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260. Hypnotic thoughts about thinking

My fascination with hypnosis started when I realized that the nature of the reality we live in is HYPNOTIC, meaning that, it is not the “TRUTH” that counts - in terms of our successes and failures - but ONLY HYPNOSIS.

On the level of the mind there is no ABSOLUTE TRUTH - only ideas, beliefs and perceptions. This is synonymous with saying that on the level of the mind there is ONLY HYPNOSIS.

What I’m saying is basically that your life unfolds accordingly to your own private SELF-HYPNOSIS.

I’m not making any discoveries here. The Biblical statement: “AS YOU THINK SO YOU ARE “ has been written long time ago.

Explore the following link to go deeper into this subject.

Thoughts that heal - thoughts that kill

259. Hypnotic thoughts about the palatial experience

Standing in front of a palace you may be craving the quality of the palatial experience.

But there is no such thing as the quality of the palatial experience.

There is only the quality of consciousness which experiences a particular experience.

And because it is the quality of consciousness that determines the quality of the experience - a poor man endowed with a high quality consciousness can potentially “squeeze” out of life much RICHER experience, than a rich man suffering from a poor quality consciousness.

258. Hypnotic thoughts about the hopeless case

A man who has worked for many years, as a subcontractor in a garment industry, came to my office today.

He thought he was unjustly treated by his boss and quit the job.

Very soon, however, my client discovered that he would rather be working.

The emptiness of his idle time was quite unbearable to him. 

He came to me with hopes that somehow I would help him go back to his subcontracting.

I told him that the solution was very simple. He would have to give up his ideas about injustice - and I could help him to achieve just that.

Unfortunately for himself, my client wasn’t willing to part with his ideas. He insisted on remaining in the state of his injustice-related idea-hypnosis.

It was a hopeless case!

257. Hypnotic thoughts about not thinking

Over the years I've trained myself to think in many different ways about one and the same thing.

It's quite amusing to find out that what on one hand seems quite depressing, on another hand can be viewed as actually very positive and beneficial.

I've discovered great freedom in the relativity of various mental positions which can be taken with respect to one and the same thing.

But the greatest freedom I've found in NOT THINKING AT ALL!

256. Hypnotic thoughts about the "Master Race"

This shitting member of the "Master Race" did what you can see below.

He did it in Auschwitz.

Of course, he didn't do it by himself. His image is used here only as a metaphor for the hordes of others like him, who under the guidance of their master hypnotist were "empowered" to create the reality of Auschwitz.

The hypnotic powers of the one who was able to hypnotize most of the German population into believing that they were indeed the "Master Race" members were quite incredible.

Even though we all know who he was - let's take a look at his face again, and let his image speak for the POWER of HYPNOSIS.

The Master Hypnotist of the Germanic Race

255. Hypnotic thoughts about the greatest value of hypnosis...

The most basic common denominator of all things in the Universe is POWER. The POWER of CREATION - the POWER of GOD.

Everything exists, lives and moves by this POWER.

The greatest value of hypnosis is in its potential to focus the mind on this POWER in a way which allows IT to flow into this world.

And as this POWER flows into the psyches, and into the bodies of those who have been able to connect with IT - IT changes their lives.

IT heals, restores, enables, and EMPOWERS!

254. Hypnotic thoughts about success

As I contemplated the contents of my Random Thought # 253, I became inspired to write the following hypnotic statement:

Whatever you are running away from will keep on chasing you, and whatever you are chasing will keep on running away from you.

Your success is neither in running away nor in chasing.

Your success is in FOLLOWING THE WILL of GOD.

253. Hypnotic thoughts about chasing money

I have a client who has been chasing money all his life.

He had developed many successful businesses, but in spite of making a significant amount of money in most of them, he has never been able to keep it.

He is past the age of fifty now and broke.

I'm doing my best to help him overcome his self-sabotage hypnosis.

I'm doing my best to show him that his ongoing efforts to succeed in business - as long as they are following his life-long pattern of YO-YO-ING from success to failure - are not going to make it happen.

I'm doing my best to help him to UNHYPNOTIZE himself from his self-sabotage hypnosis.

252. Hypnotic thoughts about the joy of creating

I have found this snowy erection in High Park - Toronto, on the first day of the 2013. What a marvelous symbol of everything that one may wish for oneself in the New Year is was.


If you want to be successful as a hypnotist - and that is synonymous with being successful as an INFLUENTIAL COMMUNICATOR - you must train yourself in the art of creation of the POTENT hypnotic impressions.

As long as your communications are IMPOTENT, you will never be able to enter into the realm of joy / fun of the HYPNOTIC INTERCOURSE with your audience.

251. Hypnotic thoughts about Hitler

A Master Race member having a bowel movement

Hitler was a superb hypnotist.

He managed to hypnotize most of the Germans into believing that they were the HERRENFOLK - THE MASTER RACE / THE RACE of LORDS.

And as they became hypnotized into their superiority delusion, they became blind to the fact that they had to shit just like everybody else!

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