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Spiritual Healing is usually considered as the last resort, by all those who have already tried in vain, all kinds of approaches to heal their bodies and minds.

I believe that, with the advancement of science, the spiritual form of healing will be eventually acknowledged as the first, rather than last resort.

If Robert Laughlin, a contemporary theoretical physicist, and the Nobel Prize laureate, could say in the year 2000, that: “It may be that reality unfolds like a wave from some forever unknowable cosmic medium” - what else could we expect our scientists to say in the years to come?

What is the relationship between the above quoted statement and the Spiritual Healing reality?

The above statement is intensely mystical. It basically, in different words, says that, everything unfolds from God.

And if everything unfolds from God, where are we going to find the healing of our minds and bodies?

Why wouldn’t we go to God first, and through the spiritual form of healing, at least try to see what God is willing to do?

In 1996, I personally went through a Spiritual Healing miracle. My chronically ill, arthritic shoulder joint, was miraculously healed within minutes.

My spiritual awakening, which followed my miracle of healing is largely responsible for my drive to promote the Spiritual Healing reality. I am driven to promote it because, to me, it has more reality than any other reality.

Spiritual Healing happens as a result of KNOWING that it is a reality and stepping into that reality.

Only those who KNOW that spiritual form of healing is a reality, can step into its reality.

Those who don’t know, and those whose knowing of the Spiritual Healing reality is not sufficient, must “borrow” that knowing from those who really know it.

Successful borrowing of the knowing that, the spiritual form of healing is a reality, requires that there is a conscious surrender to that possibility.

When the conscious level of awareness rejects the spiritual form of healing, as the actual, real and valid reality, it creates a blockage for a miracle of healing to happen.

On the deepest level - the spirit level of existence, everybody knows that the spiritual form of healing is a reality.

When I differentiate between those who know and those who don’t know that, the spiritual form of healing is a reality, I refer only to their conscious level of awareness.

A healer, consciously knows that the spiritual form of healing is a reality, and can consciously merge his spirit with the spirit of the help seeking person. This act of mergence is synonymous with love.

The spirit of the Spiritual Healing seeking person, recognizes his brother and responds to his love with love. God becomes automatically present in the presence of love, and a miracle of healing happens.

The biblical condition: When the two or more of you come together in MY NAME - I AM THERE - is fulfilled.

Spiritual form of healing is the simplest, the most natural, and the most powerful form of healing. It happens spontaneously in the presence of love.

Only the ego-mind’s blockage of the flow of love can stop Spiritual Healing form becoming a reality.

All human patterns of trouble are essentially egoic patterns.

Spiritual Healing always does only one thing. It enlarges the Spirit’s dominion within, and diminishes the egoic mind’s rein over one’s field of awareness.

Spiritual form of healing is the only real agent of the evolution of human consciousness. This evolution always moves us away from our ego-bound selves and towards our spirit-selves.

My shifting away from hypnosis and towards the Spiritual Healing reality, has been also governed by this universal, evolutionary drive, which pushes all of us relentlessly out of our egoic selves and into the spiritual fulness of life.

As a result of the gradual Spiritual Healing of my awareness, after 20 years of practicing hypnosis, I came to see the strictly hypnotic - mind only oriented - work, as an essentially non-evolutionary vehicle of human change.

It does produce change, but it keeps it within the boundaries of the egoic mind. Successfully induced - ego-mind-oriented - hypnotic change only affirms the egoic mind in its delusion of self-sufficiency.

This delusion can go on for decades, even a whole life-span, unless through an act of Grace, the Spiritual Healing restores a person to his or her authentic reality.

I used to be totally infatuated by hypnosis. Like a little child, I played with its marvels. It used to be my favorite toy.

By the Grace of God, however, I have outgrown my toy of hypnosis, and became aware of the real “thing”. I have evolved enough to see the spiritual form of healing, as the highest form of healing reality.

I realized that, God made it impossible for me to devote my time solely to un-hypnotizing people from one set of egoic delusions, and hypnotizing them into another one.

Only the Spiritual Healing doesn’t perpetuate human egoic delusions.

Any modality of human change that attempts to deal with the egoic-mind, within the realm of the egoic-mind, by necessity perpetuates suffering, which results from the ego-bondage.

Only the spiritual form of healing can take your awareness outside of the realm of your egoic-mind. Only the spiritual form of healing can bring you closer to the Kingdom of God.

Please, don’t think that, I spit here on hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an extremely potent agent of human change. It has its place in our human reality, and it serves well all those who are not ready yet, to benefit from the Ultimate Solution to all their problems.

Spiritual infants can only assimilate the liquid nutrition. The solid food of the Spiritual Healing would only give them indigestion.

They can only subsist on the liquids of the ego-bound, pseudo-healing procedures.

There are hundreds of them around. These procedures do indeed work, but as I’ve already mentioned above, they are not evolutionary.

Only the spiritual form of healing can be an agent of your evolution of consciousness. And ultimately, only the evolution of your consciousness it what counts.

As long as you are ego-bound, there is no entry to the Kingdom of God.

As Jesus said - the gate the the Kingdom of God is narrow. No one, loaded with the baggage of his or her egoic crap, can squeeze through the narrowness of the gate.

Because of the conditions of entry to the Kingdom of God, your Spiritual Healing is your absolute necessity.

I don’t know how much you are aware of what really counts in your life. But if you are reading this, most likely, you are not totally stuck in the material and the sensory reality.

If you are reading this, you either totally resonate with what I write about the spiritual form of healing, and its necessity, or are at least in your initial stages of reevaluation of your life.

The purpose of my writing, and my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, is to either affirm you in your already Spirit-established orientation, or to help you begin the process of your spiritual liberation.

Whether you are already established on your spiritual path, or just making your first steps, my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services can potentially help you advance even further.

I come across more and more people who realize the shallowness and insufficiency of the psychotherapeutic, psychological, hypnotic and psychiatric solution.

They see that, these solutions are not really liberating because, they don’t promote the evolution of consciousness.

They are pseudo-solutions, which can only offer to a help seeking person, a seemingly less troubled piece of the same egoic mind.

People who begin to see the delusional reality of ego-mind-oriented pseudo-solutions, are waking up the their Spiritual Healing necessity.

My Spiritual Healing Toronto Services have developed as a response to their need of healing and guidance.

The services, which I offer, are my little contribution to the Divinely ordained process of evolution of human consciousness, which always moves only in one direction - away from the ego-self, and towards the spirit-self.

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