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Part Three

On this page - part three of my writings about overcoming depression feelings, via the creative usage of depression-dissolving frames of mind - I will speak about the MOCKING-oriented frame of mind.

A dictionary’s definition of mocking is: Tease, or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

I’ve discovered the depression-MOCKING FRAME of mind during my first encounter with feelings of depression.

The idea of mocking the spirit of depression came to my mind spontaneously, and helped me tremendously as I worked on overcoming depression feelings.

Somehow, I got the idea of personification of my state of depression, and relating to it, as if it was an entity, which showed up on the stage of my mind, with the sole intent to destroy my life.

Having personified my state of depression, I could start talking to it, and see how it would respond.

I would say to it: Oh! I see you are here again. Well... I know that I can’t do anything to stop you from coming, but I obviously can relate to you in any way I want.

And indeed, even though, I could not stop the “spirit of depression” from coming, I could adopt a particular mental stance towards its presence in my life.

This ability has proven to be immensely useful in terms of overcoming depression feelings.

As I worked on overcoming depression feelings, I was saying to the visiting me “spirit of depression” things like: You know, you’ve been playing this show for me, for some time now, and I’ve gotten kind of bored of it. Could you come up with something more creative, perhaps increase the intensity of your performance...

I would also say to “my spirit of depression”: Oh! you are here again! I am ready for the show! I don’t have to go and spend money on watching horror movies. You can provide all that they could ever deliver and more. Just make sure that this time your performance will match my appetite for this kind of dark entertainment.

Obviously, all of these talks and conversations, which I had with the visiting me “spirit of depression”, had an influence on how my mind was relating to its own experience of depression.

Any alteration of your mind content will influence how your mind is relating to that content.

All that I was able to accomplish, during the process of using the MOCKING frame of mind, as I worked on overcoming depression feelings, I do teach to my clients through my Toronto Depression Clinic services.

Learning how to use the MOCKING frame of mind, as a dissolver of your feelings of depression, can turn the whole process of overcoming depression feelings into quite an amusing game.

There is such a thing as DARK HUMOR.

Definitely, your conscious usage of the MOCKING frame of mind, as you work on overcoming depression feelings, falls into the category of using HUMOR in order to alter the undesirable states of your mind.

If you need any help with this, do not hesitate to contact me, and perhaps, what I do under the banner of my Toronto Depression Clinic services can be of assistance.

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