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Toronto Stress Management Clinic testimonial

David McMunn

“The relaxation inducing Custom Self Hypnosis recording
which Dr. Orlowski created for me was very helpful and resonated with me so well that, I have listened to it daily over and over again.

It was a high quality tape, but I’ve listened to it so often that eventually the cassette wore out."

David R. McMunn; Chartered Accountant.

I've recorded that custom relaxation tape for David more than 10 years ago. Since then, I've helped many others say "bye-bye" to stress and "hello" to peace and relaxation.

Book an appointment, and I’ll teach you how to pull the plug on stress.
How to turn the world off
and enter peace and relaxation.

I’ll teach you how to dissolve the energy of stress and frustration.
How to turn off your stressful thoughts and emotions.

I’ll teach you how to leave all your worldly concerns behind
and enter the freedom of being
beyond your present imagination.

Stressed face

I'll help you dissolve your tension
and establish a totally new, relaxed, and unburdened relationship between 
you and the world you live in.

At my Toronto Stress Management clinic I do work with various human - mainly mental - conditions and my work just like any other work does tire me out.

If I work too much, the feeling of being just tired turns into a feeling of being stressed out.

Being just tired feels still O.K. I am sure you’ve experienced a feeling of being pleasantly tired, ready to rest and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Feeling stressed out on the other hand has a very unpleasant, oppressive and tense quality.

There is a quality of “too much” of this or that in the feeling of being stress out.

An oppressive quality from which you are compelled to run away, and which you feel, you must alter in some way or else, you are going to break down.

You are desperate to relax that tense, oppressive state of your body and mind.

When I come to the point of feeling mental and/or physical strain during my day - I simply tune out.

At my Toronto Stress Management Clinic I will teach you the art of profound relaxation of your body and mind.

I will teach you what I do for myself day in and day out.

There comes a time during my day, when I absolutely need to tune out - to unplug myself from the reality of space and time - to turn my thinking faculty off and the rest of the world too.

Imagine complete freedom from thinking - no thoughts, no ideas - total and complete exit from all concerns of this world - turning the world off and disappearing in a mystical space beyond your thinking mind.

At my Toronto Stress Management Clinic I will teach you how to liberate yourself from your mind at will, whenever you want to - whenever you need to.

At my Toronto Stress Management Clinic I can teach you the art of relaxation through our one-on-one hypnotic sessions.

I can also create for you a custom designed mind and body relaxing CD, which you can use anytime you need to release your tension.

A custom designed hypnosis CD, made just for you will resonate with you beautifully because, it will take into account your own unique life experience, your unique needs and preferences.

It will address not only the issue of relaxation but also anything else that you are struggling with in your life.

A custom designed hypnosis CD, which I can make for you can also assist you with psychosomatic healing of any psychosomatic condition.

Pulling the plug on stress - turning the world off - disappearing - exiting the space-time reality - leaving all the earthly concerns behind - what an amazing state it really is!

I love that state of NO-MIND and NO-WORLD-AROUND. It is an amazing mystical state during which you come in contact with your own ultimate spiritual reality.

It is also a state that has the power to clear your "plate" and allow you to come up with creative solutions to the problems you face.

The tensed, stressed out state of your body and mind is anti-creative, and the more you struggle to come up with a needed solution the less you can achieve what you need to achieve.

At my Toronto Stress Management Clinic you will learn how to not only manage your stress, but also how to turn on your lost stress-suppressed creativity.

What I have written above belongs to the category of dealing with the necessary and frequently unescapable stress of your life.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic you are also going to learn how to function without becoming unnecessarily stressed out.

There is a whole, huge category of stressors in you life which are not necessary and not unescapable.

When you come to the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, the question which you will have to face will be: Where is your UNNECESSARY STRESS and what can be done about it?

Most likely, there is a lot of unnecessary stress in your life, which can be totally disabling to you without serving any protective purpose.

Under normal and desirable conditions your stress and discomfort serves as a protective mechanism - it stops you from overdoing whatever is stressful to the point of permanent damage and disability.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, I will not only make you aware of the difference between your necessary and not necessary stress - I will teach you how to eliminate the unnecessary stress from your life.

Your unnecessary stress, in contradistinction to the stress that is unavoidable and necessary does not need management efforts.

Why would you attempt to manage something that can be totally eliminated from your life?

While working on the elimination of your unnecessary stress at the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, you will realize that all your unnecessary stress results always - without exception - from the conflict which exists between you and the Reality.

All your unnecessary stress is always emotional. It is always about being in a state of conflict with what arises.

For the most part this kind of stress arises only in the realm of human relationships.

It is a conflict between you and what others do “to you” and around you.

This conflict arises only between you and the people around you and its essence lies in an offense. An inanimate object can never offend you.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, you will learn how to diminish your ego-self, which suffers from all kinds of events, which threaten your self-importance.

It is only your false self-importance and resulting from it offend-ability that could ever bring unnecessary emotional stress into your life.

Somebody does not behave towards you as your self-importance demands, and you end up in a state of emotional torment. You may even get profoundly depressed or anxious about it.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, you will learn how to go with the flow of the river of life.

Going with the flow of the river of life does not mean passivity. It does not mean that you become a door mat.

It does not mean that you do not take necessary actions. It simply means that you do not get unnecessarily emotionally entangled.

It means that you do not waste your psychic energy on your emotional dis-ease, and are able to function with ease in your life, regardless of the circumstances.

It is only your dis-ease - your lack-of-ease in life that could ever unnecessarily stress you out.

As you work towards your liberation from being entangled with all kinds of unnecessary stressors - at the Toronto Stress Management Clinic - it will become gradually more and more obvious to you that, your unnecessary stress has always resulted from what you consider as disagreeable events in your life.

Your disagreeing with the unfoldment of Reality will always unnecessarily stress you out.

Only an appropriate, either mental or physical action and possibly non-action, can transform what you experience as “disagreeable” into just an event in your life. Something that can be perceived from many different angles.

There is no need for negative emotional entanglement with anything in your life.

If it rains, you don’t try to disagree with the rainy unfoldment of Reality. It would be totally pointless and useless.

You simply adapt to the situation. You take an umbrella, stay inside, or decide to go out into the rain, but you don’t get emotionally stressed out about it.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, you will learn how to turn all of your previously disagreeable and unnecessarily stressing you out events of your life into rain-like phenomena.

You will learn how to sing "let it rain, let it rain...” even amidst the greatest of storms.

Your relationship with the Reality will change, and as the result of that change you will stop arguing with It.

Without argument, without conflict - what could ever unnecessarily stress you out?

While working towards your freedom from unnecessary stress in your life - at the Toronto Stress Management Clinic - you will also became aware of what I call stress hypnosis.

You will see how your stress hypnosis has worked in your life, and how it created your present entanglement with all kinds of unnecessary stresses which you experience.

Your stress hypnosis is simply your own subconsciously conditioned pattern of engaging, and becoming entangled with your various, unnecessary stressful reactions to life.

You have subconsciously learned these unnecessary stressful reactions.

They became solidly conditioned in your subconscious mind and now you keep on playing them out, just like the hypnotized people during a hypnosis show play out all kinds of idiotic - suggested to them - behaviors.

At the Toronto Stress Management Clinic, I will help you to unhypnotize yourself from your stress hypnosis.

The freedom from your tormenting you stress hypnosis patterns will turn your life into an exhilarating creative experience.

All it takes to come into possession of this freedom is your willingness to take an honest look at yourself and a decision to heal your relationship with the Reality.

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