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140. Hypnotic thoughts about having too much of a good thing ...

About a week ago (today is July 31 / 2012), I left Toronto for three days.

I went on a sailing trip to Georgian Bay.

Upon coming to my favorite Giant’s Tomb Island and anchoring the boat, I felt as if I entered a paradise.

On the third day, however, I had enough of the sun and the water and the island.

I went into a state of experiencing too much of a good thing.

Today you would have to pay me to go on a sailing trip.

I’ve had enough!

I know that the need to go again will slowly build up.

I am aware of how things fluctuate in my life.

I am also aware of one thing on which I could never overdose no matter how much of it I happened to experience at a given time.

I am not going to tell you what that thing is.

I am going to ask you to look for it within yourself.

139. Hypnotic thoughts about the people who claim that they make sense out of hypnosis

There are people who advertise their hypnosis services by saying that they make sense out of hypnosis.

If you ever see such an advertising slogan, call the advertiser and ask him a simple question.


And if he authoritatively tells you what hypnosis is, run away from him as fast as you can.

Run away from him because he is a B.S. artist.

Run away from him because since the development of the concept of hypnosis, about 200 years ago, the professionals involved in the practice of hypnosis have been UNABLE to reach a general agreement on what hypnosis is.

Not even the greatest scientists have ever made sense out of hypnosis.

Not only, they’ve never been able to make sense out of hypnosis - they haven’t even been able to devise a test to accurately assess whether or not a hypnotic state exists!

The truth about hypnosis is that it is as great a mystery today as it was 200 years ago at the time of its inception.

For anyone, to say that he can make sense out of hypnosis is to expose his utter ignorance about the subject of hypnosis.

138. Hypnotic thoughts about the transitional state of mind

There is a state of mind which most people experience upon awakening from sleep.

It is a transitional state of mind in which you are not asleep anymore and not yet awake.

It can be very short - so short that it doesn’t even register in your awareness.

In this state of mind all of the realities of your waking life are still OFF.

They are in the process of being assembled, but haven’t yet reached the point of your knowing of what they are.

In this state of mind you don’t know who you are and where you are.

You don’t know whether you are rich or poor.

You don’t know whether you are depressed or happy.

You don’t know whether your marriage is good or bad.

You don’t know anything at all.

And because your knowing is disabled you are at peace.

As soon as the realities of your life are assembled and ready to play their roles on the stage of your mind you begin to suffer!

I do induce this state of FREEDOM from reality, self-hypnotically, in my mind, at least once-a-day.

I do it because I need to take a regular break from the realities of my existence.

I need to disappear form the world for a while, so that I can return to it rejuvenated and ready to do more of whatever I have to do.

I also teach others how to enter into this state of FREEDOM form reality, at will, whenever they want to.

137. Hypnotic thoughts about John George Howard

The image below shows the grave of John George Howard, a former owner of the land which today is known as High Park in Toronto.

I'm in High Park, either jogging or just walking, almost everyday and sometimes I visit Howard's grave.

I do it for two reasons.

The reason number one is that, I'm deeply grateful to Howard for donating the land to the city, so I visit his grave just to say "thank you".

I love High Park and have probably spent about 10 minutes - on average - every day, for the past 30 years of my living in Toronto in High Park.

This adds up to about 2.5 months.

The reason number two is that, visiting Howard's grave serves as a form of self hypnosis, which I perform on myself.

I am not going to say here anything about it.

I would like to devote to it a separate page.

What I want to say is that, while visiting Howard's grave today (July 27 / 2012), I realized that it was his birthday.

John George Howard was born on July 27, 1803.

And his coming to this world gave me High Park, which I love so much that I want my ashes to be scattered here after I depart from the material dimension of my existence.

I am writing this Random Thought as a tribute to Howard who had never known me, and yet has given me so much.


Eternally grateful me.

136. The price paid ...

When the perception came on the stage of this world, the TRUTH DISAPPEARED.

It disappeared because everything became subject to perception, and there is no end to the ways in which things can be perceived.

The price paid for the incredible FREEDOM of PERCEPTION was the disappearance of TRUTH.

Without the TRUTH the world become hypnotic in its nature.

The world became hypnotic because to perceive something in a particular way means to be HYPNOTIZED into a particular way of perception.

The question now is: How to retain the FREEDOM of PERCEPTION and KNOW the TRUTH at the same time?

This question can be also asked like this: How to function at the same time in TRUTH and in HYPNOSIS?

135. Hypnotic thoughts about what’s really worth doing?

Today (July 26 / 2012) I’ve phoned my aunt to wish her happy birthday.

She is 89 today and entering her ninetieth year of life.

At this age you don’t expect to live for a very long time.

And because you don’t expect to live for a very long time, your priorities are very different.

They should be different from the priorities which had governed your life before you realized that there was not much time left for you to live.

They should be different from the delusions which you followed when you were still far from the point of your inevitable exit from the material world.

I am 56 now, and I realize that relatively speaking I don’t have that much time left.

From my present perspective time is extremely valuable.

And the question which I frequently ask myself is: What’s really worth doing with the rest of my life?

By the way...

My aunt's voice sounded young!

Her mind was clear!

I wished her 100 years of life.

That's a standard birthday wish in the country in which she lives.

I'm beginning to think that perhaps I should have wished her more...

134. Hypnotic thoughts about the only way to freedom

Everything in your mental life is a result of the conditioning process.

Everything in your life is a result of some form of hypnosis.

The only thing that is not conditioned is your AWARENESS.

Your AWARENESS is a function of your being.

It is not something that developed as a result of what you’ve been through in your life.

It is not something that has been conditioned by what has happened to you.

It is a SILENT WITNESS of all the conditioning events of your life.

Your AWARENESS does not belong to the realm of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

They are happening IN your awareness but the are not IT.

And because your AWARENESS is FREE from any form of mental disturbance - it is the only place in which you can find YOUR FREEDOM.

In other words - how FREE you are depends on how AWARE you are.

You FREEDOM depends on your ability to use your AWARENESS.

I seriously urge you to REALLY think about what I’ve said above - if your are interested in becoming FREE in your life.

I urge you to think about it because there is NO OTHER WAY to FREEDOM...

133. Hypnotic thoughts about the Georgian Bay hypnosis

I’ve been on a sailboat for three days.

And now - even though 24 hours have passed since I’ve stepped on the terra firma - everything still wobbles.

My whole psychobiological system have been hypnotized into a powerful wobbling motion.

From my present position - a position influenced by the Georgian Bay hypnosis - all I can say is that the world is wobbly.

This is my experience - this is my reality - even though I know that the world does not really wobble.

My wobbling world is no different in its truth and reality from the worlds of anxiety, fear and depression.

The terrible, insecure, anxiety generating world IS A REALITY!

The terrible, painful, depression generating world IS A REALITY!

Whatever the world becomes, as a result of a powerful hypnotic influence IS A REALITY.


It is a reality of an ILLUSION.

Find the REALITY of TRUTH and all your fears, anxieties and depressions will disappear like a bad dream upon awakening - guaranteed!

Georgian Bay self hypnosis

132. My most favorite quote - take 2

My most favorite quote is this:

“May it not be universally true that the concepts produced by the human mind, when formulated in a slightly vague form, are roughly valid for REALITY, but when extreme precision is aimed at, they become ideal forms whose real content tends to vanish away?”

Louis De Broglie

It is my favorite quote because it gives THE BEST PRESCRIPTION for MENTAL FREEDOM I’ve ever been able to find.

Mental enslavement results from the possession of the mind by ideas.

It can only last as long as the ideas which we hold in our minds remain unexamined.

What Louis De Broglie said points to the fact that any idea, when subjected to a careful examination - by necessity - must fall apart.

This fact is not very obvious and many people would never accept it for REALITY, but this is precisely why so many people suffer from various forms of mental enslavement.

131. Hypnotic thoughts about the God of love

There are a lot of people who justify their atheism by saying that there is no God because there is so much evil in the world.

They say that God would obviously not allows this to happen.

One of these people told me: “ I don’t need a God who does / allows all of these horrible things”.

Obviously these people think that God should operate more or less like Santa Claus does.

They think that God should be good.

They think that God should be a God of love.

Are they correct in their thinking?

Well, it’s rather hard to accept that God loves us when we look around and see all kinds of unspeakable horrors happening all around us.

But as much as it is hard to see a God of love it is very easy to see a God of ORDER.

Our UNIVERSE is a universe of ORDER - order arising out of chaos.

Your body - which could be decomposed into atoms of several simple elements is an example of an INCREDIBLE ORDER!

Who - except God - could take these atoms and arrange them into something that is the physical you.

Who could take the psychic - immaterial substance - and fashion out of it your mind?

The MIRACLE of ORDER which arises out of chaos is obvious.

A God of ORDER is obvious!

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