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1. Spiritual Reality beyond hypnosis - Looking at the Great Canyon

A live view of the Great Canyon is very hypnotic. It can definitely stimulate your spiritual awareness, as you admire this masterpiece of God's creation.

So in this way the hypnotic and the spiritual intertwine.

In this way the hypnotic reality evokes the higher Reality of the Spirit.

This principle of indirect evocation of the Spiritual Reality, through the usage of various hypnotic influences, exerted upon the human mind, is the very foundation of all forms of sacral art.

The magnificent cathedrals - for example - have been built the way they've been built, to shift human, sensory-oriented consciousness into the higher Reality of the Spirit. They've been built that way to help people connect with God.

Unfortunately - due to the great crowds of tourists - the great cathedrals are not able to serve their hypnotic function.

What kills their hypnotic powers is the endless, crowd-engendered high level of distraction, and it seems that in our present tourist-oriented culture there is no way around it.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona

2. Spiritual Reality beyond hypnosis - The most important thing

After living in this word for almost six decades, I dare to claim that the most important thing - which is really not a thing - in our lives is our relationship with God / The Ultimate Reality.

This relationship includes all other lesser relationships.

In other words: Unless you've developed a relationship with your ORIGIN, you can't really have any other lesser relationship working.

Unless you are connected to your Source, all your other relationships - sort of - hang in the vacuum. And when they end - and of course, sooner or latter, all of them will end - you are bound to be left empty-handed.

This worldly state of empty-handedness is what a spiritual bankruptcy is. 

One of the greatest teachers of humanity - Jesus, used to say: "Seek you first the Kingdom of God within and everything else shall be added unto you".

What this means is that unless you find this Inner Kingdom (the spark of the Divine in you - so to speak), you can't really expect to function to the fullest of your potential in the corporeal world.

So - in fact - finding It, is the most practical thing that anyone could ever achieve.

3. Spiritual Reality beyond hypnosis - Functioning from the ego versus functioning from the Spirit

Most people don't realize that the key to success in the material world is the success in the realm of the Spirit - the non-material world.

As much as it is obvious - to most of us - that the success in the world begins in the realm of the mind, it is not so obvious that the highest levels of success can be derived only from the realm of the Spirit.

The ego-bound mind struggles terribly along the path that leads to the worldly success. It has to, because it is endlessly plagued by a variety of ego-generated thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Whoever attempts to succeed through the power of his ego alone, inevitably faces all of the ego-generated crap. Whatever he tries to achieve, he is always opposed by the dark side of the power which he tries to utilize in order to propel himself towards his goals.

Trying to succeed through the power of the ego is like trying to reach your destination by attempting to run through a knee-deep layer of shit.

The ego generated crap includes fear, anxiety, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, hate, anger, resentment, lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, and other kinds of egoic inventions.

4. Spiritual Reality beyond hypnosis - Ego hypnosis

The evil hypnotist Svengali in action

Human ego, with all of its manifestations can be understood as a stage along the path of the evolution of consciousness.

There is nothing inherently bad, nothing unnatural about it. The ego becomes an issue, and a terrible liability only if a growing person - for whatever reason - remains unable to shake off the ego's negative hypnotic influence.

A newborn baby is 100% self-centered. It is 100% ego, and only as it evolves, and becomes a young child, it begins to notice the needs of others.

A typical teenager is still very much insecure and ego-oriented. It is very easy to offend him, and make him afraid of losing the approval of his peers.

Unfortunately, for the human race, most of the people do not evolve much past the stage of the teenage-level, ego-engendered dysfunctionality.

Consequently, we live in the crazy ego-possessed world - in the world possessed by the ego hypnosis.


While at the early stages of the human development, ego-determined consciousness is natural, and nothing to worry about - once the age of adolescence passes over, the influence which the ego exerts on the consciousness is similar to that of a very negative, and very powerful hypnosis.


5. Spiritual Reality beyond hypnosis - Ego hypnosis cont.

I've said above that human ego, with all of its manifestations can be understood as a stage along the path of the evolution of consciousness.

What follows from the above statement is that ego represents a certain quality of consciousness. 

The ego-bound consciousness is characterized by a very high level of self-importance. It is self-centered, self-concerned and self-referential.

A person suffering from self-importance - by necessity - has to waste incredible amounts of psychic energy on the protection of his image.

He wastes most of his energy on the protection of his self-importance because the world around him threatens to diminish his grandeur all the time.

Anybody who appears to have more money, better education, better job, immediately becomes a threat.

Any negative remark, anything that could possibly diminish his self-importance becomes an enemy, which must be fought and conquered.

The ego-bound state is utterly dreadful. It causes constant suffering, simply because, there is always someone out there who is more successful than a person who's life is founded on the shaky grounds of self-importance.

The ego-bound person suffers not only from the endless assaults by the external realities of life - he suffers also from the endless struggles with the enemies which live in his own ego-bound mind.

These enemies include fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and many other ego-generated negative states of consciousness which arise from within, even when the external stimulation is absent.

The amount of the psychic energy which must be spent, by the ego-possessed people, on the protection of their self-importance is so great that very little is left for anything else.

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