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120. Hypnotic thoughts about the stiff thinking

I frequently experience a very unpleasant feeling of physical stiffness in the hip-joint-areas of my body.

Whenever I do experience this kind of physical tension, I do various stretches - specifically designed to relieve my hip-joint-discomfort.

A similar pattern of stiffness and discomfort also arises - from time-to-time - in the non-physical realm of my mind.

At times, my thinking gets painfully stiff, idiotically oriented and self-righteously insistent.

Whenever this happens I take a look at my thought-patterns and begin to stretch them mentally in order to regain my temporarily lost mental freedom and flexibility.

What saves me from being possessed by various forms of mental negativity is my AWARENESS.

Just as I am aware that something undesirable is going on in my body, I'm also aware of the negativity arising in my mind.

NOBODY is totally free from the negative thoughts and emotions, and EVERYBODY can potentially learn how to become AWARE of them in the way which allows for their dissolution.

In many cases I've been able to help people overcome their patterns of mental negativity, simply by teaching them the WAY of AWARENESS.

119. Hypnotic thoughts about unawareness

An interesting thing is that a lot of people whose bodies are totally stiff don’t feel any real discomfort arising from their stiffness.

They walk around totally unaware of their bodies being locked into various - horribly stiff - physical conditions.

It is enough, however, to stick a thumb into their backs and they begin screaming with pain.

Any attempt to give them a therapeutic massage results in more screaming and recoiling from the motions of treatment.

What happens in their bodies frequently happens in their minds too.

They walk around unaware of their horrible mental stiffness, until you step on their mental, sensitive toe.

And when that happens the hidden horror of their stiff, critical and blaming ideas begins to spill out of their mouths.

In many cases, even these volcano-like, full of negativity mental eruptions do not wake them up from their stupor of unawareness.

Locked in stiff SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, they keep on living their immensely unhappy lives.

118. Hypnotic thoughts about the stiffness of the mind

As I was sitting at my desk writing these words I felt a great stiffness and a degree of a very unpleasant pain in my hips.

I was forced to get up and do some major hip-unlocking stretches.

I’m back to writing feeling much better.

There is a typical post-stretching pain now in the area of my hip joints, but it’s a good pain.

It is a pain of readjustment and change.

What happens in my body - on the physical level - does happen in my mind on the psychic level too.

At times my mind gets stiff from some stupid thinking and whenever that happens I do perform my mind-stretching routine.

I force it into a pleasant feeling of freedom and flexibility simply because, whenever my mental stiffness arises IT HURTS!

117. Continuation of #116

Don’t ever take lightly the MUTUAL EXCLUSIVENESS of various pockets of psychic reality.

The biblical verse: “You cannot serve both God and mammon” reflects the dangers hiding in trying to have it both ways.

You can’t have it both ways!

The consequences of mixing various MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE pockets of psychic reality are always counter productive, and lead to pervasive lack of success in human lives.

True - there are pockets of psychic reality which complement each other.

My advice here is that before you embark on any venture - do assess what psychic realities you are “serving” or trying to “serve” at that time, and make the necessary adjustments and corrections.

You absolutely must get rid of the psychic reality conflict with regards to the object of your pursuit and desire.

This is a very basic stuff and yet most people fail to attend to it, remaining forever stuck amidst conflicting psychic realities of their lives, as they try to succeed, and - instead of succeeding - meet failure after failure.

116. Hypnotic thoughts about the pockets of psychic reality

One of the greatest learnings which I derived from my 22 years of hypnosis practice is that PSYCHIC REALITY is not made of one continuous psychic substance.

It is made of POCKETS of REALITY, which are mutually exclusive in terms of their successful operation.

Each pocket of psychic reality demands that you give it your full attention.

And if you do indeed give it your full attention, a pocket of psychic reality is going to WORK for YOU.

Your attention is like food for the pockets of psychic reality.

A pocket of psychic reality will EAT your attention and give in exchange whatever it has to offer.

This LAW of GIVE-and-TAKE - which operates between your attention and the pockets of psychic reality - is one of the most basic laws governing your existence.

About the success-mindset-necessity

115. Beyond the fluctuating mind ...

States of mind change like the weather.

Feelings come and go.

For a long time now, I’ve been interested in operating from a place beyond the fluctuations of my mind.

I’ve been interested in a way of being which uses the mind but is not determined by the mind.

I’ve been interested in operating from a place of pure awareness, from which I could choose to engage with, or disengage from my thinking mind, depending on the needs and circumstances.

What I say here presupposes the existence of awareness outside of the thinking mind.

Obviously, I can be aware without thinking, so it seems that a way of being which is free from the for-ever-changing mind is a real possibility.

114. Hypnotic thoughts about the parade of realities

Working with several clients whose sessions are booked one after another requires a very fast switching from one reality to another reality.

Each person brings a very specific, problematic reality to my office.

Before I can do anything for him - I must enter his reality.

I must enter his reality very deeply - deeply enough to make a strong and penetrating connection.

This connection is the foundation of whatever happens next.

At times, such a parade of human realities moving through my office leaves me very exhausted.

It takes a lot of energy to REALLY connect with the people - to REALLY enter their realities.

It also takes energy to shake a reality which I’ve entered off, in order to make room for another reality which is waiting for a hypnotic modification.

113. You don't even own your own body ...

Ownership is one of the greatest of human delusions.

You may think that you own something but the reality is that you don’t even own your own body.

It can be taken away from you at any time, and there is nobody you could sue for such a horrible violation of your property rights.

I’ve known at least several people who thought they owned something and after they have been evicted from their bodies somebody else got it.

The funny thing is that those who got the lost property of those who thought they owned it - now think that THEY really own it.

112. Hypnotic thoughts about the subconscious recovery of memories

Even though I haven’t saved the contents of my original, almost finished and then lost page 7 of my Random Thoughts - my subconscious mind has saved them and started bringing them back into my conscious awareness.

The fact is that your subconscious mind has a record of everything that has ever happened in your life.

And because a complete record of all past events does exist in your subconscious mind - hypnosis can be used to recover all of your lost memories.

Another thing is that the lost contents of my original page 7 of my Random Thoughts, have started popping into my conscious awareness spontaneously.

I don’t have to struggle to bring them back.

My subconscious mind works for me in a beautiful, effortless fashion.

That’s how people do change through the subconscious work done for them in hypnosis.

Some of the following entries on this page are those which have been lost and recovered.

111. Hypnotic thoughts about frustration ...

I'm starting page 7 of my Random Thoughts again.

And I'm doing it not because I decided to change something.

I'm doing it because through some GLITCH IN THE MATRIX my former - almost finished - page 7 disappeared from my website.

I don't know and will never know how it happened.

There is no way I could retrace the process.

All I know is FRUSTRATION resulting from losing something which took time and effort to develop and was almost finished.

I haven't saved the contents.

I save them only when a page is finished - when it has its 10 entries completed.

So here I am typing these words engulfed by a cloud of frustration.

I'm also thinking... What would the world be like without failure and frustration?

What would the world be like if all we do was always successful?

Obviously, had Hitler succeeded in his efforts, I would not be writing here about my frustration.

His failure was necessary for me to write now and for you to read what I've written.

In this light, my former page 7 failure and my frustration must be also necessary for something else to either happen or not to happen.

This thought brings some comfort to my mind.

Its energy neutralizes the energy of the frustration, which is just another thought in my mind.

One idea neutralizes another idea.

This is precisely what therapeutic hypnosis is all about!

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