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250. Hypnotic thoughts about enlightenment

Enlightenment is basically about the UNHYPNOTIZATION of the mind from the hypnosis of the ideas which block the LIGHT.

249. Hypnotic thoughts about the unhypnotization of the mind

UNHYPNOTIZE YOUR MIND is the mantra that I keep on repeating.

UNHYPNOTIZE YOUR MIND or "die" from some form of the life-killing self hypnosis.

248. Hypnotic thoughts about how hypnosis kills a kid cont.

This is a continuation of my Random Thought # 246

... Of course the cop who shot the kid on the streetcar in Toronto didn't have to kill.

This is rather obvious by now to everyone, including the cop himself.

The "killer-cop" has been apparently "devastated" by what he did.

You don't become "devastated" by the act of a justified killing of a criminal who endangers your life, or the lives of others.

You become "devastated" only after you've done something STUPID - something that you obviously shouldn't have done.

The cop who killed the kid didn't have to kill - so why did he?

You see, what did the killing was the IDEA IN HIS HEAD.

Somehow his mind became overpowered by the IDEA that he had to kill.

It was the IDEA in the cop's mind that killed the kid - a ridiculous, nonsensical, idiotic IDEA.

The killing IDEA in the cop's mind was a form of HYPNOSIS, and its power was so great that it transformed the cop into a moron, into a blind executor of the idiotic idea.

This happens all the time to some extent in everybody's life.

Nobody is totally immune from the IDEA-HYPNOSIS.

We all have IDEAS, we CANNOT NOT TO HAVE them!

And some of these ideas kill.

They kill our relationships, our businesses, our finances and our health.

We must be UNHYPNOTIZED from our life-killing ideas, or else, our hypnotic insanities will keep governing our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Thoughts that kill - thoughts that heal

247. Hypnotically useless...

Most of the movies this summer (2013) have been HYPNOTICALLY USELESS to me - meaning - they were unable to shift me into a much needed alternative reality.

I'm showing above three examples of not only terrible box office failures, which generated huge losses, but also of the failures in terms of what good movies are meant to deliver.

A good movie must be hypnotic. It must to be able to take you out of your daily realities of life - of which you got tired - and give you a SHORT VACATION in the realm of the movie-evoked hypnosis.

There is a tremendous demand out there for the alternative realities of many different kinds.

What the movies of this summer make obvious is the fact that it is very hard to deliver the product of a really high quality alternative reality.

It is really hard to find a high quality hypnosis.

How to find your best hypnotist in town

246. Hypnotic thoughts about hypnosis that killed a kid

The streetcar is empty.

The kid with the knife in his hand is standing in the door.

The police officers are shouting "drop the knife".

The kid backs off and moves inside of the streetcar.

He can be seen through the window.

He's not holding anybody hostage.

He's not attacking the police officers.

He's standing far away from them.

And then, one of the officers - undoubtedly the most courageous one - starts shooting.

He fires 9 shots and kills the kid.

What this cop did was INSANE !!!

I'm asking - what kind of hypnosis possessed his mind?


Can you see a parallel between the story presented above and what happens in your own life?

Is the way you've been hypnotized (subconsciously conditioned) making your life difficult?

Is it threatening to kill you?

245. Hypnotic thoughts about custom designed apps for the misbehaving minds

The iPhones and iPads do what people want them to do because they have applications which perform their desired functions.

When I work with hypnosis I create custom designed applications for my clients’ minds.

My work with hypnosis is in demand because there are a lot of people out there who are missing the necessary mental applications for what they are trying to accomplish.

There are also those who are trying to achieve their goals through the usage of the wrong mental applications, and are either blind to that fact or became imprisoned by their dysfunctional applications, and don’t know how to unchain themselves.

244. Hypnotic thoughts about learning how to be free

I’ve spent most of my life learning HOW TO BE FREE. What I’ve learned during the process is that in terms of FREEDOM there is no final degree.

I have read many books about FREEDOM but in the end, it is experience which is my ultimate teacher and there is no substitute.

The level of FREEDOM which I had been able to enjoy at various stations of my life had never been the result of my personal choice.

It has become obvious to me that FREEDOM can only UNFOLD SPONTANEOUSLY from my life-experience.

I cannot choose the level of my FREEDOM.

I can only choose the attitude with which I approach the process of learning how to be FREE.

I can accept the inevitable setbacks and learn from them, or I can yield to my stubbornness and be forced to repeat the same lessons over and over again.


If you are ready to pursue your FREEDOM, start from UNHYPNOTIZING yourself from whatever enslaves your mind. This is not only the best way - this is the ONLY way there is!

If you click on this link and go to the Random Thought # 39, you will learn some interesting facts about FREEDOM

243. Hypnotic thoughts about the spontaneous unhypnotization

The following images are just an introduction to my short, personal story about the phenomenon of the spontaneous unhypnotization

During the past 32 years I've been to Europe countless number of times.

Each time upon coming back to Toronto I would experience a period of intense disgust with the architectural reality of my Canadian city.

This time however, ( I came back to Toronto on July 27 / 2013 after spending two weeks in Europe) there was not even a trace the former architectural shock in my mind. 

I was happy to be back, and in love with Toronto from the moment I stepped out of the plane.

The profound shift of perception, through which my mind became UNHYPNOTIZED from being stuck in the period of the post-Europe-architectural-distress, still puzzles me because of its totally spontaneous nature.

I don't know what has caused my shift of perception!

All I know is that the spontaneous shift of perception is a reality.

Spontaneous spiritual healing...

242. Hypnotic thoughts about the highest usage of hypnosis

Therapeutic hypnosis is the agent par excellence of the human psychological change. It shifts consciousness from the hypnotic reality of trouble into another hypnotic, trouble-free reality.

Hypnotic shift of consciousness from one reality to another is the essence of the common, psychological usage of hypnosis.

The highest usage of the therapeutic hypnosis is to apply its power in the process of shifting of the human consciousness from the realm of the hypnotic realities of life into the ream of the DIVINE, ULTIMATE REALITY.

241. Hypnotic thoughts about the alternative reality solutions

Therapeutic hypnosis is about finding the ALTERNATIVE REALITY SOLUTIONS to the problems you face.

It is about replacing the hypnosis of the reality from which you suffer with the hypnosis of some "better" - acceptable to you - alternative reality.

In other words - therapeutic hypnosis is about swapping one hypnotic reality for another. It is based on the premise that something / somebody hypnotized you into a troubling you pattern of thinking, and that you can be unhypnotized from it, and hypnotized into an alternative pattern of thinking.

All mind-oriented therapies are a form of hypnosis.

All mind-oriented therapies are hypnotic in their nature, because they all attempt to influence you to the point at which the troubling you hypnotic reality collapses, and is replaced by some "better" hypnotic reality to which you are willing to subscribe.

What follows is that EVERYTHING that has the potential of creating in your mind a lasting change is a form of hypnosis, and that HYPNOSIS IS THE ONLY AGENT of THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CHANGE.

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