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In the following text, I take it for granted that, those who are familiar with Eckhart Tolle's work know that, one of his two famous books is entitled: New Earth.

While Eckhart Tolle keeps on hypnotizing people all over the world, into the POWER of NOW state of mind, most of them - in spite of their honest efforts - can’t really get into the POWER of NOW hypnotic trance.

They can’t get into it because, their subconscious minds can sense that, there is something terribly wrong with the whole Eckhartian ideology.

Even if their conscious minds superficially agree with Tolle's ideology, their subconscious minds take a look at the Eckhart Tolle's Temple of the POWER of NOW, and see that, its foundations are not in the NOW, but in the vision of the FUTURE.

It is the FUTURE vision of Eckhart Tolle's NEW EARTH, that energizes the whole POWER of NOW enterprise.

It is precisely because, we want the NEW EARTH in the FUTURE, we must start doing something about it NOW.

The whole mesmeric enterprise of Eckhart Tolle POWER of NOW hypnosis, operates only because there is a vision of the NEW EARTH, in the FUTURE, which energizes Tolle’s efforts NOW.

I wonder, how many people realize that, Eckhart Tolle POWER of NOW hypnotic teachings, were born out of the vision of the FUTURE.

It is the vision of NEW EARTH in the FUTURE, from which the whole business of NOW arises, and it could never be any other way.

If we don’t have a FUTURE to look forward to - we have nothing to live for NOW.

We may as well drop dead NOW.

To hold onto the vision of the FUTURE, and to derive from it the necessary energy to act NOW, is what your life, and the life of all humanity is all about.

The POWER of NOW is absolutely meaningless without the vision of the FUTURE, from which it not only arises, but into which it also leads.

After Eckhart Tolle supposedly awakened, he then proceeded to sit on a park bench for two years.

He was totally in the NOW, and at the same time in the period of doing nothing - a period of total lack of any constructive, FUTURE ORIENTED activity.

man on a bench

Under the Power of Now

I’ve seen many people negatively possessed by the POWER of NOW.

They are doing nothing and going nowhere.

The fact is that, without the POWER of THE FUTURE vision of NEW EARTH, which awakened Eckhart Tolle from his hypnotic trance of NOW, he would be still sitting or perhaps lying on some bench in a park.

I keep on posting pages - on my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - about various faces of Eckhart Tolle POWER of NOW hypnosis because, Eckhart Tolle can be as dangerous to the uninitiated human mind, as he can be helpful to all those who can see what the POWER of NOW game is all about.

My whole Toronto Hypnosis practice is FUTURE oriented because, I know that, only the POWER of the VISION of LIBERATED FUTURE, can ever stimulate my clients to start making steps toward that FUTURE now.

May this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website serve as a beam of light dispelling the darkness of Eckhart Tolle POWER of NOW hypnosis.

As I have already written it elsewhere, on the pages of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, I’ve seen a lot of people deeply entranced by Eckhart Tolle POWER of NOW hypnosis.

They became entranced by Eckhart Tolle's powerful hypnotic writings and audio presentations, but somehow, none of them was able to practically use what Eckhart Tolle preaches.

If you happen to be one of those people, I want you to know that, the stuckness and inability to move forward, which Eckhart Tolle's teachings can produce in the minds of his followers, is due to their futile attempts to turn their backs on the POWER of their own FUTURE.

If there is no FUTURE, there is nothing to live for NOW.

Whatever you do NOW, you do it only in order to attain some goal in the FUTURE.

May all your FUTURE be happy and bright.

May all your present efforts be successful.

Your own NEW EARTH is waiting - providing, you are going to start doing something about its attainment NOW.

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