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My Toronto Depression Services are available to all those who suffer from feeling depressed and are free of suicidal ideation.

If you suffer from a clinical depression and have suicidal thoughts, I can offer you my Psychic Detox Services, in the form of Energy Healing or my Hypno-Energetic Method - and most likely help you - but you MUST be under the care of a physician or a psychiatrist.

My Toronto Depression Clinic operation is based on my own experience with clinical depression. It was the darkest period of my life and at the same time the most evolutionary one. When I finally emerged on the other side of darkness, I was a different person. Most of my deeply cherished ideas, which I used to derive my power from, were dead.

A powerful spell of depression took over my life in 1996. It flattened me! It was clinical and suicidal – a pure horror to go through!

I am deeply grateful to a physician, to whom I described my state of consciousness, for not sending the authorities upon me; so that I could be locked up on some psychiatric ward to assure my safety. By law, a doctor is required to do so, whenever he suspects his patient could actually apply the “permanent” solution to his temporary problem.

My doctor recommended that I lock myself up in a hospital for at least two weeks, but I refused. He then booked me an appointment with a psychiatrist, which I kept but refused to continue. I also refused to take any kind of medication. My resistance to medical treatment was the seed out of which my Toronto depression services have grown.

Even though the state of depression brought me to the edge, I simply didn’t want any drugs; I wanted to go through all this hell by my own power; I wanted to emerge on the other side of darkness, knowing that I could do this without the side-effect-producing chemical aid.

What was giving me the power to do so, was my inherent curiosity and deep interest in my own states of consciousness. I was interested in my state of depression – the way a scientist is interested in an object of his inquiry. I was willing to play with it; I was willing to explore.

I want to repeat here that my Toronto depression practice cannot accommodate anyone, who choses the way of dealing with depression that I have chosen. I absolutely do not recommend my approach to anyone who happens to enter a similar state. For many people, to do what I did would be plain foolishness, unnecessary risk and a possible fatal end.

Through my Toronto depression practice, I can help you very effectively outside of your doctor's care, if your spirits are low, or if you suffer from depressed feelings. My involvement in the case of a clinical depression is possible only if you are under proper medical supervision.

My own history is presented here only for the sake of story telling and descriptive purposes.

Through my Toronto depression services I have helped many people to move on in life and become active again. I've seen people who became depressed because they lost their confidence, and were not able to perform in their respective areas of endeavor. I've been able to help countless depressed "broken hearts" after they were betrayed by their partners.

Through my Toronto depression practice, I show my clients that the depressed feelings and heavy emotions can be used very creatively. One of my own favorite games with the depressed feelings is to use them as a practice in Meta-perception. Meta perception is simply the ability to observe your own states of mind without being sucked into them.

Everyone gets low at one time or another. Our minds are like the weather. Our states of consciousness do change. We all go up and down. The down time of the mind is a great opportunity to learn to observe your own state of consciousness and realize that you are not them.

My Toronto Depression Clinic provides the teaching and practice in the area of entering a higher level of consciousness. A level from which you can observe what your mind is doing without being identified with it.

The fact is that, when you are identified with a state of your mind - you become it and it becomes you. It is an utterly powerless position. You can't get rid of your state because you think that you are that state. The only way to get rid of it, would be to get rid of yourself.

Human identification with the deeply depressed states of consciousness is the only source of suicide. The affected people due to their lack of awareness, get rid of themselves instead of their states of mind.

Through my Toronto depression practice I can enable you to observe the negative states of your consciousness and attain a high degree of immunity against them. You cannot fight those states. Whatever you fight you energize, and give it more power to fight you back. I can teach you how to DISSOLVE all kinds of psychological negativity simply by watching what your mind does.

My most favorite component of my Toronto depression practice is teaching people how to laugh at their own negative states of consciousness. This is exactly how I was able to overcome my depression. I was able to see it in a very funny, very comical way, and it had no choice but to lose its power. Whatever you can laugh at, cannot oppress you anymore.

The natural, human ability and necessity to create humor during the times of darkness was beautifully presented in the movie Jacob's Lies. The Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw was plagued by a very high rate of suicide. At the same time, the Jews were able to invent a great variety of jokes enabling them to laugh at their own condition. There is no doubt that their ability to see their situation as comical saved many lives.

In my Toronto depression practice I use Psychic Detox - a form of Energy Healing of the mind, as the main agent of change. The Energy Healing which I provide is simply about "pulling out" the negative, depressed psychic energy from the energy field of an affected person. My Energy Healing work detoxifies human mind from all kinds of negative psychic pollution.

In some cases I combine my Energy Healing work with hypno-effective verbal suggestions, without using the so-called hypnotic trance. The combination of Energy Healing and no-trance suggestions makes up my Hypno-Energetic method.

Through my Toronto depression practice, I have learned that in some cases a state of depression is caused not by events in life, but by the negative spiritual entities attaching themselves to the human energy field.

The reality of the spirit possession and the methods of healing such conditions are described in a book Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness written by the american psychiatrist Shakuntala Modi. 

The reality of the spirit possession causing severe psychological disturbances is also described in Become a Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day by Joel Osteen.

He writes about the cases in which no psychological nor psychiatric help was of any use to the affected people. 

Joel Osteen recognizes the fact that spiritual afflictions can be resolved only in a spiritual way.

In my Toronto depression practice I also use Spiritual Healing to neutralize forces of negative spiritual origin.

Some Practical Pointers on How You Can Deal With Your Own State of Depression

When you come to my Toronto Depression Clinic, I will expand on these points with you, according to your particular needs.

Most of my Toronto depression healing practice is based on my own experience with depression, which has taught me that depression is not a primary condition.

It took me some time to realize that it was fear / anxiety that drove me into a state of depression, and if you take a closer look at your own state of depression, you will realize that there is fear / anxiety behind it.

My discovery that fear / anxiety is the origin of every depressive experience is the foundation of my Toronto depression healing practice.

What depresses you and everybody else is your fearful and anxious thinking and nothing else but your fearful and anxious thinking.

Regardless of whether it is your conscious fearful and anxious thinking or subconscious fearful and anxious thinking, it is always one or the other that sets your depressive state up.

Nothing can depress you except a fearful thought that there is no way out.

My most recent depressed client - who sought help at the Toronto Depression Clinic - kept on repeating that the core of her problem was her fear / anxiety, that her condition would never clear out.

As much as she was depressed, she was only bothered by her fear / anxiety that she ended up in a permanently depressed state of mind.

If she had known that her condition was going to clear out - for sure - within a specified period of time, she wouldn’t have any problem with her depression. In fact, the assurance of an imminent liberation would have most likely enabled her to move on in life quite efficiently in spite of her state of depression.

The long years of my Toronto depression healing practice have shown me time and again that people don’t really suffer from their state of depression.

What they suffer from is their fear / anxiety that their state of depression is final and it will never come to pass.

It you suffer from illness engendered depression - for example - it is not your illness per se that depresses you. It is only the thought that there is no way out, and that thought is the origin of your fear / anxiety.

If you had a different thought in your mind - a thought that for sure you were going to overcome your condition, you could suffer from neither fear / anxiety nor depression.

If you are depressed about your financial situation, it is only your thought that there is no way out that depresses you and obviously this thought is rooted in fear / anxiety.

What I have written so far points to the fact that if I am going to help you with your state of depression - through my Toronto depression healing practice - I will have to help your first to dissolve your state of fear / anxiety.

The moment you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that YOU CAN - whatever it was that you thought you COULD NOT - your depressive state will be gone.

People who come to the Toronto Depression Clinic, most often are totally focused on one thing only - on getting rid of their state of depression.

When I tell them - based on the years of my Toronto depression healing practice - that depression is but a symptom of their screwed up relationship with Reality, they say that they will work on it as soon as their depression clears up.

Such attitude towards, and understanding of their condition is like saying - as soon as I have money in the bank, I will start working on how to earn money.

Most depression sufferers have it all up side down, and because of their lack of understanding they insist on getting rid of a mere symptom of a very serious existential condition, which via various symptom-oriented-only approaches can be suppressed but never really cleared out.

As I’ve already mentioned above, I do offer - through my Toronto depression healing practice - practical pointers, based on my own experience with depression.

There is a lot of what your mind can do for your own mind. There is a lot of what your thinking can do for your own thinking.

You can help yourself by yourself tremendously if you can only approach your depressed condition creatively.

The creative approach to fear, anxiety and depression is what I love teaching through my Toronto depression healing practice.

My Toronto Depression Clinic teachings about the creative usage of the negative states of mind are based on the fact that everything that happens in your life has some definite purpose.

And if you’ve ended up in a state of depression, there must be something that your depression is trying to teach you.

Through my Toronto depression healing practice I help my clients become aware of what it is that their depression is trying to accomplish in their lives.

I show them, that there is a deep meaning hidden underneath their suffering and that the real healing can only come via discovering what that meaning is and what it demands.

Through my Toronto depression healing practice I show my clients how their depression is trying to bring about the necessary evolution of their consciousness.

After interviewing one of my clients, I immediately became aware of what her depression was trying to achieve in her life.

As a child she was bullied in her class and the only way she could do something about it was to become the best student, so that the other kids would come for help to her, and be forced to quit their bulling behavior.

She was very intelligent and figured out that if she could only create a condition under which the kids were going to need her, their bullying would cease.

My client’s strategy worked out beautifully, and her success has taught her that she could indeed control her environment if she would only make the necessary effort.

Based on her early successful social-environment-controlling experience, she extended her controlling efforts into all other departments of her life.

But eventually LIFE decided to show her that IT was ultimately in control and gave her a powerful depressive experience, which she could not control in spite of all her control-oriented-efforts.

Coming back to what I’ve been saying about the Toronto Depression Clinic teachings about the creative usage of fear anxiety and depression - I am repeating here again that you can tremendously help yourself in terms of dealing with your depression if you can only adopt a scientific-like, creative and interested attitude towards your depressed condition.

And what does that mean specifically?

It means that you acknowledge that there is a reason for the depression to show up in your life, and that instead of fighting it, and trying to get rid of it, you start listening to its message of healing and change.

The above statement will take on a personal quality, reflecting the specific, necessary adjustments in your life, after you come to my Toronto Depression Clinic, and enter the process of analysis of your own state of depression.

More Practical Pointers

Years ago I worked with the woman who suffered from the anxiety / depression complex due to the sexual abuse trauma, which occurred in her childhood.

As our work - at the Toronto Depression Clinic - was progressing, it became obvious to me that in spite of the seeming seriousness of the origin of her anxiety /depression, the usage of humor was most likely the best way of dealing with her condition.

As it turned out, my intuition - which plays a very important part in my Toronto depression healing practice - was right, and through the usage of humor, the seemingly humor-resistant sexual abuse issue was deflated of its power and my client’s anxiety / depression went away.

I usually tell her story to those who come to my Toronto Depression Clinic, and with whom the usage of humor seems to be most indicated.

I also show to them the gift, which I have received from my formerly anxious and depressed client.

She gave me one of the most famous books of our times - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - where on page 101 we read: “Nobody knows what a Boggart looks like when he is alone, but when I let him out, he will immediately become whatever each of us most fears... The charm that repels a Boggart is simple, yet it requires a force of mind. You see, the thing that really finishes a Boggart is laughter. What you need to do is to force it to assume a shape that you find amusing”.

Through my Toronto depression healing practice I do whatever I can to convey to my clients the fact that - there is a tremendous experiential difference between just suffering from anxiety / depression - the plain, naked suffering - and suffering which includes in its realm a relationship between them and their anxiety / depression.

My Toronto depression healing practice has taught me that there is no more powerful therapeutic relationship that you could ever develop between your anxiety / depression and yourself than that which is capable of laughing at your depression’s vicious attempts to finish you off.

Of course, I realize that it is easier said than done - and for this reason the author of Harry Potter says: “... it requires a force of mind” - but it is not impossible.

Laughing at the “Boggart” of your anxiety / depression - if you can only do it - has the power to finish it off entirely or at least tremendously deflate its bubble.

I keep on repeating to the Toronto Depression Clinic anxious and depressed clients: “You are not your thoughts and emotions, and because you are not your thoughts and emotions, you are not your anxiety and your depression”.

Through my Toronto depression healing practice I teach my clients that as much as they suffer from the bondage to anxiety / depression, they are at the same time free to develop a relationship with their anxiety / depression and treat their anxiety / depression as if it were a living entity - a spirit of anxiety and depression.

I tell them that they will enter into a position of power when they begin to RELATE to what oppresses them, instead of being just passive and helpless victims.

I also tell my Toronto Depression Clinic clients stories about how I developed my relationship with my own anxiety / depression and how I used it creatively and playfully to outmaneuver the “spirit” of anxiety and depression.

Yes, I have played with my state of anxiety / depression. I have played with it long before I started recommending such practices to my Toronto Depression Clinic clients.

I treated it as if it were an entity - a spirit of anxiety / depression - who came not necessarily as an enemy, but who potentially could put an end to my existence.

My vision of the tormenting me spirit of anxiety / depression was twofold. On one hand he was my oppressor and threatened the continuity of my life, on the other hand he was a creative force, which pressed on me to move to a higher level of awareness.

My great general interest in the human states of consciousness and my own states of consciousness in particular - the two main driving forces behind my Toronto depression healing practice - energized my ability to play with “my” spirit of anxiety / depression.

I was simply interested in my state of anxiety / depression, my ability to relate to it, and the possibility of making a stimulating game out of the whole ordeal.

There was no trace of desire in me to fight “my” spirit of anxiety / depression. I somehow new that fighting was not the solution.

The following years of my Toronto depression healing practice confirmed to me that all attempts to fight our negative states of consciousness only energize the perceived “enemy”.

I adopted the scientific approach and “took” my state of anxiety / depression into the private laboratory of my own mind to see what would happen as the result of such experimentation.

I have to admit, there were times when the tormenting me “spirit” of anxiety / depression was so strong that attempting to play games with it was not a viable option.

When you come to the Toronto Depression Clinic to work on the resolution of your own feelings of anxiety / depression, I will tell you more about the process of my liberation...

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