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Hypnotic random thoughts about hypnotic constructs, sin, existential anxiety, ego-self, delusions, unhypnotizing, Kingdom of God ...


130. Hypnotic thought # 129 cont.

It is your personal “you” that needs to be unhypnotized from its trouble-generating beliefs and ideas.

Unhypnotizing the personal “you” from its unconscious patterns of trouble is synonymous with its dissolution.

The attainment of freedom is very simple.

Let your personal “you” die and you will have no more problems in your life.

I said - let your personal "you" die...

But how would you do that?

129. Seek you first ...

Your human “you” is made of two realities.

One of them is the “you” of the person.

You as the person gets offended, traumatized, mistreated, cheated, etc.

You as the person ends up in a state of anxiety or depression or despair or any other terrible state of mind.

The other “you” is the non-personal you.

This “you” can look at the “you” of the person and laugh at its “horrible” afflictions.

Unless you find the non-personal “you” within you - you will have no chance to live a free life.

Your personal “you” will never support your freedom.

This is what Jesus meant when he said:

“Seek you first the Kingdom of God within you and everything else - that you may need - shall be added unto you”.

128. Whoever seeks ...

In my Random Thought #125 I quoted the words of Jesus: “Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it”.

I did this to show that all efforts directed towards the preservation of the ego-self life must ultimately fail.

They must fail simply because the ego-self ultimately fails.

It does not survive the death of the body and mind.

Today, I was thinking about this quote again - this time in the context of the ultimate dissolution of everything that belongs to the physical world.

I thought about the enormous amounts of time and energy which people spend to create and preserve things of this world.

I thought about the embalming of human bodies and storing them in massive containers as if this was going to somehow keep the dead people present in this world...

I also thought about a young man who sought my help many years ago because he was terribly troubled by the fact that things wear out.

He was not able to come to terms with the inevitable disintegration of everything that belongs to this world.

How do you help such a person?

In one way or another you have to show him what really matters.

You have to show him what is really worth working on in this world.

You have to show him the REALITY which never wears out, the REALITY which never dies.

Would you know how to do that?

Can you make a clear formulation in your mind of the only thing that is really worth striving for during your relatively short tenure in the world of things and ideas?

127. Funny thing ...

One of the greatest delusions by which people live is the delusion of the captaincy of their own souls.

To say that you are the captain of your soul would be to say that a wave in the ocean directs its own course.

Funny thing is that some of those whom we revere as our teachers and guides are totally deluded people.

I’ve written this Random Thought after reading the following quotation:

"You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul."

W.E. Henley

126. Hypnotic thought # 125 cont.

A paradox seems to rule our existence.

One of the greatest teachers of all times tells us that we can preserve our life only when we first lose it.

The ancient Yin-Yang symbol shows that everything emerges form its opposite.

And I say that hypnosis is basically about un-hypnotizing people from the trances of their negative patterns of thought, feeling and emotion.

125. Hypnotic thought # 124 cont.

What I’ve said below about “dying” is not my own original idea.

More than 2000 years ago Jesus said: “Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it”.

The above biblical quote is quite famous.

It is well known but unfortunately little understood.

Very few people know what the meaning of “dying in order to have life” means.

Most of the egos want to LIVE!

Most of the egos seek life by striving to inflate themselves evermore.

124. Hypnotic thought # 123 cont.

I realize that what I’m saying here can make some people shake in their pants.

It can precipitate an existential anxiety.

It can do these things because it points to the ultimate flakiness of our conceptual realities.

It can be terrifying because it pulls the carpet of the delusional, conceptual stability from underneath your feet and makes your concepts collapse.

And as they collapse - the egoic “you”, the “you” rooted in concepts and ideas collapses too.

It feels like death and it can scare the living daylights out of you - I mean the personal “you”.

The non-personal “you” has a great time watching the drama of the personal “you” dying.

But... are you really ready to die?


123. Hypnotic thought # 122 cont.

In the context of what I’ve said below hypnosis can be understood as THE ART of CREATING A BELIEVABLE NONSENSE.

I do indeed perceive myself as a MASTER of NONSENSE.

And you know what?

Unless you really understand what I’ve said above, you will never be free in your life.

122. Hypnotic thought # 121 cont.

Take the concept of “sin” - for example - and start undermining its semantic foundations by questioning it and making various statements about it:

Sinning against God is synonymous with offending God.

But how can a mortal man - a mere speck of dust in the Universe - offend God?

Could anyone ever offend God?

Is God offendable?

Whoever thinks that he can offend God commits a sin of utter arrogance. He makes himself equal to God! He thinks he can make God miserable!

And because, obviously, he can never offend God - he can never sin against God.

What follows is that the concept of sin is an utter nonsense!!!

You see, you could take any other concept and do the same thing that I did with the concept of sin.

You could render that concept utterly nonsensical.

121. My favorite quotation ...

My most favorite quotation is this:

“May it not be universally true that the concepts produced by the human mind, when formulated in a slightly vague form, are roughly valid for reality, but when extreme precision is aimed at, they become ideal forms whose real content tends to vanish away?”

Louis De Broglie

The realities which we take for granted are ONLY hypnotic constructs which disintegrate under the power of penetrating questioning.

We can believe them ONLY UNTIL we start digging in them deep enough to see that they really cannot hold themselves together under the laser of our penetrating questioning.

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