Spiritual Healing of Alcoholism

Image of Divine Mercy

Today - Jan. 02. 2012. - I’ve had a very interesting spiritual healing session with one of my clients.

He came to my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic, asking for healing of his alcoholic addiction, and today was our fifth session.

Even though he did not come to my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic asking specifically for the spiritual healing of his addiction, our work turned out to be of a profoundly spiritual nature.

During our first working session, he saw the faces of all of his deceased relatives.

The images were fuzzy and out of focus.

Today he he saw them too - this time with great clarity.

In addition to seeing his deceased relatives, he also saw one of his friends - an alcoholic who died due to his drinking problem.

The deceased friend of my client, smiled at him, and told him that, I was going to help him overcome his alcoholic addiction.

As my client was lying on the table, under the image of Divine Mercy, I was moving my hand over his body, sensing various energetic phenomena.

As it usually happens during my spiritual healing sessions, I was speaking very little, and eventually our spiritual healing session went on in total silence.

At some point, during our session, I noticed that my client’s hands were lifted off the table.

He told me later that, when his hands were lifted, he felt pain on the inner side of his elbow joints.

As he felt this pain, he also saw the Lucifer, who approached him, and later went away in a descending fashion.

During our session, my client also saw Jesus and Mother Mary.

He also reported very strong feeling of being lifted from the table.

No actual body levitation occurred.

Even though this was our fifth session, devoted to healing of a heavy drinking pattern, my client reported that, he was still reaching for a bottle, although not as frequently, and to the same extent as before.

He also said that, he felt progressive changes happening in his psyche - a growing sense of peace spreading over all areas of his life.

My clients usually report various unusual phenomena happening during our spiritual healing sessions.

I remember one lady, some time ago, who told me that, she saw the angel Raphael working on her with me.

I have written about this healing session from an alcoholic addiction because, it amazed me with the richness of visions that appeared to my client.

An interesting fact is that, he is not a vision prone person, and was quite amazed by what happened, when he was lying on the table under the image of Divine Mercy.

Follow up

When my client came for his next spiritual healing session, he told me that, for the three consecutive nights, after his inner-imagery-rich session, which I described above, he experienced quite violent movements of his body, while sleeping in his bed.

Our sixth and seventh spiritual healing sessions were rather uneventful.

It seems that, the fifth session was the critical one.

At the end of our sessions, my client reported that, he has totally lost his interest in alcohol.

He said that, previously, upon passing by a liquor store, he would usually have thoughts about buying alcohol.

This sort of thinking was now totally absent.

Most of my clients, who came to me asking for healing of their alcoholic addiction, were helped greatly through the services which I offer at my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic.

I like to keep in touch with them, to see how they are doing and to keep myself inspired by their successful recoveries.

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