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Depressed person

Have you ever given any thought to what it is
that really depresses you?

Most people just experience their feelings of depression, and keep on suffering from them, without any awareness of what it really is that, makes them feel that way.

They do not realize that, their feelings of depression must arise from some ideas, which they have established about life in general, or about some specific things in life.

True - these ideas, may be mainly subconscious, but not necessarily inaccessible to the light of your conscious mind.

There are ways to explore what sits in your subconscious mind, and keeps on troubling you in your life.

Through my Toronto Depression Clinic services, I do help people suffering from feelings of depression, to get an insight into the origin of their depressive mental behavior.

When you become consciously aware of, what it really is that, creates the feelings of depression in your mind, you can start working on establishing your mental counter-reality, in order to neutralize the reality, from which your feelings of depression arise.

For example - if you discover that, the reality, from which your feelings of depression originate, is the reality of impermanence of all things in your life - you may start mentally building the reality of eternal values of your existence.

Through the services of my Toronto Depression Clinic, I do teach those who suffer from feelings of depression that, the reality of depression is no more stable than any other reality of life.

It is not only that it lacks stability, it is also subject to neutralization by any other - sufficiently strong - counter-reality juxtaposed against the reality of depression.

As I have already mentioned elsewhere, the reality of your depression-generating, subconscious conditionings, may be so strongly established in you subconscious mind that, you may never be able to get rid of it for good.

This means that, no matter what you do, depressive thoughts and feelings will keep arising in your mind.

In spite of this psychological fact, however, you can create a counter-reality to that resistant, depression-generating reality - stuck in your subconscious mind - and in this way accomplish what you want to accomplish in a creative fashion.

Here is an example of what I mean:

If you cannot stop - for whatever reason - hot air from coming into your house, you may start creating a counter-reality to the reality of disabling you heat, by pumping a cold air into the same space.

This is actually what air-conditioning does.

This way of dealing with any undesirable reality - including the reality of your feelings of depression - utilizes the universal law of mutual neutralization of the opposing themselves forces.

If you decide to take advantage of the services offered at my Toronto Depression Clinic, I may be able to help you build in your mind, a psychological counter-reality, which - when sufficiently developed - will have the power to neutralize your feelings of depression, without ever getting the subconscious, depression-generating conditionings out of your subconscious mind.

What my Toronto Depression Clinic offers, in terms of creating such depression-neutralizing realities in the minds of my clients, is based on my own, hard-won experience, and ability to handle the feelings of depression, whenever they arise in my mind.

I am a veteran of dealing with my own feelings of depression, but I never fight them.

What I do, whenever they arise in my mind has nothing to do with war on depression.

As I work with my clients at my Toronto Depression Clinic, I teach them that, whatever we fight, we tend to energize.

It is not a war on the feelings of depression that I offer to my clients through the services of my Toronto Depression Clinic.

I only offer what I have tested, and found working in my own life.

What I offer, are the creative approaches to dealing with all sorts of disabling states of the human mind.

I do offer them because, I use them myself, as I keep on moving on in my life, successfully dealing with all the forces, which now and then, try to derail me from my tracks.

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