Self Sabotage

subconscious opposing the conscious

Suicide is the ultimate self sabotage.

Most people don’t kill themselves, but a lot of them repeatedly kill whatever works in their lives.

When you sabotage yourself, you do something that from the logical point of view is absolutely crazy.

An ongoing self sabotage is as insane as repeatedly building a house to the point of completion and blowing it up just before you could actually move in.

I used to do this over and over again, and eventually I couldn’t do it anymore.

The sense of hopelessness and pointlessness of my efforts had pushed me over the edge, and I ended up in a state of suicidal depression.

How much longer could I strive and struggle just to destroy everything that I had struggled for so very hard?

The repeated blows that I delivered to my own self eventually caused a horrible depressive stagnation, and I simply quit on attempting to achieve anything in my life.

In most cases, self sabotage results from the early conditioning, which “hypnotized” a child into believing that he does not deserve to be alive.

When a mother considers an abortion, her unborn baby – on a very deep unconscious level – gets the idea that it has to die.

Such an imprint creates an adult person who does not really kill himself, but kills everything that he does. In this way, he tries to fulfill his unconscious compulsion to “finish the job”, which the mother was thinking about, but has not brought to completion.

It is not always possible to uncover the cause of an ongoing self sabotage. What is always possible is a new learning which your subconscious mind accepts and replaces for the formerly embraced self-sabotage-stimulating beliefs and ideas.

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