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100. Hypnotic thoughts about the waves in the OCEAN of LIFE

We are all expressions / manifestations of ONE UNIVERSAL LIFE-ENERGY-FIELD.

We are all waves in the OCEAN of LIFE.

In the Christian terms we are all parts of THE BODY of CHRIST.

Our contemporary physics does confirm the universal unity of life.

What this means is that there is no such thing as an independent, solo-acting individuality.

What this means is that when you move GOD MOVES.

What this means is that even your ego-driven, most deluded motions are motions of THE OCEAN of LIFE.

Why would GOD express Himself as delusions and imperfections?

I’ve been thinking about this for most of my / not my life.

99. Hypnotic thoughts about success

Have you noticed that success is the ONLY name of our earthly game?

Just as Donald Trump wants to be successful, Mother Theresa had always wanted to be successful too.

Even a person who commits a suicide wants to succeed in the final elimination of pain from his life.

You too want to be successful...

Since there is no escape from wanting to succeed - you may as well start working on fulfilling your desire.

98. Hypnotic thoughts about money

Wherever you go, there your consciousness is.

The quality of your consciousness is the quality of the place in which you are.

You make that place.

The place doesn’t make you.

One person can be infinitely happier walking a crowded city street than another vacationing in the French Riviera.

This brings us to the question: How much money do you really need?

97. I had no choice!

I’m going to use a coarse language here.

I’m going to do this just to make a point and to make it hypnotically stick in your mind.

I’m going to say that I piss on my states of mind.

What I mean by this is that I do not allow my states of mind to direct my life.

I do not allow them to become my reality.

I have learned to go META with regards to my states of mind.

I have learned to rise above them.

I had no choice!

Had I stayed under my states of mind - they would have finished me off long time ago.

Going above your states of mind...

96. What matters is that ...

Jackie Kennedy said: ”If I had known I was going to get cancer at 65, I wouldn’t have done all those sit-ups.”

The question arises: What would she have done, if she had known she was going to get cancer at 65?

Whether it’s 65 or 75 or 85, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that relatively soon all of us are going to die.

Even if you are 20 now, and still have potentially another 60 or seventy years to go, your death is still coming soon.

Whatever your age - the most basic question of your life is: What’s really worth doing with the time that you still have left?

95. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis

You've always been your own hypnotist.

For the better or worse you've always been self hypnotizing yourself into various points of view and mental orientations.

And if you are like most of the people, you've been always at the mercy of your self hypnosis.

If you are like most of the people, your self hypnosis has been running your mental life haphazardly and frequently not to your advantage.

Don't you think it would be a good idea to take charge of your own, unavoidable self hypnosis process?

It happens all the time!

It happens each time you talk to yourself!

It may as well be happening in ways that are beneficial to you, rather than, in ways which stop, block and collapse you in your life.

94. Hypnosis has never been defined

There are hypnotists who speak about scientific hypnosis.

Anyone who speaks about scientific hypnosis is a deluded person.

He deludes himself with his notions of science in the realm of human functioning which defies definition.

The fact is that hypnosis has never been defined!

Many mind scientists have tried to prove that hypnosis is this or that... And all they were able to prove was that hypnosis always shows itself to be whatever you try to prove it to be.

If you try to prove that hypnosis is simply a social compliance - hypnosis will prove itself to be a social compliance.

If you try to prove that hypnosis is a psychic power that one person can use to control another person - hypnosis will prove itself to be that power.

Hypnosis will prove itself to be anything you may want to prove it to be.

My definition of hypnosis is: Hypnosis is whatever it becomes.

Hypnosis is the infinite flexibility of human psychic nature.

It is through the flexibility of hypnosis that people can exit their inflexible, painful mental positions.

What could be more useful in life than having the freedom of manipulating your own states of mind at will?

93. Hypnotic thoughts about hypnotized people

What I see around me are people hypnotized into various patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

What I see enables me to engage with its reality.

It is only your vision and nothing but your vision that can enable you to pursue something in your life.

Without a vision you have no chance for success.

Without a vision you are just aimlessly drifting in the ocean of life.

What allows me to do what I do

Your success mindset is your most precious possession

92. The Cloud of Unknowing

You can relax your problems in vodka - you can drown them in alcohol, or you can drown them in GOD.

Nobody can explain the meaning of drowning one’s problems in GOD, because GOD is UNKNOWABLE by reason and beyond any possible explanations.

On the other hand, everybody can feel the reality of relaxation in the Divine Embrace, providing that he can enter into the reality of ONENESS with GOD.

How can you enter into that REALITY?

The best way of entering IT has been described in the book entitled - The Cloud of Unknowing.

Spiritual hypnosis

Hypnosis and the Divine

91. Your thoughts can kill you !

I do believe that a lot of people create their diseases on the subconscious level of their minds.

I do believe that cancer is frequently a form of a subconsciously driven suicide.

Your thoughts can really kill you.

On the other hand they can also heal you.

About the killing and healing power of thinking

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