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Why healing of anxiety is easier to achieve
than healing of depression

Just recently (Jan. 26. 2012), a friend of mine proposed that, we both go to a high end barber shop, and enjoy having a professional shave done, with all the accompanying bells and whistles.

What does this have to do with my work at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, and the fact that, it is easier to heal anxiety, than it is to heal depression?

Read on, and the so far invisible connection will became clear.

To my friend’s disappointment, I refused to do what he had proposed.

I emailed him my refusal, to which he responded with the following email:

"Ah, so you don't find it slightly alluring, the notion of a complete stranger running a surgically sharp blade across your throat?

I once went for a shave at a mall in Davao City in the Philippines. It was me and a Swiss guy. As soon as we walked in, all these people started saying, "hey Joe!".

They get really excited when they see Americans. So here we were, 2 white guys in a remote 2nd floor barber shop, face lathered up and a complete stranger halfway across the globe running a single edge blade across our throats. It was a little unnerving, but exciting at the same time!"

The key phrase, which is the basis of my Toronto Anxiety Clinic claim that, it is far easier to heal anxiety than it is to heal depression is:

"It was a little unnerving, but exciting at the same time!"

As you can see, my friend associates fear/anxiety with excitement.

It is a very typical human orientation.

We all seek various forms of excitement, and frequently find them in activities, which are quite dangerous, even life-threatening.

On the other hand, nobody seeks anything, which has the potential to evoke the feelings of depression.

As much as humans can enjoy fear and anxiety, and derive from them feelings of excitement - nobody enjoys feelings of depression.

It is precisely because of this common, human bent towards fear-induced excitement, and away from anything that induces feelings of depression, that it is far easier to heal anxiety than it is to heal depression.

My years of practice at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic, certainly do confirm what I have presented above.

Those clients of my Toronto Anxiety Clinic, who do have in their psychic makeup, at least a bit of orientation towards the fear-induced excitement, are the fastest to benefit from my anxiety healing services.

Some of the Toronto Anxiety Clinic clients are even capable of learning how to use their feelings of anxiety as a source of excitement.

The ability to turn feelings of fear or anxiety into a source of excitement, is what I consider one of the greatest psychological achievements of my work at the Toronto Anxiety Clinic.

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