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270. Hypnotic thoughts about he clipboard hypnosis cont.

What I've done for this woman was basically self hypnosis.

Does the above sentence confuse you?

Isn't it confusing when I say: "I have done self hypnosis for this woman"?

I realize that it might be - but the truth of the matter is that self hypnosis is most successful when someone whom we hold in a position of authority constructs for us a set of self-hypnotic suggestions.


I didn't put my client into a hypnotic trance, I didn't hypnotize her, I gave her a compilation of statements with which - I knew she would resonate - and let her self-hypnotize herself with them.

These statements were so fitting into her case, so obvious, so undeniable - hence powerful - that for her, just reading them to herself was intensely hypnotic.


It is almost impossible for most of the people to construct self-hypnotic suggestions for themselves. The reason for this is that most people have a great capacity for self-doubt.

On the other hand, it is relatively easy for someone like me - who knows how to positively influence a help seeking person, to construct for him a higly influential set of suggestions, which he will be able to use for himself and on himself in a self-hypnotic fashion.

This person would doubt the self-evident truths about himself when he attempts to deliver them to himself, but on the other hand he would totally accept the same set of truths about himself, delivered to him in a highly influential fashion by another person, whom he recognizes as an authority.

This general human tendency towards self-doubt is a major obstacle in the lives of too many people who are totally capable of success, and yet, never get there because of doubting their talents and abilities.

The general human tendency towards self-depreciation is absolutely mind-boggling.

After more than two decades of practice, I can tell you that the disease of believing: "I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH" has reached the epidemic proportions.

For me there is nothing more inspiring, nothing more interesting than helping others to overcome all sorts of blockages which make it impossible for them to utilize their actual gifts, talents and abilities.

269. Hypnotic thoughts about the clipboard hypnosis

Several years ago a woman came into my office not quite sure what to do about the troubling her extramarital relationship.

Our first session was devoted to the gathering of the information.

When she came for the second session I gave her a pen and a clipboard and said: "please write what I say".

I spoke for about half an hour and said: "We are done. Read it several times during the next week and come for one more appointment".

When she showed up for her third appointment she said: "I am very clear about what must be done now. I don't have a problem anymore. I'm going to break up this relationship".

Now, she came for hypnosis. Have I hypnotized her?


Most people don't realize what hypnosis is really about.

In a nut shell, hypnosis is about INFLUENCE!

That's all there is to it.

268. Hypnotic thoughts about the hypnotic night

It was Friday October 4 / 2013 - a beautiful evening... The magical feeling in the air compelled me to take a few pictures in front of my office. When I looked at the images I saw a bunch of orbs floating around.

I had never noticed them on my pictures before!

My friend claims that these orbs are the spirits caught by my camera.

What follows is an exchange of our emails:

Me: "Do you think these are some spirits floating around - how do you know that these orbs are not some sort of a lens effect?"

My friend:"Because I’ve looked at hundreds if not thousands of orb pics from all over the world and, being an amateur photographer, I’ve seen plenty of pics of bonafide lens flare. Lens flare is very distinct in that it will always have the shape of the aperture, which is usually like a hex or octagonal shape. These are round.

So for example, I’ve attached 2 pics of lens aberration:

This is from a poor quality lens, and the light striking the lens at an angle. The hex shape and octagonal shape of the 'balls of light' is actually the outline of the aperture in the camera. It’s more of a lens aberration than a flare, but you get the idea.

Compare that to the photo you took. Do you see any hex’s or octagon’s? I don’t.

They’re orbs! Be happy! You have joined the orb photographer’s community!

If you want to test this theory, mount that same camera on a tripod and take a few pictures in a row as soon as the flash charges up (should be a few seconds or so). I’d take 5 or 6 pictures. More than likely, one or more of those pictures will have orbs on them. Welcome to the orb photographer’s family!"

That night was really magical and I was in such a joyous state of mind.

Perhaps I vibrated with the frequency that actually attracted a bunch of spirits?

Or maybe, I'm just falling under the power of my friend's pleasantly hypnotic presentation, which I would like to believe?

What do you think?

You can send me an email:


267. Sooner or later...

Sooner or later you are going to arrive ...

...But before you arrive, there are still a lot of FUN things you can do!

The title of this wonderful little book - Ten Fun Things To Do Before You Die - combines the reality of your inevitable physical end with your STILL EXISTING potential for having fun before you arrive.

The author of this book - a Catholic nun - lists 10 things to do before you die.

I would like to add one more thing to that list.

The thing # 11: Play SELF HYPNOSIS games with your mind.


Playing the self hypnosis games with your mind will help you live and postpone the time of your arrival.

266. Hypnotic thoughts about what makes him laugh

If you take what your mind does very seriously - your mind can seriously hurt you.

What makes the laughing Buddha laugh?

What makes him laugh are his own morbidly depressive thoughts.



265. Hypnotic thoughts about a troubled mind cont.

A happy mind is also a hypnotized mind.

The happy positivism of Joel Osteen seems to be almost PATHOLOGICAL.

He has a large following, but most of the people would not be able to buy into his rosy version of the earthly reality.

To most of the people the happy positivism of Joel Osteen seems to be quite delusional, as it turns a blind eye to all those things which - for one reason or another - cannot be fixed, and are bound to end up in failure. 


Would you rather be pathologically happy or pathologically unhappy?

264. Hypnotic thoughts about a troubled mind

A troubled mind is a hypnotized mind.

It is a mind which says: “I can only think in this particular way - I have no choice but to think in this disabling / tormenting me way”.

Obviously there is a great variety of ways in which a mind can potentially think, but a troubled mind “cannot” access these ways.

This is a very strange situation from the point of view of the body.

The equivalent of this situation on the physical level would be something like: “I can only move backwards, I cannot move forward, nor can I move to the right or to the left”.

Obviously, if the body were to say this, we would consider it rather funny.

The strange thing is that, when the mind says it - we take it very seriously, and may even take our mind to a doctor!

263. Hypnotic thoughts about self hypnosis

Positive self hypnosis happens when you tell yourself positive lies.

Negative self hypnosis happens when you tell yourself negative lies.

The power of your self hypnotic lies is REAL!

Your self hypnotic lies produce REAL RESULTS in your life!

Your self hypnotic lies become your TRUTHS.

The positive lies can heal, the negative lies can kill

262. A switch ...

Hypnosis is a REALITY SWITCH.

It is the art of turning the desirable realities of our existence on, and the undesirable ones off.

You experience a "problem" ONLY when you can't turn an undesirable reality of your life off, or when you can't turn a desirable one on.

That's all there is to it.

261. We look but can't see ...

Recently I posted a page which started with the following statement:

She couldn’t show her face
She couldn’t sign in her real name
But she he COULD write and here is her letter

I had read it over and over again but couldn't see the "he" which was obviously not supposed to be there.

A friend of mine sent me an email pointing out the mistake.


That's how self hypnosis works in our lives!

We look but can't see what is there, or, we look and see what is not there.

If this sort of thing goes too far - we end up an a psychiatric ward diagnosed with schizophrenia.


By the way, here is the link to that page:

Hypnotherapy - thank you letter

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