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70. Hypnotic thoughts about the prescription for disaster ...

Sometimes you want to accomplish something but REALITY / GOD throws such incredible obstacles in your way that all you experience is failure after failure.

A famous quote says:

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan 'Press On' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Calvin Coolidge
30th president of US (1872 - 1933)

This quote is quite hypnotic and I’m sure it has hypnotized many people into persistent pursuit of their goals.

My experience has taught me that there are areas of endeavor in which depending on who you are, you may never be able to succeed, regardless of how persistent you are.

The fact of life is that the above presented quote is a prescription for disaster whenever people cannot distinguish between the possible and the impossible in their lives.

69. Your losses exist mainly in your mind...

I remember reading a book many years ago about Donald Trump and his financial collapse.

When the book was published, there was nothing much in Trump’s life showing that he would eventually recover.

What was very interesting about him was that he could see how everything was working for his benefit, in spite of the seemingly irreversible collapse of his fortune.

I remember reading that suffering from his business-collapse-induced sleeplessness, Trump used to pace the floors of his apartment at night, telling himself that his sleepless state gave him an advantage over his competitors because, when they slept he was awake and could think about how to come back into the market.

Just as the beauty exists only in the eye and the mind of the beholder, your losses exist mainly in your mind.

You can take any situation and turn it around in the realm of your consciousness.

This is what the art of self hypnosis is all about.

Many people are informal masters of this art, and practice it without any formally induced trance.

They simply tell themselves stories which they believe in, knowing that the whole business of believing is a subject to choice and not some externally imposed ramifications.

68. Hypnotic thoughts about making everything difficult ...

My personality used to be driven by challenge.

Only the difficult, the challenging was perceived by me as worthy of my engagement.

Consequently I used to make everything difficult in my life - including money making.

At some point, a couple of decades ago, my need for challenge forced me to go on welfare.

I made money making so difficult for me, so challenging that I actually wasn’t able to make any.

In this way I created one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced - a challenge to extricate myself from my utterly broken financial situation.

Today I am interested only in what is easy.

Paradoxically, making everything easy has become the greatest challenge of mine.

Easy, means in harmony with the unfoldment of the greater Universal Reality of which I am but a tiny part.

Easy, means flowing with the stream of that Reality rather than struggling to swim against It’s mighty current.

67. It's all in your mind ...

A little / major - mostly overlooked - fact of life is that you must make up your mind on whether something is real.

What I am saying here is that what is real or not real to you depends on what you’ve decided to believe and has nothing to with its actual reality or unreality.

It’s all in your mind - it truly is!!!

Of course, you might say: “But I know what is real from my experience!”

Well, when the sun sets, that is real, but only from your very limited perceptual point of view.

Go into space and there will be no more sunset - only a burning star constantly in front of your eyes.

66. Hypnotic thoughts about the meaning of life ...

I used to ask people a question: ”What do you think life is about?”

Obviously, this question was on my mind because I wanted to know what my life was about.

It was obvious to me that without knowing what my life was about I could never spend it the way I should.

Being acutely aware that every day I was spending my life much like we spend the money, I was obsessed by the perceived necessity of spending it in a most worthwhile way.

I finally found out my answer, which brought peace into my life and allowed my to start spending it as I believed I should.

From that time on everything has become very simple and quite successful.

Once you know what your life is really about, you just live accordingly to that knowledge - free from doubts and hesitations.

65. It may be very subtle ...

Have you ever thought about what your baseline state of consciousness really is?

A baseline state of consciousness is a state which persists underneath all other states.

It’s like a background of all other states which arise and fall in your consciousness much like the waves arise and fall in the ocean.

This baseline state of consciousness in most of the people is a state of anxiety.

I am actually convinced that there is nobody out there who is totally free form the ever present background of anxiety.

It may be very subtle, barely noticeable, but it is there all the time.

Many times its presence is totally eclipsed by much stronger states which temporarily enter the field of your awareness - but even when you don’t feel its effects, it is there. It never goes away.

This frequently hidden and camouflaged baseline state of common, human, existential anxiety has its root in the most obvious reality of our earthly life.

This reality is such that even the greatest and seemingly most solid happiness can be snatched away from you in an instant.

Everybody knows this on some level of his consciousness.

That is why everyone lives - to a greater of lesser degree - in a state of ever present universal insecurity.

64. Hypnotic thoughts about the most perfect act ...

There is a way of functioning which arises from beyond the conscious thinking mind.

It arises from the Spirit and it produces the most perfect act that could be performed under any given circumstances.

You don’t have to be hypnotized into this way of performance.

In order to perform in this way you need to be unhypnotized from whatever obstructs the Spirit’s actions.

I mean - whatever obstructs the Spirit’s expression through you.

63. There are people who ...

There are people who come to see me because they want to solve a problem, which in the course of our initial interview shows itself as a minor issue, and definitely NOT what their real problem is.

Their real problem is something else, but they distract themselves with what they think their real problem is, in order to push the real problem out of their awareness.

These people practice PROBLEM SUBSTITUTION.

They invent problems in order to not deal with what their real problems are.

They need their invented problems to distract themselves from the awareness of what they really need to attend to.

Human psyche can be really ingenious when it wants to avoid psychological pain.

It frequently creates some kind of bearable pain to mask the pain which is unbearable.

62. Hypnotic thoughts about the simplest solutions ...

We usually overlook the simplest and at the same time the most effective solutions to our problems.

We think that the solutions to our problems must be as heavy duty as our problems are.

I really hate attending to the business of doing my taxes.

Completing the whole task in one sitting is something absolutely unbearable.

So how do I go about it?

I do it in small, tiny chunks which my psyche can handle without too much of pain.

A very few people would ever take on the challenge of walking around the world.

On the other hand, mostly everyone keeps on moving one step at the time.

And what does it really take to complete a thousand-mile-long journey if not one step at a time?

Anything can be accomplished in this fashion but it takes persistence and discipline and they are very difficult to master.

Most of the human problems could be resolved through the medium of discipline and persistence.

Through the medium of one little step at a time leading towards the goal of our final liberation.

61. As we try ...

The Bible tells us that as we try to overpower the Flow of the Universal Reality (the will of God) we keep on missing the mark, which is the original meaning of the word sin.

The paradox is that sin unfolds like a wave from the ocean of the Universal Reality just as everything else does.

The paradox is that the supposedly God-offending sin unfolds from God.

Could the ocean be ever offended by the waves which it endlessly produces and which are a part of its own body?

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