How The Spiritual Healing Works

The miracles of the spiritual healing are similar in nature to the MIRACLE of an EGG.

An "unattended" egg is like a person who has the potential for a powerful inner transformation, but because he has not exposed himself to the Spiritual Healing Energy, his potential for change remains dormant.

Nothing will ever emerge from an "unattended" egg, but if you only apply to it the necessary quantity and quality of energy, something miraculous will happen.

The inner potential will become a living reality.

In the same way your inner potential for the Spiritual Healing can become a reality only if you expose it to the Spiritual Energy which is capable of making it happen.

The reality of the spiritual healing and the Spiritual Energies which make it happen are beautifully shown on the Divine Mercy Image.

The white ray of energy coming from the heart of Jesus stands for the Cleansing Spiritual Energy and the red symbolizes a New Life, which is spiritually injected into an already cleansed, empty space.

Spiritual Healing - like any other form of healing - must take the undesirable element out of your system and replace it with a positive, desirable quality.

If you believe that the Spiritual Healing Energy is a reality, the question arises: How can you tap into this energy in order to bring the Spiritual Healing to your mind or body?

Just as your vacuum cleaner will clean your carpet, and bring to it a new desirable quality only when you first connect it to the power outlet - before the Spiritual Healing Energy can work on your body or mind you must connect with its Source.

Conscious connecting with the Source of the Spiritual Healing is synonymous with connecting with the Healing Power of God.

It is achieved by the act of hypnotic focusing of consciousness on the Divine Healing Power.

Hypnotic focusing of consciousness means simply that there are no distractions. It implies the singularity of attention through which the connection between the suffering person and the Spiritual Healing Power is established.

Everything begins with that connection and nothing is possible without it.

Spiritual healers do not heal the people by their own powers.

They only serve as the links between the suffering people and the Spiritual Healing Power.

Why is it that most people can’t connect with the Spiritual Healing Energy via their own efforts?

The reason for this common failure is the same as the reason for the common, children’s failure to focus attention in their classrooms.

It is an attention deficit. In other words, it is a wandering mind - the mind which has never learned how to achieve the hypnotic level of concentration.

Your hypnotic, undivided attention which you offer to God, will be sooner-or-later reciprocated by God’s attention which will be given to you.

This universal principle of give-and-take is the foundation of all forms of the Spiritual Healing.

In closing, I will go back to what I started with. I will go back to the egg.

I will go back to it just to point out that an egg cannot generate the energy necessary for its transformation.

It is totally dependent on the external source.

Your own predicament is exactly the same.

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