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About this website...

Over the past six years my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website has grown to a size comparable to a 700-page-book, and it keeps on expanding.

I do enjoy writing, and as it is obvious to anyone who has taken time to explore my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, the contents of this website branch into many directions.

My website seems to be expanding into a collection of sub-websites, each devoted to a particular hypnosis-related subject.

And even some of the emerging sub-websites seem to be growing to the point, at which they begin to give birth to their own sub-websites.

I have not carefully planned the structure of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, and sometimes I am being told that, the structure of it is a bit chaotic.

I would agree with those who say that my website's contents could be perceived as somewhat overwhelming.

On the other hand, what I’ve presented on my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website so far, and what I keep on adding, is a very rich and diversified collection of hypnosis-related topics.

And this IS what makes my website interesting.

It also induces its exploration.

My website is perfect for someone who is interested not only in finding out how a particular problem can be hypnotically resolved, but also in reading about hypnosis, and various hypnotic phenomena.

Perhaps this seemingly jungle-like format is the initial price that I have to pay for being under the influence of my spirit of creativity, which drives me into so many hypnosis-related subjects.

As the sub-websites of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website begin to emerge, and acquire a significant weight of their own - I believe that the increasing clarity of structure will begin to present itself to all of my visitors.

I am also planing on “cleaning” my website of some of the entanglements, as soon as, the emerging sub-websites gain enough prominence, in terms of their size and traffic.

When I started writing my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website (Jan. 2010), I did not know that it would evolve into such a conglomerate of hypnosis-related material.

I believe that it happened because I view the world through the lens of hypnosis.

When I walk along the busy Toronto sidewalks, and see the people passing by, what I see are human creatures - each, subconsciously conditioned into his or her patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

I see the people as hypnotized into their particular mental and physical behaviours.

Sometimes the kind of hypnosis, they slave under, becomes obvious when they loose their cool, for one reason or another, and put on a public display the contents of their subconsciously conditioned minds.

When I look at the advertising billboards, I think about how they are trying to impress their hypnotic messages on the minds of their audience.

Sometimes, when I hear parents relating to their children in ways which are full of negativity, I wonder what kind of hypnotic influence will that have on their grownup lives.

Simply because I perceive our world as hypnotic, I see the workings of hypnosis everywhere I go.

The driver behind the branching of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website into so many directions is essentially the hypnosis-driven-nature of human life.

Hypnosis, defined as a powerful influence, incessantly conditioning our subconscious minds is all around us - and I’m sure that, if I had a chance to speak to you in person, for some length of time about it, your world-vision would begin to approach mine.

Perhaps even this page will be sufficient to shift your typical perception of the world you live in, towards my perception, which is intensely hypnotic.

I have made attempts to extract from my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website couple of its sub-websites, and create separate websites devoted to these subjects.

In spite of several attempts to create single-subject-oriented websites, I have not been successful in this venture.

My attempts to create single-focus websites - at least up to now (Jan. 2017) - brought nothing except frustration.

On the other hand, I find it easy - almost effortless - to continue adding pages to my existing Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

And because this seems to be currently the only possibility, I keep on doing what I can do.

To be honest, I don’t really know if building my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, as a multi-subject website is a good idea.

Could a website with a local keyword - like "Toronto Hypnosis" - ever generate huge traffic like some of the non-local keyword websites?

All I know is that multi-subject writing is my natural style of writing.

And the way I’ve been creating my website makes it easy for me to keep on expanding it.

If you happen to know something that I don’t know...

If you can see in this website what I can’t see, simply because, I am to close to it - do not hesitate to email me your comments.

I would really appreciate some feedback at this point of my website’s development.

You could email me your comments / suggestions by sending them to the following address:


It has been already six years since I've started writing my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website. Today (January 13 / 2017), I'm revisiting this page in order to see if I should add anything it.

It seems that everything I've said here six years ago, is as current today, as it was then.

Hence, I'm not adding anything new to this page at this time.

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