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110. Hypnotic thoughts about thinking

You can interact with others in an obvious, sensory way - accepting or rejecting them in a way which can be heard or seen, or even physically felt.

For example, you can speak to them, show certain forms of behavior, or physically either embrace them or push them away.

And depending on how you relate to them, you will be either attracting them to yourself or pushing them away.

You can also interact with others in a way which is not obvious - in a way which is purely psychic.

You can project you thoughts and emotions into the non-physical, psychic space and achieve results similar to those which can be achieved via sensory interactions.

You can also interact with non-human realities of your life in a purely psychic way, and you will be either attracting them or pushing them away.

You can psychically either attract or push away money, your clientele, flow of business orders, corporate promotions - just to name a few examples.

This non-sensory, psychic interaction with the realities of your existence is VERY REAL and produces VERY POWERFUL RESULTS.

I say this because especially now - what I’ve been projecting psychically into the world creates amazingly powerful results.

These results do show me how careful I must be in terms of what I project mentally into the psychic, invisible universe in which we all live.


They can create, just as they can destroy various aspects of your physical reality, when the results they create in the psychic space come back - as the physical manifestations of your thought-forms - into the physical realm of your existence.

An ancient biblical verse says: “Be careful how you think because your thoughts are shaping your life”.

I’m writing about this because I can see how real this is in my own life!

I’m writing about this because I want to warn you against the terrible, destructive power of negative thinking.

I also want to encourage you to do whatever you possibly can to learn how to create powerful positive streams of thoughts bringing into your life whatever it is that you desire.

Such thought-based manifestations of your desires can be achieved best via various forms of self hypnosis.

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109. Hypnotic thoughts about being enslaved by the mind ...

If you think that you are your mind, if you identify yourself with your mind, you are a slave of your mind.

If you think that you are your mind, you have no choice to disregard its antics - you are forced to follow them and obey their directives.

Air follows the wind because it IS the wind.

It can NOT choose to NOT follow the wind because the wind and the air are one and the same thing.

You, on the other hand, have the choice of not being blown by the winds of your mind, but only after you quit on identifying yourself with your mind.

It takes practice to learn how to NOT be blown right and left, up and down, by the winds of your mind.

I don’t know of any more beneficial daily practice than the practice of NOT following the weather of my mind.

I do practice freedom FROM my mind on a daily basis.

108. Hypnotic thoughts about the misbehaving mind

Expect your mind to run against you from time to time.

It’s only your mind - and not any other force or factor - that can either make you or break you.

Expect your mind to run against you because you are not your mind.

What are you?

Only by entering the path of self-discovery you can answer this question.

Most people, if you ask them what they are, will not be able to tell you!

Most people confuse what they really are with their self-made stories about their identity.

It is precisely these stories - whenever they are painful or negative - that bring clients to my office.

I have work to do because people hypnotize themselves with their own stories about themselves!

So many of them right after awakening start telling themselves a short story entitled: I’m not good enough.

I’m not good enough - is the most popular story...

107. What makes the game successful ...

Most aspiring stock market traders search for the best trading system.

But the reality is such that, even if the best trader gave his trading system to a novice, a novice would still lose his money.

This would happen because a trading system is only a part of the game.

What makes the game successful is a good system and a skillful and experienced system-operator.

There are people out there who are deluded into thinking that hypnosis - by and of itself - is going to help them, and they look for the cheapest way to have some hypnosis done for them.

Hypnosis - by and of itself - is going to do precious NOTHING!

It is the hypnotic operator - skilled and experienced in using the tool of hypnosis - that makes hypnosis work.

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106. It’s such a relief ...

When you fast from food it cleanses your body.

When you fast from thinking it cleanses your mind.

It is possible to disengage from thought formation.

If you pay attention to what happens in your consciousness, you can notice how a thought WANTS to form and you can collapse its formation.

Thoughts can be extremely poisonous, tiring, boring, nagging...

It’s such a relief to get rid of all thinking from time to time.

105. Hypnotic thoughts about the conscious / subconscious conflict

Our conscious / subconscious duality - and frequently a conflict - is the most basic reality of our lives.

That is why my most favorite image, the image which I frequently use throughout the pages of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is this:

subconscious opposing the conscious

104. Hypnotic thoughts about hypnosis

This is how hypnosis works:

You had a dream and upon awakening you still had a glimpse of it but after you went to the bathroom it all disappeared from your conscious memory.

You can’t remember it anymore but a very clear memory of it lives in your subconscious mind and exerts powerful effect on the way you think and behave.

103. Betraying you unconsciously ...

Your husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend may be the most faithful one to you consciously, during his / her waking hours but keep on betraying you unconsciously in his / her dreams every night.

And what are you going to do about it?

102. Beyond hypnosis ...

Hypnotic trance serves as a door to many realities.

All of them are hypnotic with one exception.

The exception is the REALITY of GOD.

I know of at least one very successful hypnotist who devoted his practice solely to helping his clients connect with their DIVINE REALITY.

He quit his standard way of doing hypnosis, which was about leading people to some peaceful imaginary place and offering them various hypnotic suggestions.

He quit on it because he noticed that some of his clients were reporting inner experiences which were incompatible with the typical hypnotic realities.

These experiences were of a profound spiritual nature.

By going beyond the standard hypnotic procedure, the hypnotist I’m writing about was able to achieve results far beyond of what he could achieve through his former common hypnotic technique.

101. Hypnotic thoughts about the primacy of awareness

I ate too much yesterday.

Whenever that happens I usually stay away from food for most of the following day.

I don’t force myself to abstain from eating.

It’s the automatic reaction of my psycho-biological system that forces me into a food-averse behavior.

A similar thing happens whenever I overdose on negative thoughts and emotions.

My awareness recognizes that I’ve gone too far and it shuts down my negative thinking.

Whether it’s an overdose of food of mental negativity, something within me prevents me from falling into an out-of-control situation.

Something within me is AWARE that a threshold of allowance has been reached and that it’s time to retreat.

In the end, it all comes down to AWARENESS which translates itself into a corrective form of behavior.

The bottom line is: Unless you are AWARE that you are sitting on a hot plate you will suffer severe consequences - guaranteed!!!

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