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331. Hypnotic thoughts about the "happy" little virgins

This short video will amaze you, it will blow your mind away.

It is intensely hypnotic in the sense that what you will see will remain very vivid in your mind for a very long time.

If you want to know the exact prescribed age, suitable for the consummation of marriage, watch this little clip to its end. It's only 2 minutes and some seconds.

This entry concludes the series of my Random Thoughts inspired by the extremes of Islam. I can't dabble in this subject any longer. I'm too weak for this. It's just too much to handle. I hope you understand ...

330. Hypnotic thoughts about the Pope

The speech bubble says: "This is my body"

The top says: "The Pope went too far"

During his interview with the America Magazine (Sept. 2013) Pope Francis spoke about the church's obsession with preaching about gay marriage, contraception and abortion.

Charlie Hebdo responded with the above presented image of the Pope holding a condom in his raised hands.


The above text is just an entertaining introduction to what Pope Francis said about the activities of Charlie Hebdo which led to the slaughter of its key people.

The Pope said that: "If you insult my mother, expect the punch coming".

Now, the meaning of these words will be interpreted very differently by different people depending on how they are HYPNOTIZED into perceiving the surrounding them reality.

To some people these words may even mean that Charlie Hebdo deserved what happened, even though this was not the meaning that the Pope would ever want to convey.


You can be absolutely sure of one thing: That when you communicate with others, you are going to be MISUNDERSTOOD, MISJUDGED and frequently CONDEMNED, and all of it will come to you as a great surprise.

You may lose your best friends due to this very common pattern of human miscommunication. I'm speaking here from my own experience.

This is how hypnosis works in our lives. The people with whom you communicate cannot see what you say the way you see it. Everybody sees everything according to his own private HYPNOSIS.

329. Hypnotic thoughts about the hypnotized hypnotist

I don't seem to be able to get this out of my head!

Humans killing humans over some drawings?

Like a man hypnotized into a broken-record pattern of thinking I keep on replaying the same thoughts over and over again.

I don't seem to be able to get over this!

I don't seem to be able to get over the fact that as humans we are criminally insane.

I say we, because, as much as we are all CHARLIE, we are also the other side. Both sides emerge from the same body, which we call by the name of the human race.

Human race - we say proudly ...

But upon taking a closer look you may not be able to stop crying! See the last cover of CHARLIE HEBDO survivors issue (the Jan. 14. 2015 edition) and you will know what I mean.

328. Hypnotic thoughts about the modern hypnosis at its best

Watch this video and become stunned / amazed / speechless as you hear the story which could be given the title: How the magic of hypnosis created the magical Jews.

327. Hypnotic thoughts about Charlie's finger

So they thought they killed Charlie.

But as the above image shows they didn't - they actually made Charlie more powerful, more resilient, more influential and more sought after.

They only made people more aware of what kind of FRUIT has the Islamic tree produced.

Charlie is coming out next week with the circulation of 5,000,000!

The donations have been pouring in (Google alone gave 250,000 Euro).


Images are so much more powerful than words. They are not only powerful but they also work on our minds INSTANTANEOUSLY.


Our conscious and subconscious minds grasp them without any mental work of which we are consciously aware.

Could such power be ever conquered by the guns? 

326. Hypnotic thoughts about the power of images

Because of the images like this one, a mass murder has been recently committed in Paris.

I don't really have anything smart to say about this. The media are presently (Jan. 8. 2015) full of all kinds of comments.

I would just like to invite you to try to think about what happened in terms of hypnosis?

Can you see the connection?

325. Hypnotic thoughts about the blind leading the blind

When I came across this story I couldn't believe it!

13 wanna be doctors, on the verge of their graduation decided to form an alliance on the Facebook, and congregated on the page which they called Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen.

From this page, the 13 Gentlemen - all of them, the fourth-year Halifax University dentistry students - proceeded to advertise themselves as the haters of their fellow female classmates.

They created a poll about engaging in "hate" sex with drugged female students.

As of now - Jan. 06. 2015 - it is not known whether or not, these Gentlemen will be allowed to graduate.



What really happened that HYPNOTIZED this group of students into a form of behaviour which may result in their professional slaughter?

If you are a woman, make sure that you investigate your freshly graduated dentist, before you let him work on your teeth, or else, he may drug you and ...

324. Hypnotic thoughts about the Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip happens when you CONSCIOUSLY want to say something by your SUBCONSCIOUS mind wants to say something else, and says it against your conscious will.

Freudian slip is an example of how we get derailed by our own subconscious minds.

What the following video shows is very funny. What our subconscious minds frequently do to us, during the course of our lives is NOT!

Your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious mind. Whatever you want to accomplish, you must have your subconscious mind on your side, or else, you will never arrive at your destination.

323. Self hypnosis is a great power

This short video presents the unavoidable reality of self hypnosis always operating in our lives. It shows that for the better or worse, we are always self hypnotized into our patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour.

As we go through our lives, for the most part, we are not aware of the power of our self hypnosis, which can either make us or break us.

Whether we like it or not, self hypnosis is always with us, and it totally governs what we can and cannot accomplish.

This short video is meant to remind all of us, how much we are all determined by the great power of self hypnosis.

322. Hypnotic thoughts about the first anxiety attack

A young self-employed woman has called me yesterday saying: "I've just had my first anxiety attack ... I'm little better now, but still far from being my usual confident self".

"What happened" - I asked.

She answered: "I've been working very hard for the past two weeks to create a marketing pitch, in order to get a major client. My presentation has failed! I haven't gotten the account, and become terrified that this sort of failure may become my routine reality".

This woman - up to this point in her life - was very successful in everything she's done.

Her story shows, how the initially very successful people come to the point of their psychological collapse. I've seen it happen so many times!

I've seen how the very talented, and initially very successful people turn into the paralyzed zombies because something negative happened in their lives. 

What is quite fascinating is that their success-record totally fails to hypnotize them into a state of unwavering confidence, and on the other hand, one negative happening is capable of totally hypnotizing them into a state of psychological disability.

It is fascinating how DIFFERENTLY human minds register the successes and the failures. We have a great tendency to terribly underscore our successes and magnify our failures.

In other words - we are terribly prone to our own negative self-hypnosis.

321. The reason for ...

The reason for my presentation of the above videos is two-fold.

First - I totally support the right-to-die movement, and hope that in the near future every country on earth will embrace it.

Second - After reading the news about Brittany's death on Nov. 1st. 2014, I experienced a temporary collapse of my - for the most part happy - daily reality.

The videos and the news, combined, had a profound hypnotic influence on my mind, in the sense that they created in me a profoundly altered state of consciousness.

It was definitely NOT a positive state. Being locked in it would not be compatible with a life I could enjoy living.

This short story of my temporary derangement caused by a blast of the terribly sad news shows the hypnotic nature of the mental realities of our existence, and the absolute necessity of finding a way out from the realities that disable our functionability.

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