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How the chronically arising
feelings of depression
really work in your mind

This page describes what I’ve learned about the double nature of human mind, and how that double nature determines what happens to you, when you experience your chronically arising feelings of depression.

I have learned this, as I’ve worked at my Toronto Depression Clinic, helping my clients deal with their feelings of depression, and as I’ve dealt with my own feelings of depression, since the moment they have quite unexpectedly entered into my life.

You experience your feelings of depression only when your subconsciously established negative depression-generating conditionings spill their negativity into your conscious mind.

The psychic reality of human suffering from all kinds of negative states of mind is quite amazing.

As long as all of your psychic negativity sits on the subconscious level of your mind - you are never bothered by it, on the conscious level of your existence.

Your chronically arising feelings of depression, are problematic only because, from time to time, your depression-generating thoughts and ideas - which are stuck on the subconscious level of your mind - break through the threshold of your consciousness, and are experienced by you as conscious events in your mind.

As I’ve worked at my Toronto Depression Clinic, I’ve learned that, you could be horribly depressed on the subconscious level, and never feel it on the level of your conscious mind.

Such is the reality of our human, double, conscious / subconscious life.

We all have our conscious lives and our subconscious lives.

What happens when your chronically arising feelings of depression disappear?

Well... They never really disappear - they just fall below the threshold of your conscious awareness, and hide again in your subconscious mind.

Because of this double life of your mind, and because - as I’ve already mentioned it elsewhere - your subconscious, depression-generating conditionings may stay with you for the rest of your life, your freedom from the chronically arising feelings of depression, has to be found in HOW to deal with these feelings, rather than, in trying to get them out from your life.

There are a lot of people out there - and I am one of them - who had lived for many years quite happily and then, one day, out of nowhere, collapsed under the heavy load of feelings of depression or anxiety.

When such an unexpected change happens in a human life, people usually tend to do whatever they can, to get rid of their feelings of depression or anxiety, not realizing that, this is just the beginning of their life-long encounter with the negative, subconscious conditionings, residing in their subconscious minds.

This - “I want to get rid of this” kind of behavior is understandable, but in the long run, it leads nowhere because, your mind is going to present to you the same feelings of depression over and over again.

It is only in learning HOW to deal with them, rather in trying to get rid of them, that your freedom lies.

This “HOW” is what I can teach you through my Toronto Depression Clinic services.

Yes - I am repeating myself here, but I do it only in order to impress upon you, the reality of your double conscious / subconscious psychic life, and the reality of resistant - never to be eradicated - subconscious conditionings of your mind.

If you can accept and understand what I am attempting to convey to you here, you will be able to benefit from what I offer at my Toronto Depression Clinic to the fullest extent possible.

As much as I do help people - through my Toronto Depression Clinic services - to overcome their one-time-only-happening feelings of depression - most of the clients I see, suffer from a chronic version of this psychic form of negativity.

Being a veteran of dealing with my own chronic feelings of depression, I do whatever I can - through the services that I offer at my Toronto Depression Clinic - to educate the world about what really works in terms of handling the chronically arising feelings of depression.

My Toronto Depression Clinic services are based not just on my theoretical knowledge.

They have unfolded, and become a reality only because of my own ongoing encounters with the feelings of depression, and what I’ve learned, as I’ve been dealing successfully with them for several decades of my life.

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