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280. Hypnotic thoughts about being hypnotized by the market

There are people who are totally hypnotized by the market in a way that they lose all their money there. There are also people who are hypnotized by the market in a way that allows them to consistently take the money out of the market.


Somebody have told me that it is impossible to succeed in the market, because the market is to volatile and because there are only a few players that sway the market and the rest are just pawns.

I replied:

That is very true. There is a group of people who generate the market waves. What the rest does doesn't matter. 

The point is to forget your own ideas about the market, and learn to surf the waves generated by those who run the show. These waves do follow certain patterns, and there is a small percentage of the small market players who have learned how to surf these waves.

The point is that this small percentage of the small players represents a certain actually working reality. I've been interested for some time in finding out if I could enter this reality.

Successful entry into this reality requires certain mental skills which are rather simple when you read about them, but incredibly difficult to apply in practice. The market is quite incredible in its ability to bring all of our psychological weaknesses into the full view.

You keep on committing idiotic mistakes over and over again, and you begin to wonder why? Why is it that you know what to do and yet you are not doing it?

Again - the principles are utterly simple but extremely difficult to follow.

The reality of the market is one of the most fascinating realities from the psychological point of view.

The ability to win in the market is not really in how good your strategy is. There are many good strategies. The difficulty is in the mental discipline needed in order to apply them successfully.

The market does strip the people naked of all the grandiose ideas that they hold about themselves. Only a few can bear that naked image.

Few can bear the view of themselves as being fearful, greedy, easily swayed by emotions, horribly undisciplined, void of patience, and so utterly stupid - repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Few can bear the mind boggling reality of knowing what to do and consistently failing to do it. This reality alone can drive one absolutely nuts.

The money made in the market is the most difficult easy money one can ever make.

There is no way to win in the market without first conquering yourself.

That's why the whole game is so alluring to me.

279. Who are you?

Your mind is the hypnotist who works on you day in and day out. It produces images, thoughts and feelings, which literally hypnotize you into various states of consciousness.

These states of consciousness determine everything in your life.

But if your mind is your hypnotist who are YOU?

What is the entity that exists under the name of "YOU", which has a mind, and which gets hypnotize by that mind?

And if you are not your mind - perhaps it would be possible for you to not necessarily follow all of your mind's hypnotic suggestions?

Perhaps YOU could filter out the negative hypnotic suggestions of your mind and absorb only what helps you live?

Are you beginning to see where YOUR freedom lies?

278. Hypnotic thoughts about the hypnotic dessert

I was served this dessert at the revolving restaurant on the top of the CN tower in Toronto. Was the waiter trying to tell me something?

The suggestion contained in this seemingly innocent dessert is profoundly hypnotic!

CN tower - image by Wladyslaw

277. Hypnotic thoughts about the three cigarettes

I took these three cigarettes from a man who came to me to quit smoking.

I took them for the purpose of using them in the process of creating in my client's psycho-physiological system a specific form of aversion to smoking.

My client has zero motivation to quit his smoking habit.

He was brought to my office not even knowing that he was going for hypnosis.

Why would I bother to engage with such a client?

276. Hypnotic thoughts about Rum Baba

Rum Baba

My friend and I went to an Italian bakery for lunch today (Nov/23/2013).

After finishing the main course we went over to the dessert counter where my friend pointed to the piece of the pastry shown above and said: "I will have rum baba".

When I saw what his finger was pointing at, I exclaimed: "Oh! this looks like a vagina!".

Upon hearing my words my friend gave me a look of a stunned disbelief - as if he was shocked by my comment - and said: "I will never be able to look at this the same way again!".

He didn't elaborate on whether his new way of looking at rum baba became suddenly enhanced or degraded, and I didn't bother to ask.


What's the point of my telling you this short story?

The point is that with one short piece of verbal communication I have altered my friend's perception of his beloved rum baba for life!

By uttering one sentence I've hypnotized him into a totally different way of perceiving the rum baba. To him, the reality of his beloved rum baba will never be the same.

And this is precisely what we want when we go for hypnosis. We want our troublesome realities to be altered. We want our perceptions to be changed.

Not too many people realize that a very powerful hypnotic work can be performed without a hypnotic trance.

On some occasions, and under some circumstances one well chosen piece of verbal suggestion can alter a troubled person's perception instantly in a truly miraculous way.

I've told the story of rum baba because - in the most beautiful way - it confirms the reality, and the power of the hypnotic communications.

How hypnosis works in our lives


As a digression, I would like to say that I do realize that my rum baba story appears right after my Random Thought about the JFK's assassination. 

I don't have any problem with placing these two Random Thoughts of mine side-by-side. I'm sure that JFK wouldn't be offended by my vagina-spiced rumblings about the rum baba in such a great proximity to the images portraying the last minutes of his life. I'm sure he would enjoy my rum baba story. After all, he's been known for his extreme "vagina-orientation".

275. Hypnotic thoughts about JFK

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - 35th President of the United States

Minutes before his assassination in Dallas Texas on the November 22, 1963 @ 12:30 pm

Minutes before his assassination in Dallas Texas on the November 22, 1963 @ 12:30 pm

A photo taken a fraction of a second after the fatal shot

I was 7 years old, still living in Poland, when JFK was killed in Dallas Texas. His assassination made a huge impression on me in spite of my very young age. I wondered - how was it possible that a president of the United States could be killed just like that?

I thought - if the president of the USA can be killed "just like that" - how could anyone be safe in this world?

A powerful, hypnotic influence of the JFK's assassination was shaping my view of the world.

Today, 50 long years after this world-shaking event, I still remain under the hypnotic spell of what happened.

It would not be easy for me to explain why JFK's persona keeps on holding a definitely strong impression over my mind.

Perhaps I fell the way I feel because JFK was the only president of the USA whom I have ever liked.

And again, it would be difficult for me to explain how is it that I've always liked him.

How is it that someone who had obviously not been a saint, a politician whom I have never met, holds such a prominent position in my mind.

All I can say is that to me JFK has been always very humane, someone I would love to spend some time with, someone who radiates warmth and a rare charm of personality.

He is simply, very positively, and very charmingly hypnotic to me and will remain as such till the end of my days.


JFK was given only 46 years of life in this insane world.

Have you seen the movie entitled: Butler?

A beautiful picture - highly recommended!

It is about the life of Eugene Allen who served as a butler in the White House, eventually earning the rank of the Head Butler.

Allen served under 8 presidents of the USA.

When he learned about the JFK's assassination, he cried. This was the only time when Allen's son had seen his father cry.

I'm sure thousands of others did cry on that day all over the world, and I think I have at least some understanding why.

274. Hypnotic thoughts about the dissolution of concepts and ideas cont.

Thank God that the hypnotic realities of our mental existence are only temporary, and easily blown away by the power of the hypnotic intervention.

Thank God for their flimsy nature. 

If the hypnotic realities of our existence were not subject to dissolution, we would be stuck in them forever - not a very pretty picture at all!

273. Hypnotic thoughts about the dissolution of concepts and ideas

The Ocean of Life - the Divine - sooner of later will crush the vessel of your philosophy. Your philosophy will not be tolerated indefinitely by God who ultimately - in one way or another, sooner or later - will force you to acknowledge Him as the ONLY reality of life.

Philosophies are very hypnotic - they have a tendency to hypnotize the human mind with their seemingly absolutely correct logic.


“May it not be universally true that the concepts produced by the human mind, when formulated in a slightly vague form, are roughly valid for reality, but when extreme precision is aimed at, they become ideal forms whose real content tends to vanish away?”

Louis De Broglie

After reading what I've said above you may think that I - the hypnotist - am speaking against hypnosis.

I don't speak against hypnosis - the hypnotic world of ideas is what the human mind is all about. It would be pointless to speak against the mind and the body. After all, they are the most basic realities of our corporeal existence.

I'm just pointing out that they are TEMPORARY. They are necessary but only temporary. They cannot be treated too seriously.


272. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis cont.

When you attempt to construct a self-hypnotic suggestion for yourself you will encounter the problem of doubt and the problem of the internal conflict.

The fact is that unless you are psychologically damaged - for example, psychopathic - you are subject to doubt, just as everybody else is. It is also true that you are never absolutely free from conflict.

The internal psychological conflict is all pervading. It can be a conflict within your conscious mind, or it can be a conflict between your conscious and your subconscious mind.

In the story of the garden of Gethsemane Jesus says: "Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, and not mine". Obviously there is conflict in Him. He would rather not die!


For the most people their own self-hypnotic suggestions, which they attempt to develop, and then deliver to themselves do not work. They do not work because most of the people doubt themselves and are plagued by the internal conflict.

On the other hand, a skillful hypnotic operator can construct very effective self-hypnotic suggestions for his clients. The suggestions which they can deliver to themselves repeatedly, until the desired changes happen in their minds.

A skillful hypnotic operator is free from the particular doubts and conflicts of his clients - consequently his suggestions are totally free from the UNDERLYING VIBRATION of DOUBT and CONFLICT.

In other words - his suggestions are free from the effects of the all pervading SELF-SABOTAGE. 

Successful self hypnosis is akin to a massage. It is quite impossible to deliver a quality massage to yourself.

271. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis

People want to use self hypnosis in order to make certain realities operational in their lives, but most of these attempts end up in failure because of their lack of understanding of the most basic principles of reality manifestation.

You may keep on using self hypnosis on yourself for the next 100 years and you may go to a church and pray for the next 100 years to become a winner of the American Idol singing competition - but if you have NO VOICE - your self hypnosis work and all of your prayers are going to be a terrible waste of time.

So before you attempt to use self hypnosis on yourself you must become very clear of what lies in the realm of your actual potential.

You must ask yourself a question: "Is this goal of mine realistic - considering my actual talents - or perhaps my head is just full of wishful thinking and delusions?"


There are realities which - no matter what you do - are NOT GOING TO WORK FOR YOU!

There are also realities which are so-to-speak "NEUTRAL" - meaning that it is up to you to develop and manifest these realities in your life. In other words, these realities are not exerting their creational push on you, they are not demanding that you bring them into the realm of manifestation.

And finally, there are realities that are trying to FORCE YOU into bringing them into the realm of manifestation. These are the realities which WANT to manifest themselves THROUGH YOU. In the religious terms - these realities are the WILL of GOD.

True, you may still need to go through the process of overcoming various obstacles along the path that leads to their manifestation, but if you persist in your efforts - the results are GUARANTEED.

Nothing can stop the WILL of GOD from manifesting through you - except your own rejection of it.

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