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Hypnotic random thoughts about vicarious living, self hypnosis, stopping the mind, subconscious, movie making, enlightenment ...


310. Hypnotic thoughts about your self hypnosis

You've been reading all the RIGHT books, and listening to all the RIGHT talks given by all the RIGHT people ...

You've devoted years to following the so-called ENLIGHTENED ones.

And nothing has really changed. You are still anxious, depressed and feeling "not good enough".

Isn't is amazing how strong your self hypnosis is?

Isn't it amazing how incredibly POWERFUL you are in resisting the change that you crave?

If you could only FLIP that POWER of yours to your advantage!

Isn't it what you want more than anything else?

309. Hypnotic thoughts about the states of mind

States of mind change change like the weather.

Seemingly, out of nowhere a creepy mood takes possession of your mind.

Seemingly, out of nowhere, you just can't get yourself up from your bed in the morning, even though nothing really happened the day before, that could justify your morning malaise.

These things happen because in addition to your conscious life you also have YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS LIFE.

Your subconscious life is infinitely richer than your conscious life, and whatever happens there, sets the tone for what you experience as your conscious thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In other words - your conscious life is not your primary life.

Your primary life is your subconscious life, and the quality of that life totally determines the life which you consciously experience.

Therapeutic hypnosis deals with the negatively charged pockets of the subconscious life in order to bring into the conscious life various forms of the positive life-experience.

308. What is the force ...

Some of the individual lives are terribly unbalanced in terms of the amount of suffering the people go through, and their lack of feeling good.

Since balancing of the forces is the most obvious reality of the Universe, the question arises: What is the force that balances the terrible excess of suffering in some of the human lives, and when does the balancing act take its place?


Assuming that the balancing of suffering does somehow happen - either by the experiences of the subsequent lives, or the entry to some permanent paradise - living a life in the state of continuous physical or mental torment SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

It should NOT be happening and yet it happens all the time!


I frequently enter a state of the IMPOTENT MUTINY against the seemingly UNJUST brutality of life.

And of course, I'm not the only one.

The impotent mutiny against the cruelty of life has been felt and expressed by the suffering humans for thousands of years.

The best study of the human attempts to understand the INJUSTICE of life can be found in the ancient, Biblical book of Job.

I've written more about this on the page #18 of my Random Thoughts.

307. Make me ...

A middle-aged lady came to me and said: "Make me feel the way I want to feel".

I told her that her attitude towards life was HOPELESS, because the feelings and thoughts arise spontaneously, out of nowhere, and nobody  - not even the most highly developed human being - is free from disagreeable thoughts and emotions.

I told her that - in fact - the most highly developed people do experience particularly strong attacks of the dark mind-attacking-forces.

The most prominent examples of this fact are the devilish temptations of Jesus in the desert, and the attacks of the forces of Mara on the Buddha sitting under a tree.

As the stories of Jesus and the Buddha teach us, the solution to being attacked by the negative / disagreeable / evil, mind-attacking-forces is not in reaching the state of freedom from encountering them.

The solution can be found ONLY in learning how to transcend them - how to move towards our goals in spite of them.

306. Hypnotic thoughts about the movie making

Fake cemetery scene

Fake - made-of-plastic - cemetery monuments

The above shots were taken in High Park - Toronto.

The first one shows an actor standing in front of a fake grave, and faking a moment of a deep reflection.

The second one shows fake - made-of-plastic - cemetery monuments, standing next to the plastic garbage container.


In my Random Thoughts: #301 & #303, I wrote about the popular phenomenon of living vicariously through the movies.

This Random Thought of mine is a reflection on the lives of the actors who play in the movies we watch.


As I was observing the small movie set shown above, I was struck by the FAKENESS of its reality, and started thinking about the effect which this fakeness - experienced by the actors on a daily basis - creates in their lives.

It occurred to me that the huge amounts of money, which some actors earn from faking the lives of others, can have a detrimental effect on their self-esteem, and their sense of reality.

They earn their money NOT by actually living real lives, but only by pretending the lives, of either real, or imaginary characters.

Pretending the actions of life, rather than actually living, and making a living from it, is bound to create a sense of worthlessness and undeserved recognition.

They become rich and celebrated, but their riches and celebrity status comes from FAKING IT rather than MAKING IT, and this state of affairs is psychologically very difficult to take.

Perhaps, this is why - as the saying goes - everyone in Hollywood IS ON SOMETHING. 

Perhaps, they have to be ON SOMETHING (alcohol, drugs ...) in order to anesthetize the unbearable feelings of self-worthlessness, which come from undeserved riches and recognition.

305. Hypnotic thoughts about stopping the mind

The above images show the terrible consequences of FAILING to STOP at the red light. This traumatized biker - as if completely blind - ran through the red light, and hit a van passing through the intersection. The van stopped on the other side of the street, and it can't be seen here. The biker was very lucky not to be driven over. He hit the van in "T"-like fashion and bounced off it.

Was he hypnotized by his own mind which FAILED to STOP its unrelated-to-the-road-situation thinking?


The fact is that your misaligned-with-reality thinking is the major cause of the "accidents" of your life. In other words, it is your FAILING to STOP mind that is the cause of most of your anguish in life. 


If FAILING to STOP the idiotic ways of thinking is a sign of insanity then most of the people are obviously insane!

Nothing has caused me more problems in life than FAILING to STOP my idiotic ways of thinking.

When I first realized that I suffered from being a victim of the idiotic ways of thinking I was terrified, and started looking for the solution.

And my looking for the solution has lead me into the field of hypnosis.

I realized that my idiotic ways of thinking were a form of hypnosis from which I had to be UNHYPNOTIZED.

I can hear you asking: "And have you succeeded with your project of SELF-UNHYPNOTIZATION?"

Well, the idiotic thinking still arises - from time to time - in my mind, but it doesn't take me over anymore. I've learned the ART of STOPPING MY MIND.


It is only your mind that can imprison you in the prison of its thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is no other FREEDOM except the freedom to STOP the MIND! There is no other FREEDOM, because all things begin in the mind.

My hypnotic suggestion for you is the following Biblical verse:

"Be careful how you think because your life is shaped by you thoughts"

304. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis

A friend of mine has recently described to me a way in which she deals with her various life problems.

She said: "Whenever I have a problem I create a story which shows my problem in a positive light. I just tell myself a story which is focused on how I can actually benefit from the situation which seems to be problematic. And you know what? My story-telling-experience has taught me that, I can see the positive aspects of almost any apparent negativity."

This friend of mine has asked me some time ago to teach her how to do self hypnosis.

Obviously she hasn't realized yet, that she's become a master of self hypnosis and doesn't really need any self hypnosis teachings.

My hypnotic suggestion for you is this:

You too are a master of self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is NOT OPTIONAL - YOU DO IT ALL THE TIME!


The research shows that people think 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts per day, and that 98% of them are the same as they were the day before.

The same research also shows that 70% - 80% of all our thoughts are negative.

What this means is that we specialize in a terrible MISMANAGEMENT of our non-optional daily dose of self hypnosis.

303. Hypnotic thoughts about the vicarious living cont.

During the 7 days of the last week I've watched 3 movies at the movie theaters (I don't watch movies on TV).

This tells me that my life must be lacking the thrill, which I need to experience, and for various reasons am not able to access at this time.

An interesting thing is that after watching the third movie, I came to the point of becoming saturated with the vicarious-movie-experience.

At this point the movies failed to deliver what my psyche has been apparently craving for.

This state of affairs forces me to go back to the actual reality of my life and develop some sort of action which would deliver the feeling of being vibrantly alive.

You may ask: Isn't your work doing it anymore?

The answer is: "Yes it does it, and yet, after more than two decades of working, I seem to be at a point, at which I need to go further along my path of serving the people who struggle with their mind-stuff."

A couple of weeks ago I delivered a lecture on hypnosis at the U of T (University of Toronto).  

I've spoken to the class of the post-graduate students (Ph.D. candidates), about the utilization of hypnosis for the purpose of building confidence in youth.

My lecture, during which I've performed a few presentations gave me a feeling of a stage performance and created in me a "high", which had lasted for several days.

The way I've responded to my own stage-performance makes me think about doing more of the same thing.

Perhaps the time has come to get out of my office and enter the wider world.

Another interesting thing is that my movie-marathon took place after my lecture-generated-high had already subsided.

It seems obvious that I've watched these movies in an attempt to recreate the lost feeling of excitement.

As I've already mentioned, it didn't really work, and I found myself recycled back to the issue of actually evolving further in therms of my mission in life.

By the way, here are the movies I've spoken about:

All of the movies listed above are very good, and yet, in spite of all their "goodness" they could not deliver what I was REALLY looking for.

My hypnotic suggestion for you is this:

Make your life at least as interesting as the movies which you've enjoyed the most, and all will be well with you.

302. Hypnotic thoughts about the vicarious living cont.

What you see above is a beautiful, snow-covered slope in High Park, Toronto, after the day of the record snow fall on February 5 / 2014.

This wonderful slope is hard to pass by without a thought of taking a joyous ride down.

And just as your mind indulges in the images of taking that ride, your eyes hit the image displayed below.

The hypnotic suggestion, which this sign attempts to imprint on your subconscious mind can be interpreted by your subconscious in many ways:

Life is dangerous - don't get too adventurous - you may hurt yourself!

Stay away from all risk!

What seems like fun may lead you straight into disaster!

Stick to the save path or else you may get hurt!

Better be save than sorry!

It's OK to live a protected life!

Powerful hypnotic suggestions - like the ones listed above - pound our subconscious minds from the days of our early childhood.

No wonder, most of us can experience the life-thrill and excitement ONLY while watching the movies like The Wolf of Wall Street.

No wonder, most of us can only get high on life, through various forms of the vicarious living.

This state of affairs is utterly sad!

It is also terribly painful!

The pain, is the pain of depression resulting from the awareness of what MIGHT HAVE BEEN, if we had only engaged with the opportunities which our lives had offered. 

My hypnotic suggestion for you is this:

Don't be too careful - you may hurt yourself!

301. Hypnotic thoughts about the vicarious living

I've seen this movie relatively long time ago but it's images and the whole story are still very vivid in my mind.

Clearly, I have been hypnotized by the REAL story of the stock-market-con-artist Jordan Belford.

His incredible achievements were all crime-based, and yet, there is something in his story which attracts people to it, in spite of Belford's criminal record.

Some of my friends went to see The Woolf of the Wall Street twice.

What's in it that is so attractive?

I'm sure that the movies like The Woolf of the Wall Street are so attractive, to so many people, because they give them a chance to experience a couple of hours of the vicarious living. 

Most human lives are utterly boring and terribly mundane, and we go to the movies to get the vicarious taste of the lives, which we would never dare to live.

Never mind that these lives are either criminal or immoral. 

They are still deeply attractive, simply because, they show us the FREEDOM, which we all crave.

The story of the Pink Panther gang

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