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290. Hypnotic thoughts about curing cancer

A woman who had a tumor removed from her neck in 1689

Can hypnosis cure cancer?

Of course it can!

There is nothing that hypnosis can't do because ALL THINGS BEGIN IN THE MIND.

The story of Mr. Wright

289. Hypnotic thoughts about suggestions

Sunrise in the Georgian Bay

I don't remember what was the state of my mind when I woke up early in the morning and took a picture of the sun rising above the waters of the Georgian Bay.

What I know is that the state of my mind is always different upon awakening. The differences between one morning and another arise from the content of my dreams and the events of the preceding day.

What happens in my consciousness shows that the state of my consciousness always shifts.

It is very natural that these shifts occur.

It would be utterly unbearable to be stuck in one and only one state of mind.

To be stuck in a negative state of mind - most of the time - is what every mental problem is about.

Hypnosis is the art of unlocking the locked positions of human consciousness. And as such, it is not just the art of suggestion.

A suggestion can be semantically brilliant, and yet, energetically totally impotent.

In order to shift a person from one mental position to another a hypnotist must possess enough energy.

Everything in our Universe is governed by ENERGY, and hypnosis is no different.

Magnetic man

Best hypnotist in town

288. 12 years a slave cont.

The image of Solomon Northup - from his book 12 Years a Slave, first published in 1853

It frequently happens that after I write a Random Thought of mine - some other thoughts follow on the same theme.

This is exactly what happened after I wrote my Random Thought #286, entitled: 12 years a slave.

What I want to say - as I continue the theme of Solomon Northup's story - is that his story can serve as a source of great inspiration for all those who are going through a difficult period in their lives.

Northup's book entitled 12 Years a Slave can serve as an incredibly powerful hypnotic suggestion!

His story shows not only the principles of the successful reality manifestation - something that everyone is interested in - but also that the most unimaginable does actually happen in our lives.

Solomon Northup - a slave on a plantation - whipped his master into submission, and had him cry for mercy to God amidst the whipping which he received.

Somehow, Northup not only whipped his master, he also lived through it and continued his work as a slave. 

Sounds absolutely impossible - doesn't it?

And yet, it actually happened. Northup might have been the only slave in history who whipped his master and survived such an unimaginable act?

His story teaches us that we do have the power to manifest our desires.

It teaches us that the unimaginable does happen in our lives.

It also shows us that our faith-filled state of mind is our most precious possession.

287. Hypnotic thoughts about the market patterns

I've been studying the psychology of the successful market players for some time now.

The question which I've been trying to answer is: "How can a novice succeed in the markets?"

The beautiful patterns of the price action unfold right in front of his eyes and it seems to him that these patterns - being so very obvious - are easy to take advantage of.

The more he looks at these patterns, the more he gets hypnotized by them and eventually he opens his trading account.

To his dismay - in spite of the patterns being so very obvious - no matter how hard he tries, he finds himself unable to make money.

What he fails to understand is that the markets are set to hypnotize and to deceive

He fails to understand the only a few people - the so-called SMART MONEY - actually move the market, and the rest of the players are just pawns.

The movice doesn't know that the only way to succeed is to follow the path traced by the SMART MONEY.

No matter how much the SMART MONEY tries to deceive the average sucker, it must leave the tracing of its deceptive game.

From what I've learned about the art of the successful speculation so far, I can say that it requires a complete surrender of one's own ideas about the market, and learning how to read the deceptive price-action-path traced by the SMART MONEY.

The most relevant question which anyone can pose with regards to the reality of the markets is: "Would it be possible for me to successfully enter that reality?"

After all, the reality of the market is just like any other reality, and the same laws of success and failure, which operate within the realm of all other realities of life, should also apply in the realm of the reality of the market.

The burning reality of the fire can be successfully entered without burning. Every successful fire-walker knows about it.

The question which I've been trying to answer is: "What does it take to successfully enter the reality of the market, and function within the realm of that reality without ever getting burned?".

All I know for sure is that the successful entry into the reality of the market requires a very specific mindset ...

286. Hypnotic thoughts about "12 years a slave"

Yesterday - Dec. 10. 2013 - I've watched a movie entitled 12 Years a Slave.

The movie is based on a true story of a free black man who has been kidnapped and sold into slavery.

His ordeal lasted 12 years.

Eventually, a very fortuitous chain of events had led to his liberation.

I'm writing about this story of enslavement and liberation, because it has generated in me a multitude of powerful hypnotic reflections.

My reflections are hypnotic in the sense that they create in my mind a very solid, very clear orientation towards the realities of my own life.

The story of Solomon Northup, which describes the events that happened more than 100 years ago, and which were immortalized in the book entitled 12 Years a Slave, written by Northup after his liberation is basically a story of a powerful reality manifestation.

Northup, in spite of his ordeal had never given up the vision of his eventual liberation.

His mind was always focused on whom he really was, and never accepted the reality of a slave.

Eventually, the REALITY in response to the Northup's unwavering vision of his eventual liberation had generated the most unlikely chain of events, which resulted in the manifestation of his desire.

The hypnotic power of Solomon Northup's story of enslavement and liberation lies in its ability to focus our minds on our own enslavements in a way that will generate our eventual liberation.

As much as we are all very different, and as much as our individual enslavements are different, the mechanism of the liberation is always the same.

Study that mechanism, become a student of the art of reality manifestation, and the chains of your enslavement will start to loosen up and eventually you will be able to throw them away.

About the art of a desired reality manifestation

285. Hypnotic thoughts about being high on life

Nelson Mandela around 1937 

Mandela has died today - Thursday Dec. 5 / 2013 - aged 95 years.

His death had a very powerful - hypnotic - effect on me.

It actually made me feel HIGH ON LIFE!

It made me feel high on life, because what Mandela has accomplished - in spite of all the obstacles he faced - is a testament to what a man can do when he follows a mission in his life.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison almost 1/3 of his whole life!

His years in prison were not able to break his spirit - they only made his spirit stronger.


Find a mission powerful enough, and it will carry you through any adversity you may ever face in your life.

A mission

284. Hypnotic thoughts about your most precious possession

Image by BOY

Whatever you will ever do, if you are to be successful, your actions must be guided by a focused beam of your thoughts.

There is absolutely no other way to success in any area of your life.

And this means that there is no escape from hypnosis.

All those who neglect the necessity of hypnosis are condemned to the aimless drifting in the ocean of life.

Your focused mindset is your most precious possession

283. Hypnotic thoughts about synchronicity

I went to see my printer last week.

He moved his office close to the business location of one of my friends whom I hadn't seen for more than a year.

Since I arrived too early for my appointment with the printer, I decided to walk over to my friend's business and pay him a short visit.

When I walked into his office he looked at me with huge eyes and exclaimed: "You are not going to believe this!".

He then pulled out of his pocket a little notebook and showed me my name and phone number written down and said: "I wrote your name and your phone number here and was just about to call you".

We both fell silent for a while processing the absolutely incredible synchronicity of the events.

The statistical chances of something like this happening are almost non-existent.

When we face the events similar to the one I'm describing here we realize that the REALITY is working in a way that puts things and people together totally outside of our awareness.

And this means that what we don't arrange by our own efforts STILL HAPPENS!

I take this realization in a very positive way.

It gives me faith the God does arrange events in our lives even if we do absolutely nothing towards the achievement of the outcomes which these events bring into our lives.


282. Toronto Hypnosis - Cont. of 277 / page 23

My "zero motivation client" who came to me to quit smoking appears to be greatly talented in the area of hypnosis.

I've posted a little blip about him on page 23 - Random Thought #277

Our today's session - the first working session of hypnosis for smoking addiction - was a great success!

My client is capable of a beautiful, hypnotic hand levitation which shows his great subconscious responsiveness to suggestion.

We were both greatly encouraged by my client's today's performance.

His conscious "zero motivation" to quit smoking may be just a surface idea of his conscious mind.

It seems that his subconscious mind is very interested in quitting the deadly habit.

About the hypnotic hand levitation

281. Hypnotic thoughts about hypnosis

Our reality is made of the pockets of reality which can be entered and exited at will, and the pockets of reality which can be entered and exited only by the Grace of God.

Hypnosis is the art of entering and exiting these pockets of reality which can be entered and exited at will, and the art of creating the necessary conditions for entering and exiting the pockets of reality which can be entered and exited only by the power of God.

You may enjoy this as a complementary ...

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