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Image of Divine Mercy

About the sessions

My Spiritual Healing Toronto Services differ a lot from what I do under the banner of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic.

There is a big difference between a typical session of hypnosis and a session devoted to the spiritual form of healing.

A typical session of hypnosis involves the usage of hypnotic suggestions.

During a typical session of the Spiritual Healing, I may remain mostly silent.

A typical session of hypnosis usually does not involve a lot of energetic phenomena.

A session of the Spiritual Healing may be very rich in all sorts of energetic phenomena.

During my sessions of hypnosis I do not absorb the energies of my clients.

Our interaction is usually limited to the offering and receiving various hypnotic suggestions.

When I perform my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, I tend to absorb various negative energies of my clients.

I do feel how these energies enter my hands and forearms - no higher than my elbow joints - and at times, this absorption - of either psychic negativity, or some forms of energy, which produce physical illness - can be quite unpleasant.

I do work with arthritic conditions, and am successful in this area - most likely because, my own miraculous healing, which I received while praying under the image of Divine Mercy, was a healing of chronic arthritis.

Even though my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services do involve the work with arthritis, most of what I do is devoted to working with various disabling conditions of the human mind.

In many cases of anxiety and depression, the spiritual form of healing is the only way to go.

Spiritual Healing of anxiety and depression, in many cases is a necessity, simply because, in many cases, these conditions arise as a result of human alienation from God.

In many cases, anxiety and feelings of depression arise, just to force a spiritually dead person into seeking the help of Divine Mercy.

In this way, the ego-bound people are forced into a relationship with God.

This is precisely what happened in my own case many years ago.

I do perform my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services under the Image of Divine Mercy.

This means that you would be lying on a table under the Image of the Divine Mercy, as I keep on passing my hand over you body.

As I pass my hand over your body, you may experience various energetic phenomena.

You may also experience visions.

Bright white light or other colors may enter your field of awareness.

It is important that during your Spiritual Healing sessions you do not make any mental effort.

All that is required of you, is a total surrender to the healing power of God.

On my part, even one session of the Spiritual Healing, can be energetically very exhausting.

Inner healing - the healing of the mind - requires much longer sessions than the healing of the physical body.

I don’t know why this is so.

I only know that this is what has been found out by all the spiritual healers of the mind and body.

My Spiritual Healing sessions take about one hour.

Part of that hour is given to conversation, and the other part to the actual work on the table under the Image of the Divine Mercy.

I “use” the Image of the Divine Mercy, as I perform my Spiritual Healing Toronto Services, simply because, this is the Portal of the Divine Healing Power, which has opened for me a long time ago.

As much as I don’t want your mind to be doing anything, while you are lying on the table under the Image of the Divine Mercy, my own mind would be intensely focused, both on you, and on the flow of the Divine Mercy Healing Power.

The Healing Power of God is available everywhere, much as electricity is.

But of course, unless you “plug” yourself into the source of the Healing Power of God, that Power will not be able to work for you.

My Spiritual Healing Toronto Services make this necessary condition of being CONNECTED to God a living reality.

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