Hypnotic Tricks Versus
The Real Healing of The Mind

Healing is not about feeling better - it is not about striving to be healthy via the usage of the hypnotic tricks of the mind.

Hypnotic and self hypnotic suggestions can restore the physical health and mental well-being but this is NOT what healing is about.

Feeling better and being healthy are ONLY the side effects of healing.

Healing is about the unification of your spirit with the SPIRIT of GOD.

It is about the dissolution of the barrier of your ego-self which stands between your soul and its ORIGIN.

It is about the AWARENESS of your IDENTITY with the DIVINE.

Seek that identity - find it - and everything else shall be added unto you.

The highest usage of hypnosis is in employing it as a tool of the spiritual transformation.

As a tool of the spiritual transformation hypnosis simply uses the mind to transcend the mind.

It does not stop at the level of the hypnotic suggestion but utilizes its power to show something which exists beyond it.

Hypnosis has the power of taking you out of the grip of your common daily reality orientation and opening you up to the HIGHER PERCEPTION.

In its highest usage hypnosis serves as a gate into the SPIRITUAL MANSION of your own soul.

Hypnosis, in its highest usage, is meant to lead your awareness to the point of AWAKENING to the reality of your ONENESS with the DIVINE.

What I am saying here about hypnosis applies also to all other forms of psychotherapeutic manipulations of human consciousness.

Any form of psychotherapy - as long as it limits itself to the realm of the mind, is essentially an EMPTY TRICK of the MIND.

It bends the mind onto itself and in that bending seeks healing and liberation.

But a mind which tries to find the solution to its problems, within its own realm, is like a man trying to find freedom from mosquitos while living in the swamp.

You shall never find FREEDOM form your tormenting you mind at the level of your mind.

At best, all you can achieve at the level of your mind is a transient PSEUDO-LIBERATION.

A mere ILLUSION of the real thing.

A transient, hypnotic elation of the mind deluded into its own self-sufficiency.

A swamp is a swamp, and no matter what tricks you perform on its swampy grounds, sooner or latter your will end up being bitten by the mosquitos again.

REAL HEALING takes you out of the swarm of your mosquito-like thoughts and emotions, and shifts you into the purity of your spirit.

Considering what I’ve written above one may ask: So how would you heal anxiety, depression... How would you heal emotional over-eating, smoking addiction, and a whole bunch of other things in a spiritual way?

To answer this question I’m going to say this: Hypnosis can be used to lead you out of your ego-self and into the ESSENCE of your REAL SPIRIT-SELF.

When you connect with your ESSENCE, when you plug yourself into the socket of your own SPIRITUAL POWER - it will do what a power does.

It will perform its work.

Just as the power drawn out of the electric outlet can do its work - your SPIRITUAL POWER drown out of your SPIRIT will do the same.

It will heal you because healing is what it does!

Additional comments

In NO WAY what I've presented above is meant to discredit or put down hypnosis and the hypnotic manipulations of the human mind.

Both, hypnosis and the spiritual healing are valid and tremendously beneficial in their respective realms of existence.

There are a lot of people who are not ready for the spiritual work, but are totally capable of benefiting from hypnosis.

Hypnosis does operate, and is extremely helpful at the level of the subconsciously conditioned mind.

It is an excellent tool for creating a solid mental changes - as solid as they can be.

What I've presented on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is meant to show the application of hypnosis, which goes beyond of what hypnosis and hypnotic work are typically perceived.

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