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This page contains the links to the pages on which I discuss the issues related to the Reality of the Spirit, and its interactions with the hypnotic realities of our lives.

These issues will be presented in the form resembling the presentation of my Hypnotic Random Thoughts.

The time has come for me to create a presentation of my Spiritual Impressions as a separate subsection of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website. 

Up to now (January 7. 2015) I've been mixing my Spirit-related impressions with all other impressions about hypnosis and self hypnosis.

This Spiritual Reality - Beyond Hypnosis blog will allow me to present what has gradually become more and more important in my life in the form that is free from being diluted by unrelated entries.

I'm creating this blog for my readers and also for myself, as a reminder of what is ultimately most important in our lives.

My experience shows that unless we are periodically reminded of what our lives are really about - our awareness of what is worthwhile and important tends to dissipate, and we end up in a state of confusion.

The state of confusion is a terrible state of mind. It gives rise to depression, anxiety and lack of purpose and meaning in life.

This blog is meant to serve you and myself as a compass, which helps us to hold our Spiritual Vision steady, as we navigate through the stormy waters of the ocean of life.

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