Overcoming Depression Feelings

Summary of the depression-dissolving
frames of mind

All of the depression-dissolving frames of mind - which I’ve presented on the pages of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - are derived from my own experience.

As I’ve worked on overcoming depression feelings, which at some point showed up in my life, my mind presented me spontaneously with these creative possibilities to alter the reality of my depression.

Since I’ve discovered the reality and the possibility of the actual alteration of the state of my own depression, I started teaching others how to apply this strategy in the process of working on overcoming depression feelings.

Whether I succeed or fail with my clients in the creative area of alteration of the state of depression - depends on how interested they are in what happens in their own minds.

Most people are very interested in various external realities of their lives, but do not pay any attention to the internal realities of their minds.

The internal realities of the human mind are taken for granted by most of the people, and especially by those who suffer due to their internal negativity.

How many people do really have a scientific attitude towards the processes of their own minds?

Most do not think along these lines, and assume that, their minds should work for them, just because, they are there.

Life teaches us, however, that our mental processes cannot be taken for granted.

It teaches us that, our minds can deceive us to a very extensive degree.

It teaches us that, our minds are more than willing to play the most cruel games with our lives.

Why not to pick up the ball, and play games with our minds?

Yes - I know that, telling a depressed person: Why don’t you start playing games with your own mind - may be as effective as telling a drunk person to behave in a sober way.

And yet, as my own experience of working on overcoming depression has taught me, it can be done.

But again, the crucial factor is your ability to become interested in the internal reality of your mind, at least as much, as you are interested in the external realities of your life.

To me, playing games with my own mind, is the most entertaining thing on earth.

The challenges, which my own mind has been throwing against me, have been unmatched by any other challenges I had to face in life.

What I’ve presented here about overcoming depression feelings, will not work for everyone.

It will work only for those - who like me - can find fun, excitement and amusement, as they enter into the games with their own minds, during the process of working on overcoming depression feelings.

My Toronto Depression Clinic services, can immensely benefit all those, who really want to become winners in the game, which they are interested in playing with their own minds.

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