weight loss story which confirms the absolute necessity of the inner work, during the process of weight alteration, comes from the man who in the course of his weight alteration ordeal discovered that “your body can’t lose weight without your mind on board”


I hope that the stories which you can access via the links offered above will impress you in the most positive and necessary way. 

When I say “necessary” - I mean the necessity of the inclusion of a high quality subconscious mind training during the process of gradual lowering of the weight of your body, until your most appropriate weight is achieved.


In several places on this page I’ve used the term: “weight alteration”

I have done it in order to bring to your awareness a very simple and yet commonly neglected fact: An overweight body requires a particular state of mind in order to maintain its weight. 

There is an invisible equation always present in everybody’s life, which states that: This particular state of mind = this particular weight of the body. 

Consequently, if the weight of the body is to be lowered, the state of the mind that used to maintain the weight at the high level must be ALTERED.

The last thing I want to say here is that nothing can deliver more profound and efficient weight-loss-related, subconscious state-of-mind-alteration than hypnosis.

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