Roots of Anger

Angry man

Your angry state of mind is like a tree with many branches, anchored firmly in the ground of your psyche by the the roots of anger.

Without the roots of your anger your anger could not exist.

The roots of your anger are primary and must be dealt with, before anything can change for the better.

Your anger is like a tree because it branches into all areas of your life. It never fails to find something that is “not right”, something that you can feed your anger addiction with, something to get angry about.

The tree of your anger is nourished by the roots of your anger which are deeply embedded in disagreeable events of your past.

The events of your life which became the causes of your anger are not important per se. What is important - what developed your anger was your interpretation of what happened.

Removing your roots of anger is always about reinterpretation of whatever happened in your past - whatever it was that you got angry about.

Once you pull out the roots of anger, your anger will wither and die just like a tree which had its roots pulled out.

The roots of anger in my life used to reach far back into the past. They developed during the time when I was still in my mother’s womb.

She did think about having an abortion and on some very deep fetal, unconscious level, I got really angry about it.

Consciously, for three decades of my life, I was not aware about being angry on the subconscious level of my mind.

I discovered my roots of anger in a dream, in which my mother was standing above my paralyzed body, pointing a gun at me, with her finger on the trigger, thinking whether to shoot or not to shoot.

I was just looking at her and unable to run away - a symbolic rendition of being locked in a womb - I kept swearing at her, using the most profane language I could think of.

Up to the morning, when I woke up from the dream described above, I thought I had loved my mother.

Now all I experienced towards her was hatred.

The discovery of my roots of anger, coincided with my father’s telling me, a few weeks before I had my dream that, I “owed him my life” because my mother wanted to abort me and he managed to convince her to not have the abortion.

My father’s story, my dream, the explosion of hatred - the whole package which showed me my roots of my anger, was the least expected event in my life.

It took me several years to chew on the roots of my anger until finally I had digested them and excreted their ugly fecal-like psychic substance.

At my Toronto Anger Management Clinic, while helping others to dissolve their roots of anger, in most cases I’ve encountered the stories of childhood abuse and mistreatment.

True, some people become chronically angry because of something that happened during their already grown-up lives. They are aware of their roots of anger, which had no chance to hide themselves in their subconscious.

While helping others to pull out their roots of anger at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic, I discovered that, knowing the roots of anger does not necessarily mean that they are going to be easier to get rid of.

How easy it is to pull out the roots of your anger does not depend on the level of your conscious awareness of their existence. It depends mainly on how deeply you’ve been wounded in life.

If you suffer from anger, there is always a psychic wound behind it. Depending on how deep is your wound, you may, or may not be able to able to deal with it just on the conscious, psychological level of its existence.

Healing some cases of anger does require a combination of spiritual and psychological approaches.

My own experience shows that even volcano-like anger can be healed. I know that the complete healing of anger is a reality.

Based on my work experience at the Toronto Anger Management Clinic, I want to encourage you to seek total healing from anger and not just your anger management ability.

You must move beyond a mere anger management technique, or else, you will have to deal with your anger for the rest of your life.

If you are not aware of the origin of your anger, you must start digging in your past. You have to discover the roots of your anger, before you can pull them out and discard their toxic psychic matter.

In cases people can be healed from anger and other kinds of psychic pollution spontaneously, without having to deal with it through their conscious efforts.

Achieving liberation from anger without having to go through the psychotherapeutic process, would require a powerful spiritual intervention which would simply burn up your anger and transform it into anger-free spiritual energy.

Such transformation is similar to what happens when fire burns the dark and heavy coal substance and transforms it into itself.

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