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Hypnotic effect of the Rev. H's
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How hypnosis flows seamlessly
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This page of my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services section of the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is about the connection, which always exists between the spiritual and the hypnotic.

After working for several years with hypnosis, it became obvious to me that, there was a higher level of healing reality - much higher than the reality of a mere mental, suggestion-based, hypnotic intervention.

This discovery of mine was the basis for the emergence of my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services.

You may ask: How is it that, after discovering a higher level of healing reality, you are still working with hypnosis?

To this question I have the following answer:

As much as I do recognize the superiority of the Spiritual Healing over a mere hypnotic suggestion, and promote it via my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, I also do recognize the reality of the hypnotic preparation of the mind for the entry into the realm of the Spirit.

As the ancient biblical proverb says: All things begin in the mind - it is rather obvious that, as humans, we must, by necessity, perceive everything through our minds, and even if we do venture beyond our minds, into the realm of purely spiritual perception, it is our minds that initiate this journey.

All religions, and all beliefs - without exception - are firmly set in the minds of their followers.

All things truly begin in the mind.

There is nothing that humans can develop without processing it through their minds, and a high level of spiritual perception is no exception.

To elucidate further - what I “preach” via the channel of my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, about the connection which always exists between the spiritual and the hypnotic - I would like to describe here what happens during Rev. H's healing-of-memories services.

Rev. H is a Catholic charismatic priest, who has been widely known for his healing-of-memories, Spiritual Healing services.

He is a great scholar with an extensive background in psychology, and begins his six-hour-program of healing-of-memories with several hours of psychological preparation.

Actually, these hours of psychological preparation form the bulk of his healing-of-memories services.

During that time, he speaks extensively about how humans end up negatively conditioned - basically, hypnotized into all sorts of negativity - as they go through the various events of their lives.

Rev. H purposefully stirs-up all that inner / subconscious psychic pain, in the minds of his healing-of-memories program participants.

He wants all of their emotional pain to surface up from the subconscious, so that, it could be submitted to Christ for healing.

The second part of his healing-of-memories program is even more hypnotic than the hours of digging up of the human trauma, from the depths of the subconscious mind.

The second part is based on an intensely hypnotic imagery, via which Rev. H, attempts to enable his program participants to connect with the healing power of Jesus Christ.

My impression of Rev. H's healing-of-memories program is that, about 95% of it is devoted to an intensely hypnotic preparation of the human minds for the encounter with the Spiritual Reality of Jesus Christ.

Rev. H openly speaks about the necessity of using psychology as a road leading into the realm of the Spirit - something that I also attempt to make obvious via my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services.

I do realize that, a website like my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, may seem - to some people - to be kind of strange as a medium of promotion of the Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, deeply rooted in the healing power of Divine Mercy.

But again - the inextricable connection, which does exist between my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, and the Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, is a result of my more than two-decade-long clinical experience.

During that time, I've seen enough to be totally convinced that, the hypnotic, and the Spiritual Reality are not mutually exclusive.

The hypnotic reality can serve as a stepping-stone into the realm of the Spirit.

I simply “preach” what has become obvious to me during the years of my healing practice.

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