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90. Hypnotic thoughts about the traders

There are traders who trade the markets mainly via visual pattern recognition.

They don’t enter the “bad”, unprofitable price patterns.

They know that if they engage with these patterns they are going to lose their money.

They only ride the “good” ones - the ones which they know will bring them profit.

The principles of successful operation in the market are the same as the principles of successful operation in life.

If you keep on engaging with the negative patterns of your mind you will never be very successful.

Most people don’t realize that it’s O.K. to have negative patterns of thought and emotion as long as they are not entertained.

Everybody experiences these patterns, but only a few let them pass without getting themselves entangled in their deadly net.

The percentage of the traders who make money in the markets is very small.

The percentage of the people who make their lives truly successful is small too.

If you see a pile of shit on the road - would you step in it, or would you rather pass by.

The answer is obvious, and yet, most of the people can’t stop themselves from stepping into all sorts of excrementous matter of their mental life.

As if hypnotized, they are conditioned to wallow in the mud of their negative thoughts and emotions.

Does this sound like something with which you are unfortunately very familiar?

89. Where there is no vision ...

Before you can achieve anything you must have a powerful vision of your goal.

If you don’t know where you are going how could you ever get there?

A biblical proverb says: ”Where there is no vision the people perish”.

They don’t necessarily perish in the literal sense of the word “perish”.

They perish in the sense of living dead uninspired lives.

88. Hypnotic thoughts about your most precious possession

The absolute necessity of entering a special - particular-task-oriented - state of consciousness in order to accomplish something is generally neglected and not appreciated.

Because of this neglect and lack of appreciation most people do not go very far in their lives.

They do not develop the discipline of cultivation of the necessary states of mind.

Some areas of human endeavor are obviously sensitive to the quality of the state of mind.

It is rather obvious - for example - that a salesman is not going to be effective as long as he remains in a confidence-lacking state of mind.

On the other hand, it is not obvious that people generally fail if life because their states of mind - for the most part - are characterized by a high degree of misalignment with the TAO / WILL of GOD.

Wouldn’t you agree that
your state of mind is your most precious possession?

87. Be careful how you think ...

If you don’t take care of your state of mind, your mind will keep on betraying you.

If you think that your mind should be working for you just because it’s there, just because you own it - you will be constantly surprised by your mind’s disobedience.

It has been written in the Bible: ”Be careful how you think because your thoughts are shaping your life”.

This most basic understanding of how things either work or not work in our lives has not changed for the past 2000 years, and will never change.

It is a rock-solid piece of guidance.

Unfortunately, most people do not follow this guidance and take their thinking for granted.

What they take for granted is that their thoughts must be working for them just because they create their own thinking.

You may have already noticed that your thinking - in some areas of your life - is not really working for you...

And what are you going to do about it?

86. The first thing ...

You can’t be in a greedy or fearful state of mind and expect that you will be able to successfully trade the stock market.

The emotions of fear and greed will assure your inevitable failure.

The first thing you need before you attempt to achieve something is to enter into a state of mind which is conducive towards that particular form of achievement.

How do you enter into a state of mind which you need to achieve what you want to achieve?

You do it through self hypnosis.

85. Hypnotic thoughts about the negative hypnosis

For a couple of years there was an error in one of the headlines on the home page of my Toronto Hypnosis website.

Feel free to call me
and discuss you needs
416 880 9121

In case you can’t see it... The error was in the usage of the word you.

I couldn’t see it!

That’s what negative hypnosis is all about.

Something is right in front of your eyes and you can’t see it, or something is not there and you can see it in spite of its absence.

To a greater or lesser degree everyone is under the influence of some form of negative hypnosis.

We can’t really get rid of it in its entirety.

We can only strive to diminish its power.

I am sure, there are many more spelling, and other mistakes on the pages of my website.

I also know that I will never be able to make it perfect.

The power of negative hypnosis will never allow me to achieve the state of perfection in any area of my life.

I have to accept this state of affairs just as you have to accept it too.

What we don’t have to accept is our stuckness at a certain level of our negative hypnosis - meaning that - we can always work towards diminishing its power in our lives.

84. Hypnotic thoughts about the postmortem success

Postmortem success is one of God’s greatest, and at the same time most terrible jokes.

Vincent Van Gogh said: ”I cannot help if my paintings do not sell. But the time will come when people realize that they are worth more than the cost of the paint.”

Has God been joking with you lately?

83. Of course ...

...Of course there is a huge difference between what you want and what the REALITY / GOD will allow you to either have or do.

This difference serves as an insurance of your safety and the safety of the whole world.

82. Chemical imbalance?

For a long time now psychiatrists have been hypnotizing the general public into a trance of believing into what goes by the name of Chemical Imbalance.

More people every day are becoming aware of the dark side of the psychiatric profession and the psychiatric mythology of chemical imbalances in human brains.

Before you click on the following link I want to warn you that the video presentation about the psychiatric profession, and the myths promoted by the money-conscious psychiatrists is highly hypnotic.

It may even hypnotize you into dropping your psychiatrist like the proverbial hot potato.

Remember - you are clicking on this link at your own risk.

Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain - Here's Proof

81. Hypnotic thoughts about the freedom of expression

Sometimes, when I want to write about something I just have an idea but a concrete formulation of the text of an article is missing in my mind.

This used to block my writing until I’ve learned how to start composing articles by simply writing in a very sketchy fashion whatever comes to my mind without worrying about the nicely flowing format.

Some of my best articles were composed in this way - the way of freedom of expression.

What I want to say here is that whenever you are blocked in any area of your endeavor, you can simply start doing something - whatever - that is in some way connected with what you want to accomplish and your mere engagement will propel you towards the final completion of your project.

A lot of people never attempt anything because they think that they must have it perfect from the very beginning.

You don’t have to have anything perfect at the initial stages.

Just start the process and allow your creativity to flow.

Don’t worry about the final outcome - you can’t know ahead of time what that outcome will be.

It will be whatever your inspiration will make it to be.

The very essence of a creative process is that you don’t know ahead of time what the final outcome will be.

Release yourself from the bondage of perfectionism and you will be able to accomplish more than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

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