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Walter Orlowski
Psychic Detox Services
A unique methodology that clears the negative, subconscious conditionings, and breaks the bonds of addictions.

My Psychic Detox Services are offered as the Energy Healing of the mind alone, or the Hypno-Energetic Method. My Hypno-Energetic Method utilizes no-trance hypnosis.

Carl Jung

Jung's own words confirm the reality of my energetic approach to the psychological phenomena.

Here is what one of the greatest psychiatrists of all times - C.G. Jung - wrote about the energetic nature of psychological phenomena:

"In physics... we speak of energy and its various manifestations, such as electricity, light, heat, etc. The situation in psychology is precisely the same. Here, too, we are dealing primarily with energy...

What I wished to do for psychology was to arrive at some logical and thorough view such as is provided in the physical sciences by the theory of energetics. This is what I was after in my paper On Psychic Energy."

Through my Psychic Detox Services I can take out of your mental energy system, the entrenched, toxic, negative energies of:

feeling broken-hearted
feeling worthless
lack of confidence
lack of motivation

I can also take out of your mental energy system the energies which keep your addictions in place. I can help you get rid of:


My Psychic Detox Services branch out into,  Energy Healing of the mind and my  Hypno-Energetic Method.

My Hypno-Energetic Method utilizes hypnosis without the trance. 

All work is done in full awareness, without the usage of hypnotic trance. 

I call this method Hypno-Energetic, because during the process of cleansing your psychic energy system, I will use hypno-effective verbal suggestions. 

Over the years I have developed the art of highly influential, life-changing, hypno-effective speaking, which works just as well as hypnosis does. I have been able to eliminate the formal induction of hypnotic trance and could work with my clients in full awareness. 

The evolution of my original work with clinical hypnosis into this so simple, and yet powerful Psychic Detox methodology, opened my services to all those who were either afraid of, or uncomfortable with hypnosis. 

When I pull the negative psychic energies out of your mental energy system in silence, I call this process Energy Healing of the mind.

Whether the mind-healing work is done in silence or combined with the hypno-effective verbal suggestions, the beauty of this mind-liberating methodology is in the possibility of undoing your subconsciously conditioned, mental negativity and addictive bondage, without using the so-called hypnotic trance, or long, tedious and expensive psychotherapeutic process.

During our sessions, you are going to be totally aware of everything. It is quite an amazing experience when you can feel your negative mental energies literally being pulled out of your system.

The discovery of the Psychic Detox possibility was a welcomed surprise in my life. 

About eight years ago when I started working with alcoholics, I noticed that I could just pass my hand through their energy field in silence, and undo severe alcoholic addictions.

Later, it become obvious that, I could do the same with my clients suffering from feelings of anxiety, fear, depression and other kinds of mental negativity.

My ability to heal the human mind on its energetic level, unfolded shortly after I discovered that I could hold energetically, relatively heavy metal objects, as if they were glued to my body. 

To achieve what you see below, I have to enter into a state of single-pointed concentration, which is synonymous with using self hypnosis.

Magnetic man

The 10lb plate,
as if glued to my shoulder,
but there is no glue...

Even though I cannot tell how, I know that, my magnetic-like ability to pull metal objects towards my body and hold them in place, is somehow related to my ability to pull out the negative mental energies from the human mental energy field.

When I pull these energies out - I literally absorb them into my hand and forearm. At times this creates a physical discomfort in my limb up to the elbow joint. Getting rid of these energies after the sessions has never been a problem.

I have also discovered that, I could use my energetic Detox methodology to pull out the inflammatory energy of arthritis, from an affected joint. I have been able to eliminate long standing, chronic arthritis, in a number of cases, in a permanent, free from recurrence way.

I am presently working with other kinds of chronic inflammatory conditions to see what else is possible. Since this work is in its early, exploratory stages, I want to invite all those who are interested in what we could accomplish together, to contact me and book a special arrangement session.

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