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Toronto Hypnosis Clinic - Psychic Reading Connection

The Art of Bringing The Light of Knowledge
To Not Very Clear Areas of Your Life

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Through my Toronto Psychic Reading Services I can help you attain the necessary insight into any area of your life.

You are constantly faced with the necessity of making decisions in your life. And just like everybody else you find that some of those decisions are very difficult to make.

In such moments, in times when you have to decide which way to go and what to do, and yet the clarity of action is lacking, you could obviously benefit from some form of reliable psychic guidance.

For many years now - through my Toronto Psychic Reading Services - I’ve been helping others to get insights into what they need to know, in order to move on in their lives as wisely and efficiently as possible.

My Toronto Psychic Reading Services developed over the years from my own usage of the ancient Chinese oracle I Ching, and the psychic readings, which through the agency of I Ching came into my life during the times of great need of insight and clarity of vision.

In addition to my I Ching psychic readings I also offer the hypnoanalytic, subconscious ideomotor signaling process, through which you can become your own psychic advisor as you access the knowledge stored in your own subconscious mind.

First, I will describe how my I Ching based psychic readings work, and then present a description of hypnoanalysis based on the subconscious ideomotor signaling process.

My initial involvement with I Ching, as a source of psychic readings, was encouraged by the fact that one of the greatest psychiatrists of all times, C.G. Jung, was recommending it strongly in his own writings.

Jung’s own involvement with I Ching, as the source of psychic readings, and his effort to bring the I Ching methodology to North America, were for me a measure of value and reliability of this ancient source of psychic guidance.

Obviously there are many methodologies which are used by the toronto psychics to help others deal with the most pressing questions of life.

For me, personally, the I Ching psychic reading methodology has proven second to none.

My Toronto Psychic Reading Services are based on the I Ching’s usage of the well known phenomenon of synchronicity of events.

When you come to the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic with the purpose of getting an insight into any area of your life - via my Toronto Psychic Insight Services - I will help you to formulate the best question, which we will then “submit” to the I Ching’s psychic reading genius.

Through a simple and yet powerful I Ching psychic reading procedure, which I’ve mastered through the years of usage, I will be able to give you the psychic reading, which rarely fails to answer the posed question.

The subtitle of this page is: Toronto Hypnosis Clinic - Psychic Reading Connection.

What does my Toronto hypnosis practice have to do with the business of psychic readings? Where is the hypnosis - psychic reading connection?

The connection is in that my Toronto hypnosis practice has taught me the art of single minded concentration.

The very definition of hypnosis is that, it is a single minded focus of attention. And you need that focus in order to bring anything into reality.

Psychic reading reality - in order for it to become operational for you - requires that you MAKE IT REALITY via slef-hypnotic focus of attention, which results in the evocation of the necessary - psychic reading supporting - conditions.

You must be able to enter into that reality, and if you can do it, that reality will become operational for you just like any other reality.

Over the years of my I Ching based Toronto Psychic Reading Practice, I have learned to enter the I Ching’s powerful psychic insight and guidance reality, and can use that learning to help you attain the insight into whatever you need to know.

For many years now, I’ve been using my I Ching based psychic readings to help my clients deal most effectively with their health, business, broken hearts and other relationship issues.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you have any question regarding this valuable service.


As I’ve already mentioned it above, my Toronto Psychic Reading Services include also the subconscious ideomotor signaling process.

I’ve included the subconscious ideomotor signaling methodology in my Toronto Psychic Reading offer because of its long and proven hypnotherapeutic record.

The subconscious ideomotor signaling methodology has been used for many decades now, as a part of the clinical hypnosis practice, by many well known practitioners worldwide.

It is based on the fact that your own subconscious mind knows everything about you, and that it can communicate this knowledge via spontaneous, subconsciously generated body movements.

My Toronto Psychic Reading Services utilize mainly the spontaneous subconsciously generated finger movements, which are set up to deliver either “yes” or “no” answers in response to the questioning process.

The successful set up of your own ideomotor signaling process, which enables you to become your own psychic advisor, requires that you enter into a hypnotic state of consciousness and allow your fingers to do the question-answering-work.

You can use your own subconscious ideomotor signaling process to make an inquiry into any area of your life. You can become your own medical intuitive, get insight into your relationship matters, business potentials, your best career choices... Anything you want to know.

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