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Walter Orlowski

One of the greatest psychiatrists of all times - C.G. Jung - used to use the Psychic Synchronicity based, insight generating system - described on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - in his private life and in his clinical practice.

In one of the best biographies of C.G. Jung, written by Ronald Hayman...

Jung's biography

...the Psychic Synchronicity based, insight generating system, described further on this page, has been mentioned on 10 separate pages, throughout the text of the book.

Confucius, one of the greatest Chinese philosophers...

Confucius' biography

...was so impressed with the Psychic Synchronicity based, insight generating system, to which this page is devoted, that he said - if he had 50 more years to live, he would devote them to its study.

Just as the two great historical figures, mentioned above, and countless others, have benefited from the Psychic Synchronicity based, insight generating system - described further on this page - throughout the millennia, you too, can share in what this system has to offer.

Are you facing a difficult decision which you know you will have to make and are unsure which choice is the best choice to make?

Are you not quite sure which career path to follow? Obviously you want to devote your life to something that you are really meant to do

Do you want to know how your new or old relationship is going to turn out?

Would you like to confirm the soundness of the investment you are planning to make?

You can ask me any question you want...

And I will give you an answer via the usage of the Psychic Synchronicity based, insight generating system which I've been using myself for 25 years now.

Many years ago I’ve discovered a way of gaining a reliable insight into various important matters of my life.

I’ve discovered a way of asking questions about how things are going to turn out in my life depending on the actions I take.

I’ve discovered a way of asking questions about various problematic situations of my life and getting them answered with an amazing degree of accuracy.

I’ve been using my discovery, for many years now, gaining insight into the present events of my life, and also, into what is most likely going to happen in the future.

What I’ve discovered, and been able to use with great profit and reliability is the way of Psychic Synchronicity.

Psychic Synchronicities do happen daily in your life.

They are the events which do happen in SYNCH with other events of your life, without being causally related to them.

There is no cause and effect relationship between an event and another event, which is synchronistically related to the first event.

Both events do happen in parallel, with respect to each other, are similar in nature, and frequently carry a similar message.

For example - as it recently happened in my life - a friend of mine sent me a book on spirit de-possession and a day after, another friend of mine emailed me about a spirit “attachment” which he acquired at a cemetery.

Very often, a synchronistic event carries an important message about another event to which it is synchronistically related.

If you could only read the messages which the synchronistic events bring into your life, you would be able to avoid many problems and obstacles which you otherwise must face.

You would also be able to get answers to all the important questions of your life, and thus, save yourself form making many costly mistakes.

The fact is that, synchronistic messages always come into your life.

Another fact is that, they come spontaneously - at random - and not in any reliable, on-demand-generated fashion.

Even though, you are getting them all the time, you can neither make them appear when you need them nor read their contents in any reliable way.

This page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is about how to generate Psychic Synchronicities on demand - whenever you need them - and how to read their messages in a reliable way.

Before going further into the subject of how I can help you gain insight and obtain answers to the important questions of your life - utilizing the phenomenon of Psychic Synchronicity - I will give you an example of Psychic Synchronicity which saved me, years ago, from making a very bad real estate purchase.

I was almost ready to sign an offer and purchase a house, when all of the sudden the son of the owner pulled over wanting to park in front of the house.

He miscalculated the distance, in spite of, obviously, parking there many times before and hit the fence creating a minor damage.

This little accident - a negative event in itself - appeared synchronistically in my life when I was just about to sign an offer on a house, and yet, for some unknown reason I didn’t have a positive feeling about it.

My negative feeling about the house was synchronistically placed together - by the forces governing our human reality - with another negative event (damage of the fence), which I had just witnessed.

My negative feeling about making the purchase was synchronistically confirmed by another negative feeling arising from witnessing the damage being done.

I was hesitant to sign the offer and what happened confirmed the correctness of my hesitant mental position.

The synchronicity of the fence damaging accident and my hesitation, actually stopped me from signing the offer.

I asked the real estate agent for more time to think the deal over.

Talking to the house owners in the area revealed that, the area suffered terribly - especially in summer - from a very bad smell, and poisonous fumes, arising from the nearby Goodyear tire factory.

As a result of my investigation, I quit on my former idea of buying the house.

Initially, the house appeared to be a fantastic opportunity.

It had an enormously long lot, on which you could build a small landing strip.

The price was great and I was greatly excited about acquiring the property.

It was the Psychic Synchronicity, described above that saved me from making a disastrous purchase.

Obviously, I don’t have to convince you about the value, which on-demand-generated, and correctly interpreted Psychic Synchronicities, could potentially bring into your life.

Obviously, if a Psychic Synchronicity, related to some important issue of your life, could be on-demand-generated, and also interpreted in a way that would show you the correct action you must take in order to solve your problem, you would greatly benefit from such an arrangement.

Whatever problem you encounter in your life - that problem has always its best solution.

It has also it’s second, and third and fourth best solution.

It is obvious that you want to know how to deal with whatever arises in your life in the most appropriate and beneficial way.

Read on, and I’ll show you how, on-demand-generated Psychic Synchronicities - related to the problems you face - can show you your best solutions.

Before you read any further, however, you may want to take a look at the following graphic dramatization of what you frequently experience in your life.

The fact of your life is that you do not always see clearly.

In some cases, not having the necessary clarity can be potentially very damaging to various aspects of your existence.

The following image presentation is a metaphorical expression of what frequently happens in your life.

pond in the fog

This shot of the Grenadier Pond in High Park - Toronto, was taken in the fog which totally obscured the clarity of vision.

The pond could not be seen from a distance.

This image represents a total obscurity of vision.

Whenever you experience mental fogginess, you don’t have any clarity on what to do and what not to do, with regards to the problem you face.

pond in the fog closer view

Upon getting closer, the necessary clarity of vision is still lacking.

This image represents your first effort to gain clarity of vision which is necessary in order to deal successfully with the problem you face.

Very often this first effort in not successful.

pond in the fog even closer

Getting even closer, still, doesn't bring the necessary clarity of vision.

This image represents your continuous efforts towards attainment of the necessary clarity of vision.

Unfortunately these efforts are still not successful.

pond in the fog finally slightly visible

Finally, upon getting close enough, you begin to see the pond and the other side with some degree of clarity.

This image represents your first breakthrough, through the mental fog which used to totally obscure the clarity of your vision.

What if, I could save you the frustration of sometimes very slow progress of gaining your clarity of vision, and help you see the clear image of your solution right away?

What if, instead of going through the above dramatized process, you could see what you need to see, as clearly, as the below presented image shows?

pond in the fog clearly visible

This shot of the Grenadier Pond in High Park - Toronto, has been taken on a clear day.

This image represents the reality of your clarity of vision which you can attain, providing, you will take the necessary steps...

What I offer you through this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, is meant to bring to you the necessary clarity of vision, whenever you encounter a clear vision necessity in your life.

Utilizing the way of on-demand-generated Psychic Synchronicity I can help you in many ways.

Ask me how your relationship
is going to turn out.

Ask me if the career choice
you are thinking of making is the best choice you could make.

Ask me whether the business idea
you have is worth pursuing.

Ask me about the prospects of the investment
you are thinking of making.

Ask me any question you want...

For about 25 years now...

For about 25 years now, I’ve been using very successfully the law of synchronicity, in order to gain insight into many important matters of my life.

I've also used it successfully to help my clients gain the necessary insight into various, clarity lacking areas of their lives.

I’ve used the law of synchronicity to gain insight into the future of my relationships.

I’ve used it to make investment decisions.

I’ve used it to confirm the correctness of my business-related ideas.

I keep on using it to find out what will, and what will not work in my life.

Scientific background

The phenomenon of synchronicity is well known, and most likely, you’ve had a chance to observe its workings in your own life.

Synchronicity is basically a simultaneous occurrence of related events, which are not causally connected.

For example: Somebody sends you a book on spirit de-possession, and the next day your best friend calls you, and tells you that, he believes, his problems in life derive from negative spirit-infestation.

One of the most famous psychiatrists of all times - C.G. Jung - was greatly interested in the psychic phenomenon of synchronicity and researched it quite extensively throughout his life.

It is from Jung’s writings that I’ve learned about synchronicity and about its extremely practical usage, in the form of I CHING ORACLE consultations.

Jung was using the I-CHING-GENERATED ANSWERS in many areas of his life.

He used to consult the I CHING, regarding the best course of therapy, whenever he wasn’t sure how to proceed withe some of his patients.

It was Jung who introduced the I CHING procedure into America, and thus promoted the worldwide usage of this most wonderful, ancient, 5,000-year-old source of insight into the present and future events of human life.

The I CHING ORACLE - a BOOK of ANSWERS - which can answer all kinds of questions arising in your life is a very serious “business”.

How serious?

Confucius - one of the greatest philosophers in history said: “If I had 50 more years to live, I would devote them to the study of I CHING”.

How does it work

I CHING, just as the Tarot Cards, works on the principle of synchronicity.

Whether you engage in the I CHING procedure, or Tarot Cards reading - you basically end up with a particular physical pattern, which must be correctly interpreted, in order to arrive at the correct answer.

You first ask a question, next, perform a very specific ritual which results in a physical pattern synchronistically related to the question you’ve asked.

In the case of Tarot Cards - the cards are drawn and their patterns interpreted.

I CHING uses the patterns resulting from the fall of three coins.

These patterns point to specific pattern descriptions in the I CHING BOOK of ANSWERS.

The pattern descriptions are read and their meaning is interpreted in the context of the question you’ve asked.

Because the law of synchronicity always works in your life, your question and the physical patterns - resulting from the question-asking process - are always synchronistically related.

If you can read the patterns which synchronistically formed in response to your question - you will know the correct answer.

Historically speaking, I’ve been able to read the I CHING patterns - obtained in response to my questions and the questions of my clients - very successfully.

Through this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website I offer to you my time tested, I CHING-based insight into how things are going to turn out in your life - depending on, what kind of actions you take.

Simply email me your question
and I will respond via email within 12 hours.

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What people say

Alex Mostovoy

The year was 1996.

Walter Orlowski and I were back to school after many years of working, embarking on a quite demanding course of study of Homeopathic Medicine.

One day, Walter proposed that we make an I CHING inquiry into our future prospects as doctors of Homeopathic Medicine.

The I CHING oracle stated that I was going to be very successful.

For Walter, it predicted a short engagement with Homeopathy.

From the perspective of time, I can tell that the I CHING’s answers were right on a dot.

I became very successful as a Homeopathic Doctor, and Walter - in spite of having great results with Homeopathy - after a short period of practice went back to his former work with hypnosis.

I am sure that, via the law of synchronicity anyone can gain a valuable insight into what their future holds.

I know that synchronicity works in our lives.

What Walter Orlowski offers here has a long standing record of worldwide success.

I can only encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Dr. Alexander Mostovoy

Amelia Salo

Amelia Salo

In the year 2010, I was faced with a serious dilemma.

The dilemma was in conflicting statements made about my medical condition by different doctors.

Obviously, my preference was to heal naturally, without resorting to any invasive measures.

I had to make a decision and asked Walter Orlowski for help.

His I CHING inquiry and the answer we got pointed towards the possibility of healing my condition without medical intervention.

It all happened as I CHING predicted.

I’ve been always aware of the phenomenon of synchronicity in my own life, but it was Walter who showed me its so incredibly practical application.

Amelia Salo

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