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About my daily relaxation practice

When you shut down your computer, all of the applications begin to disappear one by one.

And then, there is nothing there anymore.

Just a blank screen.

The grip of the applications on the computer dissolves, as it enters into its state of relaxation.

It is precisely this kind of delightful, relaxing mental nothingness that I can teach you how to access, through my Stress Management Toronto Services.

What I teach my clients through my Stress Management Toronto Services - I teach only because I use it daily myself.

It has been proven to work miracles of total mental and physical relaxation in my life, and it can create similar miracles in your life too.

This morning (Feb. 03. 2012) - for example - I ended up in a state of a stressful frustration, trying to communicate with my bank over the phone, and being either put on hold for ever, or cut off when an agent would finally answer.

When I quit what appeared to be a futile activity, and decided to go out for a jog, I discovered inside of me an urge - a kind of calling - to lie down and enter into a state of relaxation.

I spent about 5 minutes settling into a state of relaxation - became totally free from previously disturbing me mental processes - and remained in it for about 15 more minutes.

When my mind relaxes, I remain totally aware of its disappearance, and of the great delight of turning the world off.

It feels like sinking into a deep well of peace.

In that well nothing bothers me and nothing disturbs the purity of my thought-free existence.

When this sinking into mental and physical relaxation begins, my body becomes immobilized, except for some occasional twitches and I begin to sense its energy.

My psychic system frequently demands that I turn the world off, and give myself a rejuvenating break from various stressors and frustrations.

I do respect the urge to pull the plug on the daily realities of my life. This ability is truly life saving.

To me, entering this blessed nothingness is one of the most delightful things in my life.

There is no thinking there.

Just as a computer shuts down with the disappearance of its applications - my mind relaxes with the disappearance of my thought processes.

Teaching my clients how to stop their minds has been the core of my Stress Management Toronto Services for a long time.

My Stress Management Toronto Services are based on the common human ability to enter into a state of self hypnosis.

As I help my clients learn how to relax, even under the most stressful circumstances - through my Stress Management Toronto Services - I draw on my long years of experience of teaching people how to enter altered states of consciousness.

Ultimately, entering a state of mental and physical relaxation is the foundation of successful work in hypnosis, and I’ve been engaged in this work for more than 20 years now.

My Stress Management Toronto Services are a natural spin-off of my work at my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, where I work with positive-change-producing altered states of consciousness.

An additional benefit of what I provide through my Stress Management Toronto Services is that, as you learn the art of relaxation, you can also learn - at the same time - the art of self hypnosis.

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