Hypnotic Reality
and the Reality
Which Never Dies

The utterly simple and all inclusive solution to all problems of life

My Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is - as its name suggests - about hypnosis.

But as much as it is about hypnosis it is also about its limitations.

Hypnosis is a reality which is valid and operational in this world.

Hypnotic solutions to various problems of our existence can take us far into the land of the PERCEPTION of FREEDOM - as far as the trick of an alternative, hypnotic perception allows.

But as much as a hypnotic trick of an alternative perception is valid at the level of reality governed by the alternative perceptions, and as much as it allows for creation of the psychological change, it is always vulnerable to the inevitable collapse of the seemingly life-saving perceptions to which the hypnotic-cure-worshipers subscribe.

I don't worship hypnosis - I ONLY use skillfully and effectively whenever I see that its usage is justified.

I don't worship it because I know that even the most powerful wave of hypnotic perception is just a wave, which will either be leveled - sooner or later - with the surface of the ocean from which it arises, or it will smash itself against the rocks of the shore of the ULTIMATE REALITY.

Your most cherished, seemingly life-saving hypnotic perceptions - sooner or later - will crack under the pressure of some other equally valid and seemingly undeniable hypnotic perceptions.

And because your perceptions are ONLY TEMPORARY and subject to their inevitable dissolution - you can’t ever succeed in your efforts to use them as the foundations of your existence.

As I’ve already said it above, your hypnotic perceptions are valid and can be very helpful, BUT ONLY on the level of your mental existence, which at best can hold its ground - as it hopelessly fluctuates up and down - till the end of your earthly mental life.

The worst case scenario is a total loss of the solidity of your mental ground - if it succumbs to the erosion of senility and dementia - while you are still in your physical body.

As I’ve graduated from my own private school of hypnosis and eventually transcended its limitations , I became convinced that we are to use our minds to transcend our minds.

I became convinced that we must endeavor to use hypnosis in order to transcend hypnosis.

We must start our evolution at the level of the mental - the level of our hypnotic susceptibility to the dance of perceptions.

There is no way around it.

It is obvious that, as much as an infant must start his motions by just crawling, we must start our earthly, consciously aware existence at the level of the hypnotic susceptibility to the perception-dependent realities we face.

It is also obvious that we can’t remain at the crawling level of our physical existence, and must transcend it by entering the level of walking, running, bicycle riding and eventually driving a car.

We must transcend it, if we are to really live our lives.

In the same way we must transcend our psychological crawling along the never ending maze of hypnotic perceptions.

We must transcend it and find the ROCK of OUR EXISTENCE in the ULTIMATE REALITY beyond the flux of our perceiving minds.

The solution to life is neither mental nor intellectual.

The solution to life is SPIRITUAL.

And that means a RELATIONSHIP with GOD.

Human relationships come and go.

They are not something you can count on.

They can never serve as the foundations of your reality.

And if you ever try to seek them as the rocks upon which you hope to establish the house of your life - you are bound to end up disappointed.

You may try to replace your lost relationships with the new ones, but you will sooner or later lose them too, and face the same problem of having nothing solid under your feet again.

You will sooner or later end up LONELY, and the lance of loneliness may even pierce your heart beyond the point of your endurance.

The reality is such that the people - even the most loving ones - can leave you, and for sure, sooner or later, they will leave you simply because they are going to die.

The only solution to the HELL the COSMIC LONELINESS is a RELATIONSHIP with GOD.

It is impossible for me to describe what the relationship with GOD is, simply because IT is beyond any form of psychological grasp.

It is impossible for me to describe IT using the linguistic forms because IT’s nature is FORMLESS.

But in spite of my inability to define it by words - something within me KNOWS IT.

Something within me KNOWS that it is THE UTTERLY SIMPLE AND ALL INCLUSIVE SOLUTION to all problems of life.

There is no other solution to the HELL of COSMIC LONELINESS.

The SPIRITUAL SOLUTION of which I speak here appears gradually obvious to the people as they age and gradually lose their friends, spouses and partners.

Some of them lose the ones who used to serve as their essence of life because of various kinds of discord that arises between them, others lose them to death, dementia or variety of other degenerative diseases.

The loss of the so-called loved ones is a sure thing - it’s guaranteed!

And because it is a sure thing, we are forced to seek in our lives SOMETHING which can never be lost regardless of the circumstances.

We must seek a LOVE which never dies.

I can’t really tell you what that means.

Only you, and you alone, can discover it in your own heart.

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