Spiritual Healing & Hypnosis

About the necessary duality of dealing with the human psychological problems

The material, architectural magnificence of a cathedral hypnotizes your mind and creates in you an altered state of consciousness, which then transports you out of the realm of the material and into the realm of the Spirit.

As we move through the timelines of our lives we enter and exit various realities of our human existence depending on the circumstances.

Any form of a well balanced, successful living must - by necessity - be based on our ability to seamlessly move between the material, the mental, and the spiritual realities of our lives.

Even though, ultimately, they are but different faces of THE SAME MYSTERY, which manifests itself in a myriads of ways, they must be handled separately, or else a confusion of realities arises in our minds and disables our clarity of vision, paralyzes our actions, and renders us pretty much useless in terms of our ability to serve others.

There are many pages on my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website which I’ve have written mostly for myself.

I have written them for myself in order to create different sets of powerful hypnotic reference points, which protect my mind from slipping into confusion.

Ever since the gift of the Spiritual Healing has entered my clinical practice of hypnosis, I have experienced periodic times of confusion between the two distinctive realities - the reality of the Spiritual Healing and the reality of hypnosis.

I am writing this page to have it available as a reference, in case I have to deal again with a period of confusion between the reality of the Spiritual Healing and hypnosis - a time during which the question: “What am I really doing during my sessions?” would arise in my mind.

Our human consciousness is very prone to distraction, confusion, and even a total derailment from a seemingly, very solidly established course of thought and action.

Not even the greatest of minds escape the challenge of keeping themselves solidly established in what is Real and True.

All forms of successful living are like a practice of meditation, which involves the periods of solid concentration upon the object of meditation interspaced with the periods of lost concentration.

The reality of our lives is such that we inevitably lose our focus from time to time, and MUST periodically re-center, or else the torment of confusion takes over and prevents us from advancing along our respective paths of progress and development.

So much for the introduction. What follows is a set of the hypnotic, mental points of reference, which clears the confusion between the reality of the Spiritual Healing and the reality of hypnosis.

Both of them are equally valid

Whoever can operate in both realms - the realm of the Spiritual Healing and the realm of hypnosis - should never favor one over the other.

Both of them are equally valid and equally needed as the means of shifting of the human bodies and minds from the realities of trouble into the realities of peace and comfort of being.

You cannot feed a baby with solid food

Just as you cannot feed a baby with solid food, you cannot feed the mind of a suffering person with the Spiritual Healing reality when he is not ready for it.

There is nothing wrong with his lack of readiness to digest the spiritual food, just as there is nothing wrong with the infant’s lack of ability to digest the solid food.

Just as an infant can only benefit from the milk of its mother, a spiritually-not-ready person can only assimilate the food of the psychological or hypnotic intervention.

It wold be a terrible disservice to try to push the Spiritual Healing reality upon the readiness-lacking consciousness of a mentally troubled person, just as it would be a disservice to the spiritually-ready-one to approach his issues only with the realities of the psychological and hypnotic healing.

No way around it

Even the most highly, spiritually developed healers and teachers openly speak about the necessity of using the psychological modalities in order to shift human consciousness into the realm of the Spiritual Healing.

Rev. John Hampsch is one of them and his Healing of Memories program makes it obvious that it is absolutely necessary to seamlessly flow the psychological into the spiritual and that there is simply NO WAY AROUND IT.

“All things begin in the mind”

As the old biblical proverb says: “All things begin in the mind”. Such is the reality of our human existence and whoever tries to override it with his delusions of some pure, void of the psychological aspect spirituality is doomed to the inevitable failure of his delusional approach.

There is NO such thing as a PURE SPIRITUAL reality that is cut off from the realm of the mind.

Such reality may be available to us after we eventually pass beyond the realm of our mind-and-body form of existence, but as long as we inhabit our bodies and use our minds, any talk about mind-unaffected, pure spirituality is but a bunch of delusional nonsense.

In closing...

In closing I want to say that as much as we love to stare into the infinity and the mystery of the night star-studded sky, we still need the solidity of the earth as our looking-into-the-sky foundation.

May this metaphor work for you as a hypnotic point of reference whenever you seem to be drawn into the sky of the Spirit, forgetting about the necessity of standing on the mentally solid ground.

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