The Law of Attraction
Enter It, And It Will Become Your Reality

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If you want to consciously manifest something in your life,
you must enter the reality
of the law of attraction

You must also enter the reality of whatever you want to create in your life.

Even though, this page of the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is related to the law of attraction, its actual focus is on something that must happen, before any reality can became a reality in your life.

What I set out to describe here, is the concept of the NECESSITY of ENTERING your REALITY of CHOICE, before, whatever you consciously choose to create in your life can became a reality.

This concept is underdeveloped in literature, in spite of its absolutely crucial importance, in the area or conscious reality manifestation.

Before the law of attraction can attract anything into your life, it must “know” what to attract.

The law of attraction will give to you whatever you will insert into its “slot” - so to speak.

Much like a computer will give to you only what you first insert into it, in a form of a computer program - the law of attraction will deliver accordingly to what you “insert” into its reality creating generator.

Human tragedy is in the fact that, most of the people are totally unaware of how reality works in human life.

Nobody would expect a computer to be able to produce beautiful graphics, without first, installing in it, a very precisely formulated graphic-design program.

On the other hand, almost everybody expects to experience good things in life - because they “deserve it”.

This commercially promoted slogan: “..... because you deserve it”, is the most ridiculous thing under the Sun.

Nobody gets what they deserve!

Deserving anything in life is but an illusion!

And while nobody gets what they deserve - everybody gets what they either consciously or unconsciously manifest in their lives.

For the most part, humans do manifest their realities totally outside of their conscious awareness.

What that means is that, their process of reality manifestation is haphazard, and governed by whatever subconscious conditionings they have received in life.

There is no escape from being conditioned in one way or another as you go through your life.

Most of your own conditionings - if not all of them - simply HAPPENED to you, outside of your conscious awareness.

In other words, you were FORCED to enter, and inhabit certain realities, without first, being asked whether you really liked them or not.

Just as you were FORCED via the process of your mind conditioning into the positive realities of your life, you were also forced into the negative ones.

To say that, you were forced to enter the negative realities of your life, and inhabit them is an understatement.

You were forced to enter them, and to remain STUCK in them against your will.

But again, before you could ever get stuck in any undesirable reality, you must have had entered it first.

ENTERING a given reality is the most primary thing in life.

Everything begins there - at the point of entry...

No reality can ever take possession of you, without you first entering it.

Precisely because, this business of ENTERING realities is truly a primary business of our lives, I decided to devote some space to it throughout the pages of this Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

What I want to convey to you through this Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website page is that, before you can have any desired reality fully operational in your life you must first ENTER it.

I repeat...

You will never get anything in your life because you deserve it!

You will only get a reality, which you’ve either consciously or unconsciously entered.

If you want health, you must enter the reality of health.

If you want money, you must enter the reality of money.

There is no way for you to attract money into your life as long as you remain in the grip of the reality named - poverty consciousness.

If you want God, you must enter the reality of God.

If you want to be able to walk on fire - you must enter the reality of a non-burning fire.

Through this page of the Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, I want to make it obvious to you that, you absolutely must first understand the mechanism of the law of attraction, before you can ever consciously apply it in your life.

The first step towards understanding the workings of the law of attraction, and to its actual application - namely, entering the reality of the law of attraction, and the reality of whatever you want to manifest in your life - may be immensely difficult for you to take on your own.

This difficulty - in case you experience it - can be alleviated through your usage of my Toronto Hypnosis Services.

Your conscious usage of the law of attraction, and the process of entering your realities of choice, is a multifaceted undertaking, and it can be quite overwhelming in its complexity.

You not only must ENTER and ENABLE your desired realities, you must also EXIT and DISABLE the undesirable ones.

You must get rid of all that blocks the successful functioning of the positive side of the law of attraction in your life, before the positive aspect of the law of attraction can begin to manifest desirable outcomes.

In other words you must eliminate the competition between the positive and the negative realities of your life at least to the point, at which the positive energies will be greater than the negative ones.

Your reality balance sheet must be a positive one.

Through my Toronto Hypnosis law of attraction related services, I can be of help to you in any area of conscious reality manifestation.

Whether you live in Toronto or any other place on earth, we can always connect, and begin working together towards helping you manifest in your life what you need and desire.

I am looking forward towards helping you bring success and prosperity into all areas of your life.

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