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320. Hypnotic thoughts about being bored to death

If you do a Google search for the key-word "bored to death" you are going to get a lot of a very surprising information.

It turns out that you can actually die from boredom!

Below, I present a fascinating excerpt from a great book entitled The New Market Wizards.

When Jack D. Schwager - the author of The New Market Wizards - interviewed Randy McKay, the legendary market trader told him that during his service in Vietnam he actually experienced being bored to death.

To the question: "What was your emotional response to going from civilization to a situation where your life was being threatened almost daily?"

McKay responds: "There are two responses one has. The first is fear ... After a few months, the primary feeling changed from fear to boredom ... There were even times when an attack was almost welcomed because it helped break up the boredom".


So this is how we are wired.

We need excitement, we need to feel alive, and are willing to go to the extraordinary lengths to experience that feeling.

Most of the people extract the feeling of being fully alive from the very common and very save engagements with life.

But there are also those who need more than that, and I'm definitely one of them, even though I also do the very common, and very save things, which do bring the feelings of being fully alive.

319. Hypnotic thoughts about being fully alive - #318 cont.

The movie entitled Rush is a chronicle of the intense car-racing-competition which existed between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

At the time of their car-racing-competition, Lauda and Hunt were facing 20% probability of death, during each of their Formula One races. This means that the chances they would die from car racing were twice as high as the chances of death for a climber of Mount Everest.

James Hunt used to vomit before getting into the seat of his car. He died at the age of 45 from a heart attack. Most likely the combined intensity of the Formula One racing - over the years - has taken its toll on Hunt's psycho-physiological system.

Niki Lauda had a brush with death, and suffered severe burns, when his car crashed and became engulfed in flames, which kept him immersed in the 800-Celsius-environment for about 60 seconds.

Despite the severity of his trauma Lauda was back in the driver's seat only 6 weeks after his terrible accident.

The lives of both Niki Lauda and James Hunt serve as a phenomenal study of what it takes to be fully alive. 

The crash video

Niki Lauda speaks about the movie Rush

318. Hypnotic thoughts about being fully alive - #311 cont.

Today is April 22 / 2014.

I'm back in Toronto after spending 10 days in Spain - mostly in an utterly hypnotic Barcelona.

I'm still thinking a lot about the subject of being fully alive, and will continue this page in the same vain in which it was started.

During the flight from Barcelona to Toronto I watched a couple of biographical movies, which very synchronistically fit into the subject of being fully alive.

The first movie - Jobs - was terrible, and yet very valuable in terms of showing how people become fully alive.

The second one - Rush - was great.

The movie entitled Jobs shows the human search for SOMETHING meaningful to do in life, finding that SOMETHING, and the HIGH that the pursuit of it generated in Steve Jobs. Once he got hypnotized by the vision of the personal computer, his whole life changed. He became not only fully alive, but also hypnotically - laser-like - focused on the object of his desire.

That his hypnotic focus on the development of the personal computer killed all other aspects of his life, is another story, and not an object of my investigation of how people become fully alive.

The story of Jobs shows clearly that being fully alive is always a result of an intense PASSION / HYPNOTIC FOCUS on the object of one's desire / TOTAL DEVOTION to one of the many realities which LIFE offers.

Jobs was one of those who could never settle for anything less than being FULLY ALIVE. He finally achieved that state of being and paid for it a very high price.

For many years he lived in a state of alienation from his wife and his daughter, and eventually died from cancer at the still young age of 56 years. 

There is no way to know, whether or not, Jobs developed cancer as a result of his terribly unbalanced life, which he lived for a long time.

It appears that many of those who pursue the laser-focused, MISSION-LIKE engagements with LIFE end up destroyed by them.

The story of Jesus is one of the best examples of this LIVING-FULLY-ALIVE-TO-YOUR-DEATH pattern.


What I have found in the movie entitled RUSH will be described in the next Random Thought of mine.

317. Hypnotic thoughts about the most difficult climb in history

Alex Honnold climbing the seemingly impossible to climb wall of El Sendero Luminoso - January 15, 2014.

When you watch this, it doesn't seen like an attainable reality, and yet, it is!

It unhypnotizes you from your boundaries of possibility, and redefines your notions of impossibility.

It can be used as a form of self hypnosis.

316. Hypnotic thoughts about petting a grizzly bear

I watched this amazing movie a few years ago and forgot about it.

My subconscious mind, however, has not forgotten.

As I've been writing this page - devoted to the subject of being FULLY ALIVE - the memory of this absolutely incredible, true story surfaced up from my subconscious.

Why is the story of the Grizzly Man so incredible?

It is incredible because he dared to pet grizzly bears in the wild!

Not just once - but for 13 consecutive years, during his yearly, couple-of-months-long stay in Alaska.

The story of the Grizzly Man is absolutely incredible because he lived trough adventures which were not supposed to happen.

His adventures were inconceivable!

And because they were inconceivable, they had kept him FULLY ALIVE.

As he said: "There was no place on earth more dangerous and more exciting than the Grizzly Maze".

Grizzly Maze was a name the Grizzly Man gave to the area in which he used to camp.

He would stay there for months at a time, without a weapon to defend himself from the bears.

His only "weapon" was his FEARLESS STATE of MIND.

His story is a testament of not only living to the fullest, but also of what can be accomplished through the power of a special, custom-designed state of mind.

In the end, the Grizzly Man was killed and eaten by the grizzly bear.

He died doing what he lived for.

The bears gave him life, and they took his life.

That's what often happens in the lives of the people who dare to be FULLY ALIVE.

At some point - during the movie -  the Grizzly Man gives thanks to God for his life, he says: "I had no life - now I have life!".

The reality of dying while doing what one lives for can never be comprehended by those who live the zombie-like-lives of the living dead.

The lives of the living dead are the lives of quiet desperation.

They are filled by a desperate longing for the FULLNESS of LIFE, which is deeply desired, but never really experienced.


This movie is 1-hour-and-44-minutes-long.

In the beginning the Grizzly Man gives a complete description of the state of mind which enabled him to live through his inconceivable adventures.

Anyone who's in need of a specialized state of consciousness - a state which can enable him to accomplish what he wants to accomplish - must watch, at least, the beginning of the Grizzly Man movie.

During the first few minutes of this movie, the Grizzly Man teaches us about something that anyone who is interested in achieving anything of consequence in his life must master. 

Watch the beginning, and see whether, or not, the hypnotic power of this rare presentation will force you to watch it in its entirety. 

315. Off the wall?

Some people think that this young woman, who fell off the wall in Yosemite - in 2010 - must have been really off the wall.

She was 31, when the gravity killed her, as it had pulled her off the rock's face, and made her plunge 400 feet down.

Yes, she was free-soloing - meaning climbing without a rope.

But to call this kind of behaviour crazy does not seem to be doing justice to her, and all other free-soloing climbers.

This woman wrote the following words: "There is no existence that I love more than the moments spent on steep granite faces, and the big walls in Yosemite are my favorite".

She obviously lived her dream life, and perhaps died in a way which was the way of her preference.

What can the TV-addicted, couch potatoes know about the lady I'm writing here about?

The only thing that they can know about her - for sure - is that she had NO FEAR.

314. Hypnotic thoughts about a moment of doubt

This thought of mine is dedicated to someone who's working hard on overcoming her doubt.

Through the chain of adverse circumstances she was hypnotized into a paralyzing state of doubtand her doubt-engendering self hypnosis was powerful enough to suspend the pursuit of her passion.

The rest of this Random Thought of mine will be written as if I was talking directly to her:

"Go to the entry #311 - you will find it at the bottom of this page.

Play the short - 4-minutes-long - video about the passion of Alex Honnold, and focus on his paralyzing moment of doubt.

You will see that you are not the only one!

You will see something that is UNIVERSAL.

The reality is that, as people pursue even the greatest of their passions, their pursuits are never free from the paralyzing moments of doubt.

Sometimes these moments are powerful enough to temporarily derail them from their tracks.

They come from God - the giver of all passions - in order to test the strength of those to whom the passions were given.

I would also like you to focus on what Alex says about finally learning to embrace the unpleasant moments scattered along the path of his passion.

These moments arise along the paths of all passions, and are experienced by all of the people, who live their lives to the fullest.

No pursuit of a passion is all roses!

There are no roses without the thorns.

That's just the way it is, and whoever wants to live to the fullest must also be able to embrace the times of the inevitable mental and physical adversity.

May this short video about Alex Honnold inspire you to move on, to the top of your own private mountain.

And to complete your understanding of what I'm talking here about, follow-up with watching a longer video, about the people who live their lives to the fullest (entry 312, on this page)."

313. Hypnotic thoughts about 100% insecurity

This Random Thought of mine is a continuation of the Random Thought #311, describing the passion of Alex Honnold - located at the bottom of this page.

When I think about Alex Honnold, and what he does, my mind goes to the event which happened precisely 37 years ago (I'm writing this on March 22, 2014).

On March 22, 1978, at the age of 73, Karl Wallenda attempted a walk between the two towers of the 10-story Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan - Puerto Rico - on a wire stretched 37 metres above the pavement. He fell to his death when the wire started to sway.

What Alex Honnold does is 100% insecure.

It takes - for Alex - only one wrong move, only one piece of a rock, which supports him, to crack, and he will share the fate of Karl Wallenda.

It actually puzzles me greatly that Alex has been able to FREE-SOLO the mountains - meaning, climbing without the security of the rope - for such a long time.

Statistically speaking, free-soloing - which depends on being RIGHT 100% of the time - must sooner of later result in a climber's death.

It is simply impossible to be RIGHT all the time.

How is it that some people are able to maintain this practice for years?

I don't really know.

All I know is that you could not pay me to do this.


There is something deeply UNCANNY about this Random Thought of mine.

As I'm writing it, I'm noticing quite incredible synchronicities.

The first synchronicity is that I'm writing this Random Thought on the 37th anniversary of the death of Karl Wallenda.

The second synchronicity is that today is the 37th anniversary of Wallenda's death, and his wire was stretched 37 meters above the ground.

The third synchronicity - more complicated to explain - is that something that should be RIGHT 100% of the time is obviously wrong. This is the synchronicity regarding the absolute necessity for the free-soloing climbers to be 100% RIGHT.

What should be RIGHT is that the number of this Random Thought should show up as 27, on the blog, and it shows as 23, in spite of the correct number (27) input into this page's information window, during the process of its creation (see the image below).

I've tried to correct this situation without success.

The question is: What is the meaning of these synchronicities?

Is the FREE-SOLOIST going to fall?

Is what must be 100% RIGHT going to be WRONG?


312. Toronto Hypnosis - Hypnotic lifestyles

If you've enjoyed watching the video presented in my Random Thought #311, you may want to watch this one too.

311. Hypnotic thoughts about being fully alive

The theme of FEELING FULLY ALIVE is on my mind again!

It has been coming back to me - over, and over again, during the past weeks - and it seems that in this way my subconscious mind is pushing me towards making some changes in my life.

I've already touched on this subject in my Random Thoughts #26 (entry #301) and on the page entitled Pink Panther Hypnosis.

This time I'm presenting to you a short video about someone who lives his life to the fullest. 

I've been mesmerized by what he does and how he lives.

Would I like to do this too?

I don't think so!

His story is not something I would like to emulate.

And even if I would like to follow in his steps - for someone like me, it's much too late.

What I'm attracted to is the level of FEELING ALIVE, which comes from the engagement in this sort of activity.

But on the other hand, I realize that FEELING ALIVE at the highest level possible, comes only in moments of facing the actual reality of death every-step-of-the-way.

Am I willing to walk this kind of path?

Absolutely not!

And because of this, what's left for me is to remain hypnotized by those who dare ....

See my Random Thought #317 above, for the continuation of this theme

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