Hypnotic Trance
Induction & Utilization

There is a huge difference between the hypnotic trance induction and its utilization.

Trance induction is very easy.

The only thing that can make trance induction difficult is the resistance of those who think that they want to be hypnotized, and at the same time block the hypnotist in his trance-induction-efforts.

I want to make it very clear here that even those who resist the hypnotic trance induction go in-and-out of their own, natural, spontaneous, common daily trances many times a day.

Everybody does it - mostly without noticing that they periodically tune out from the world and enter the periods of their spontaneous day-dreaming.

Hypnotic trance is a common psycho-physiological phenomenon which everybody experiences as a part of their everyday psycho-physiological functioning.

A long stretch of the highway driving typically evokes the state of highway-hypnosis.

Those who enter that state don’t have any conscious memory of what they’ve seen as they drove - sometimes for long hours - before reaching the point of their final destination.

A boring teacher will put his students into a state of trance with great ease, and without experiencing anybody’s resistance.

Resistance to the development of the hypnotic trance - in the context of the therapy done in the state of hypnosis - arises only because people FEAR losing control over their thinking and feeling processes.

It is only the FEAR of ending up out-of-control, and falling under the control of the hypnotist that blocks people from entering their hypnotic trances in the context of the therapeutic work done in the state of hypnosis.

There are countless ways in which a trance can be induced in a willing and cooperative person and even a non-professional can induce a state of trance in a willing subject relatively easily.

What I’ve said above about the the induction of the state of hypnosis makes it obvious that the ART of HYPNOSIS is NOT in the process of its induction.

Indeed, the ART of HYPNOSIS is almost entirely in the UTILIZATION of the hypnotic state.

As much as it is relatively easy to induce a trance in a willing and cooperative person - it takes a great skill and years of experience to be able to UTILIZE that state in a way which leads to the creation of a powerful and lasting therapeutic change.

The UTILIZATION of the hypnotic trance requires a great deal of CREATIVITY and understanding of how the human psyche works.

Anybody can get a knife and start cutting a piece of meat with it. Not too many people, however, can take the same knife and perform a life-saving surgical operation.

In the same way mostly anyone can induce in your mind the state of the hypnotic trance.

On the other hand, very few people would be able to UTILIZE your state of trance in a way which would help you create positive life changes through hypnosis.

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