Spiritual Healing

The only cure for loss in your life

The only “thing” - which is not a thing - that is ALWAYS with you is God.

Whether or not you have a conscious relationship with God, you are always connected, always one with God, just as a wave in the ocean is always one with the ocean.

You simply cannot get out of this relationship, this oneness, because it is the essence of what you are.

You cannot get rid of God just as water cannot get rid of its wetness.

You can only be in the state of LACK of AWARENESS of the actual state of affairs.

You can be blind to the presence of God in your life just as a blind man is blind to the presence of the stars.

After almost six decades of living the human earthly reality, I am convinced that the only purpose of our earthly journey is to awaken to the presence of God.

I am convinced that our only purpose is to enter into a state of CONSCIOUS relationship with God, and “use” it as a foundation for everything that we do in life.

Human relationships end. Even the people you love the most, sooner of later leave you. You can never count on a human relationship to be a sustaining power of your life.

Whoever, ever tried to make another human being his “source of life”, sooner or later had to face the reality of loss, and the reality of a total collapse of his world.

God, on the other hand can never be lost.

He can be only obscured by the cloud of unawareness.

So basically, what you are facing  are only two possibilities and two realities.

One is the possibility and the reality of no God in your life and the other is the possibility and the reality of being in a RELATIONSHIP with God.

The illusion of no God in your life has the quality of HELL.

The TRUTH of God’s presence in your life has the quality of HEAVEN.

Obviously, there are a lot of atheists who seem to be very happy in life. Some of them are psychologically supported by their wealth, others by their fame, still others by their passionate involvement in their work.

They are psychologically fulfilled, and many of them rise to the heights of what is perceived as success.

What is generally not seen is that all of them are spiritually bankrupt.

Many of those who possess various forms of the earthly riches are forced to part with them still during their earthly tenure.

All of them are forced to part with their impermanent supports and infatuations at the inevitable hour of their departure from this world. In this way they all end up as the ultimate losers.

What happens to them after they die?

Do they enter a hellish condition of the disembodied and disconnected form God existence?

I don’t have an answer to this question.

I only know - from my own experience - that the only CURE for the losses which we are forced to endure during the course of our earthly existence is finding and “using” God.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except God that you can ALWAYS count on, as you are moving along the timeline of your earthly life.

And because there is nothing that you can always count on except God, you must do all you can to awaken yourself to His presence in your life.

What you can count on, and what you cannot count on in your life, is inextricably linked with the inevitable reality of loss which everyone must face.

All problems of life are basically losses which we have been forced to take, are in the process of taking, or expect to face sooner or later.

And because our losses are unavoidable, we absolutely need something that counteracts the reality of loss.

That SOMETHING is our relationship with God, and we can enter it only via some form of the spiritual healing - the healing of our blindness to the REALITY of God. 

All forms of the spiritual healing are ultimately about AWAKENING to God’s presence in our lives.

There are different spiritual healing techniques but the goal is always the same.

The essence of what we must do in order to liberate ourselves from what we consider to be problems of our lives has been beautifully expressed in the words of Jesus: “Seek you first the Kingdom of God within, and everything else shell be added onto you”.

This seeking an finding God, and recognizing Him as the LIFE of your life is what the spiritual healing is all about.

Spiritual healing is the ultimate healing. It succeeds where everything else fails.

It is also the SIMPLEST healing in terms of how it works.

It is based on FAITH, and faith alone.

It is unfortunate that faith healing, which is another name for the spiritual healing is so frequently associated with something flaky and insubstantial - something that only a fool could ever count on.

The fact is that FAITH has been always the foundation of everything you’ve ever done in your life.

Just think about it: Even such a simple and trivial action as driving your car from point A to point B is totally faith-dependent.

It is ONLY your FAITH in your safe arrival that allows you to take the steering wheel into your hands.

You can never have a guarantee that you will safely arrive.

But you can always have FAITH.

Most people are not aware that they are moving ONLY by the power of their FAITH, just as they are not aware that they are ALWAYS united with God.

Spiritual healing is effective because it opens human awareness to what the game of life is really about.

Spiritual healing allows you to “win” in the game of life because once you are healed, you can begin to play it according to its winning rules.

You begin to swim WITH the mighty current of the river of DIVINE LIVE, rather than struggle in vain against its irresistible power.

Swimming with the divine current of life is synonymous with following the WILL of God in your life.

Spiritual healing is basically about the alignment of the human will with the WILL of God. And as such, it is the utterly simple and all inclusive solution to all problems of life.

Spiritual healing is all that we need.

There is nothing else that needs to be done, and there is nothing else that CAN be done. In this lies the ultimate simplicity of all forms of the spiritual healing.

I’ve been writing about the spiritual healing under the umbrella of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website for a long time.

Why would a hypnotist devote so much attention, and so much space on his website to the subject of the spiritual healing?

The answer is that my awareness of the power of the spiritual healing has unfolded from my practice of hypnosis.

After a number of years of the hypnotic practice, I’ve realized that hypnosis is like the milk which is suitable for feeding a spiritual infant.

I’ve realized that the hypnotic interventions are valid and necessary at the mind-only-based level of awareness, and that all those who are ready to pass the threshold of their psychological-only-way of relating to the world they live in, do need a solid food of the spiritual healing.

I’ve also realized that in many cases hypnosis can be used in the preparation of the suffering mind for the transcendence of the suffering mind.

Not too many people are capable of making the distinction between fixing the suffering mind, and transcendence of the suffering mind.

Fixing the suffering mind is strictly psychological, and it is always based on some form of hypnosis.

Transcendence of the suffering mind - on the other hand - is always about shifting of the human awareness from the realm of the mental to the realm of the spiritual awareness.

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