Overcoming Depression Feelings

Depressed person

Dealing with chronic feelings of depression

I know very well what conditioned
my subconscious mind...


When you swing between the states
of depression and inspiration...


A depressing day?


I have written a lot - on the pages of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - about overcoming depression with the help of hypnosis and energy work.

As much as hypnosis and energy work are very useful in working with transient feelings of depression, they may not be sufficient to help you overcome chronically arising feelings of depression.

Our psychic reality is such that, no matter how hard we try, some of our depression-generating subconscious conditionings cannot be erased from our subconscious minds.

Overcoming depression feelings, which arise form these deeply entrenched subconscious conditionings is about learning how to handle them, rather than, trying to get rid of them once and for all.

Many very famous people suffered from chronic depression.

Winston Churchill was one of them.

His life-long struggle with his own despair made him stronger and capable of helping others handle their feelings of depression.

It was his attitude of no-surrender that kept him going and enabled him to master the business of overcoming depression.

He was never able to get rid of his “black dog” - as he used to call his feelings of depression.

But in the end it didn’t matter because, in spite of suffering from depression he lived a very rich and successful life.

The list of famous and successful people suffering from depression is endless: William Blake, T. S. Eliot, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, Ralph Waldo Emerson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nikolai Gogol, Leo Tolstoy, Emile Zola, Sergey Rachmaninoff, Vincent van Gogh...

So, if you suffer from chronically arising depression feelings you are in a great company.

The paradox of suffering from the feelings of depression is that, you can use their powerful dark energy in the process of overcoming depression.

What I’ve written above may seem far from reality but just think about it...

Think about how Terry Fox used his cancer.

Think about how Michael J. Fox is using his Parkinson’s disease.

I myself, have been using my own chronically arising feelings of depression creatively and in an evolutionary way for many years now.

It is not only that, the powerful energy of these feelings has been a key player in my game of overcoming depression - I’ve been also able to use them in the process of the evolution of my consciousness.

The bulk of my work with the feelings of depression is about helping others to first enter and then gradually become better and better in their own ongoing game of overcoming depression.

You obviously realize that, in order to develop physical strength you would have to go through a rather painful physical workout.

And during this workout, there would be a lot of pain in the muscles, and other parts of your body.

Running a marathon, for example, involves going through an enormous amount of physical pain.

Working out your psychological muscles is based on the same principles.

In order to develop psychological strength, your psyche must work out through a lot of resistance.

Just as the weights provide resistance necessary to develop strong muscles, feelings of depression can be used as the most effective resistance, necessary to achieve true mental power.

My Toronto Depression Clinic services are focused on such creative, and evolution of consciousness oriented usage of the feelings of depression.

I myself, don’t know what I would do without them.

For sure, without periodic mental workouts, focused on overcoming depression, I would have never developed enough mental power to run my Toronto hypnosis practice.

You can attain to great heights of awareness and mental powers, if you can only adopt a creative, evolution of consciousness oriented attitude towards the process of overcoming depression.

My Toronto Depression Clinic services are focused on teaching my clients how to get out of their victim mentality, and get into the mode of mental functioning that is focused not on their weakness but on their inner power.

I can potentially teach you how to turn your process of overcoming depression into a fascinating game.

You don’t really need to go out and climb Everest to access some peak experiences of life.

You can do it inside of your own head.

Your chronic feelings of depression can provide you with the obstacles to conquer, like no other obstacles in the world around you.

There are many ways in which your feelings of depression can be used to turn you into a master of overcoming depression.

The reality is - if you really, honestly begin to work on something, sooner or later you will get better at it.

Your depression feelings are no exception.

The only question is: Are you ready to enter the game?

The game of learning how to establish yourself in a totally new reality, regarding your chronic feelings of depression.

Hypnosis can be very helpful in the process of enabling you to develop the necessary attitude, adventurous mindset, and getting out of the victim mentality.

Overcoming depression feelings, and using them to become psychologically stronger can really become the most favorite game of your life.

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