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300. Hypnotic thoughts about the candle of your life ...

The candle of your life is burning, and whatever its current hight is, its purpose is always the same - TO GIVE LIGHT to the world.

299. Hypnotic thoughts about a great mystery

Ritchie Valens died at the age of 17

His most famous song was La Bamba

His recording career lasted only 8 months 

The way God operates is a great mystery.

"He" would give us incredible gifts, just to snatch them away. 

Mozart died at 35

Byron died at 36

Van Gogh died at 37

How long do you think you are going to live?

298. Hypnotic thoughts about the ego-possession

She's banging at the ice covered pathway with her snow shovel - and there is nothing wrong with that.

BUT!!! She was doing the same thing at night, around 2:00 a.m., with a total disregard for the sleep of her neighbours.

I don't think she's retarded.

I think she's quite "normal".

I think she's just EGO-POSSESSED like the countless numbers of other similar to her, quite "normal" humanoids.


The behaviour of the EGO-POSSESED entity pictured above proves that we must be very careful, very cautious, while dealing with seemingly "normal" people.

We must be very careful because of what the "normal" people are.


Jesus said: "Love your neighbour like yourself".

What he forgot to say is: Don't ever get too close to your neighbour, who's holding a snow shovel in his hand. Be very careful, because your seemingly-normal-neighbour may be a crazy idiot, and you will end up getting whacked on your head.

297. Hypnotic thoughts about success

The American Idol show has served as a great lesson for all those who could tune into its most important message.

The most important message of the American Idol show is this:

Don't waste your time and your energy in the areas in which you are not meant to succeed.

Learn to discern what your game is and what your game is not.

Persist only where your persistence has a chance to eventually reward you with the success.

Untangle yourself from your delusions and move on accordingly to your actual inborn talent and potential.


May the New 2014 inspire you to be what you are meant to be!

296. Hypnotic thoughts about your state of mind

If your state of mind is like this ...

... or, like that - all will be well with you in the New Year 2014

I found "him" - pointing boldly towards the sky, as if "he" was shouting LeChaim! - in High Park - Toronto, on the first day of the 2013.

Went to look for "him" on the first day of the 2014, but he was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps, the snow conditions were not inviting to the New Year snow-artist.

This magnificent monument - more than 7 feet tall - has made a hypnotic, absolutely indelible impression on my mind.

Wouldn't you agree that whoever created "him", had chosen a perfect symbol for the New Year's best wishes of health and prosperity?


My New Year wish for you - for the New 2014 - is that you will have a joyous, positive and inspired state of mind on most of the days of the 2014.


And your positive state-of-mind is your most precious possession! 

295. Toronto Hypnosis - Happy New Year 2014!

December 31 - 2013

The old year is just about to depart ...

Image by Bonnie Gruenberg

And the new year is just about to be born.

For me, the old year is going to be over in less than 10 hours.

The imminent ending of the 2013 stimulates a deep reflection about the inexorable march of time.

It makes me think about the inevitable ending of all the years, which I still have left to live on the earthly plane (assuming that there will be more than one).

When I was young, I wasn't thinking these thoughts on the new year's eve.

But now, the quality of my awareness is different.

The reality of having not that much time left brings a question: What's really worth doing?

You may get in tune with the reality of this question by asking yourself: What would be worth doing for you, if you had only one year of life left?

And what would be worth doing for you, if you had only 2 years left.

And how about 3, 4, or 10 years left?


In 12 years - God willing - I will be 70-years-old!

Solomon Northup - free man, kidnapped into slavery in 1851, who spent 12 years of his life as a slave - inspires me to make these 12 years, the best years of my life.

What can a man do with his 12 years of life, if he doesn't have to spend these years as a slave? That is the question!

How free can I really be - in terms of taking the full advantage of my freedom - during the next 12 years of my life? 

How far can I still go, and what are the limits of what I can still do?

These questions are not just my own questions.

They are your questions too!

They are your questions, because no matter how old you are, your time on earth is running out.

This one thing I know about you, regardless who you are, and where you are: Very soon you will step into another year of your life. You will gain one more year of age, and lose one more year of life.

So, give it a thoguht!

What would you do, if you didn't have to spend the next 12 years of your life in slavery?


If you go to the top of this page, click on the archives and go to the page #24, you will find there two Random Thoughts of mine (286 & 288) devoted to the story of Solomon Northup. 

May they inspire you for the next 12 years of your life!

294. Alleluia! Christ is born today!

December 25 - 2013

So this is Christmas!

Giotto Scrovegni - 1305

Conrad von Soest - 1403

Jaques Darat - 1433

Petrus Christus - 1445

Francesco di Giorgio Martini - 1460

Domenico Ghirlandaio - 1485

Jans Tot Sint Geertgen - 1490

Lorenzo Costa - 1490

Gerard David - 1500

Giorgione - 1500

Gerard David - 1510

Albrecht Altdorfer - 1513

Matthias Grunewald - 1515

Corregio - 1528

Pieter Bruegel - 1564

Federico Barocci - 1597

El Greco - 1603

Caravaggio - 1609

Hendrik ter Brugghen - 1619

Gerard van Honthorst - 1622

Peter Paul Rubens - 1634

George de La Tour - 1644

Paul Gauguin - 1896

Borgognone - 1500

293. Hypnotic thoughts about book-cover-self-hypnosis

The book entitled JFK & Jackie is large (the above image doesn't show that). It is filled with pictures.

I bought it long time ago with the intention to use it as my BOOK-COVER-SELF-HYPNOSIS.

Just looking at the cover of this book had the power to shift my mindset into the realm of reality harmonious with the reality of JFK & Jackie.

What was their reality like to me?

Well, they were both so very important, so very glamorous, so very everything! And now they are gone! Gone with the wind.

This reality of "Gone with the wind" was something that I needed at that time. Basically, what I needed was the realization of the great transitoriness of things and the book cover showing JFK & Jackie was doing the job very effectively, very hypnotically.

After I've watched the movie: 12 Years a Slave, I realized that buying the book by the same title - just for its cover - would create a very useful agent of self hypnosis.

There are many ways in which the real story of Solomon Northup can be used as a potent agent of self hypnosis.

I'm not going to go into details about it here. Just trust me on this one ...


BOOK-COVER-SELF-HYPNOSIS is very simple and very powerful.

It was many years ago when I discovered that keeping on my desk a book, which had made on me a great impression, had the power to instantly reset my mindset each time I looked at its cover.

I've used different books, over the years, to maintain the mindset which I needed while struggling with various challenges of my life.


I'm divulging a little secret of mine here.

Use what I'm describing - in your own life - and your will benefit from it beyond your wildest imagination.

It is my Christmas present to you (I'm writing this on Dec. 18. 2013).

The BOOK-COVER-SELF-HYPNOSIS has always worked for me and it will also work for you - guaranteed!

If you would like to send me a thank-you-note - here is my email address:


If you go to the top of this page, click on Archives, and go to page #24, you will find there much more about the incredible, utterly hypnotic reality of the Solomon Northup's real life story.

If you go to the page #23, you will find there the images showing the last seconds of JFK's life. 

292. Hypnotic thoughts about having faith in faith cont.

A painting by Sir Edmund Walker depicts University of Toronto College as it appeared in 1858 - I love the old paintings showing the places near which I live in the present. I look at a painting like the one shown above and think: "This is what the University of Toronto looked like about 100 years before I was born!". The image stimulates in me very deep reflections on the past, the present and the future. It makes me acutely aware of how fast and how much everything changes. It makes me realize that change is the only constant in life.

I will be lecturing at the University of Toronto in January 2014.

The students of the University of Toronto have waited for 156 years (since the time the above image was painted) to hear my lecture!

Isn't it a great way to think about it? I think it is. It puts the reality of this event into a mystical perspective.

It can make one think that: What was meant to happen since the times immemorial is happening now - that our lives unfold as a part of the unfoldment of the Universal Reality in a predetermined, mystical way.


My presentation will be focused on the applications of the hypnotic techniques for the purpose of the development of confidence in youth.

At this point there is no plan for discussing the reality of FAITH during my presentation.

On one hand, I have no problem with it, but on another hand, I realize that the highest level of confidence is synonymous with FAITH.

And this means that presenting the theme of confidence and omitting the FAITH-CONFIDENCE-connection will make for an incomplete lecture.


The reality of FAITH results from the awareness of oneness between an "individual" and the rest of LIFE.

The reality of FAITH is a reality which makes an "individual" lose his individuality.

Perhaps it is better to not go into this - even while speaking to the mature graduate students. Perhaps they are not ready for it?

On the other hand, I am tempted to at least mention FAITH as the highest level of confidence possible. It may be, that they will be interested in hearing more about it ...

291. Hypnotic thoughts about having faith in faith

One of the most recent pages, which I've written for my website - The Story of Mr. Wright - has made me think again about the power of FAITH.

The incredible reality of FAITH - synonymous with trust in God / Universe / Creative Power / Infinite Intelligence, Something with which we can have a relationship, and which responds to our ways of relating to It - inspires me to work on offering FAITH-building-services, based on the hypnotic methodology.

Considering the incredible power of FAITH, it seems that we may as well drop everything else, and strive for the development of FAITH, in order to manifest whatever we need and desire.

According to the Bible - everything comes through the agency of FAITH, and when I think about it, I see that it may be actually true.

I remember, when we were debating some developments in science with our professor of anatomy and physiology, at the school of the Homeopathic Medicine, and when in defence of his arguments he finally said: "... But I have FAITH in science!".

Right after his exclamation, he reflected upon what he had just said, made a funny face, and we all burst into laughter.

This moment - when my highly devoted to science professor discovered, that in fact, he was a deeply religious man - opened me up to the realization of the ever present reality of FAITH.

The story of Mr. Wright

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