Power Hypnosis

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Power Hypnosis is about evoking all the typical effects of hypnosis without induction of hypnosis.

Not too many people realize that this is actually possible, and has been widely recognized long time ago. In Hypnotic Realities, by Milton H. Erickson we read: "... It has been widely recognized that suggestions leading to the sort of behaviors exhibited by hypnotized individuals can be effectively used in the absence of any induction of hypnosis. That is, they can be effective with persons who have presumably not been hypnotized... Small number of modern investigators have ascribed that hypnosis is not only unnecessary for the production of the hypnotic behavior, but is also actually an unnecessary concept."

I don't go into a trance to create the above shown psychosomatic effect in my body. The 10lb weight sticks to my shoulder through the power of my focused intention. I do need to concentrate and have a clear intention to create this amazing effect, but no hypnotic trance is necessary.

In the same way any hypnotic effect can be evoked without the usage of the so-called hypnotic trance. Power Hypnosis is about providing all the benefits of hypnosis, without trance-hypnosis. Most people are afraid of entering a hypnotic trance. Working without a trance makes "hypnosis" much more accessible to those who otherwise would never go for it. An interesting questions arise: If all that is typically done through hypnosis can be done without hypnosis - what do we need hypnosis for? And why bother with the induction of the so-called hypnotic trance? Why not just use the Power Hypnosis method which does not require an altered state of consciousness? Why not take the fear away for all those who are afraid of being hypnotized?

Walter Orlowski Working

I have given up the formal induction of the so-called hypnotic trance long time ago. I have given it up because I have found it unnecessary.

From the perspective of the Power Hypnosis, to hypnotize, means simply to be able to influence the mind and body in such a way that they will obey the applied intention. My most powerful interventions - those, applied to the most difficult problems, such as profound alcoholic addiction, never required hypnotic trance. The only thing that was necessary was the power to produce a state of liberation.

My 20-year-long experience clearly shows that the only "thing" necessary to produce even the most profound human change is the power to produce it. It doesn't matter how. The whole ritual of application can be called: hypnotic, energetic or spiritual, but in the end, only the power counts, and when it is present, it will flow through any channel that is open and available.

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