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Part Two

On this page - part two of my writings about overcoming depression feelings, via the creative usage of depression-dissolving frames of mind - I will speak about the CHALLENGE-oriented frame of mind.

I’ve been using this depression-dissolving frame of mind for many years.

It has been extremely effective in terms of helping me succeed in the process of overcoming depression feelings, which like to periodically visit me in my life.

The frame of CHALLENGE, works very well with me simply because, I’ve been always challenge-oriented.

Whenever I’ve been told that, I would not be able to accomplish something - it was enough to give me energy and inspiration to accomplish that particular thing, if I was only really interested in making it happen.

My personality is such that, it is capable of using the challenge, which my chronically arising feelings of depression present to me, in the process of overcoming depression feelings.

In this way, I use the very energy of my depression feelings in the process of overcoming depression feelings.

It is an absolutely marvelous psychological arrangement.

Through this creative mental maneuver you too, may be able to totally alter your victim frame-of-mind, and start playing with your feelings of depression.

Most people do require a very specific training of the mind, in order to enter into a state of consciousness, which can make a playful relationship with their feelings of depression a living reality.

My Toronto Depression Clinic services do include such specialized training of consciousness, as one of many other approaches to helping my clients work successfully on overcoming depression feelings.

Whenever I am able to enter successfully into the CHALLENGE frame of mind - as I work on overcoming my own depression feelings - the whole business of overcoming depression turns into a most fascinating game, which I play “against” my own mind.

I placed the word “against” in a quotation mark because, I never fight my feelings of depression.

Whatever you fight will fight you back.

On the other hand, whatever you approach creatively - via some reality-twisting procedure - has the potential to energize, and liberate you from its own chains, without you ever fighting against it.

Some forms of martial arts do utilize the very energy on an opponent, to overcome that opponent.

What can be more ingenious than that?

It is no secret that, some people do spend a lot of money, time and energy to place themselves in an incredibly difficult - frequently life threatening - position of CHALLENGE.

There has been a very high rate of death amongst those who have attempted to CHALLENGE the Mount Everest.

Everybody knows that, a severe clinical depression can provide an Everest-like level of challenge.

Depression has been known to kill people just as the Mount Everest does.

I want to make it clear here that, I do not encourage you to even attempt to enter into mind games with the reality of severe, suicidal clinical depression.

If you happen to experience such a state of mind, I don’t advise you to challenge it.

I advise you to go to your doctor, or to the nearest emergency unit.

What I am writing here about, is only for those who suffer from a level of depression feelings, which is free from any taint of suicidal ideation.

I am writing this only for those who experience the level of depression feelings, which does not require any serious medical intervention.

Overcoming depression feelings - just as overcoming any other negative feelings - can be turned into a fascinating game, which you can start learning to play against your own mind, providing, you engage in it only on the safe level - the level, which you can handle with a relative ease.

I can certainly help you to learn how to play the game against your own mind, through the services, which I offer via my Toronto Depression Clinic.

If you do welcome challenge as a stimulant in your life, you would most likely be able to use the CHALLENGE-oriented frame of mind in the process of overcoming depression feelings.

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