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240. Hypnotic thoughts about the drama of life

Romeo and Juliet

God appears to be a DRAMA lover.

As the DIVINE unfolds into the HUMAN, IT seems to be magnetically attracted to all kinds of DRAMA.

One of the most common dramas that are played day in and day out on the stage of the human life is the DRAMA of LOVE.

Your ability to see yourself and your "TROUBLES" as a part of the DIVINE DRAMA has the potential to eliminate the injustice-related-feelings and the SUFFERING orientation from your life.

This potential for FREEDOM form SUFFERING arises from the inherent lack of the SERIOUSNESS in the DRAMA.

After all, a DRAMA is just a DRAMA...

The LAUGHING BUDDHA knows all about it!

Laughing Buddha

239. Hypnotic thoughts about the unjust Universe

Battle of Grunwald - 1410

The DIVINE UNIVERSE is not just.


Wherever you look, you see some DRAMA unfolding.

238. Everything ...

The image of the Divine Mercy

Everything that I've been able to learn about the nature of THE ULTIMATE REALITY points to its compartmentalized structure.

Just as the governments have their ministries, which govern their clearly defined sections of activity - the DIVINE GOVERNMENT of the UNIVERSAL REALITY seems also to be divided into the clearly defined MINISTRIES of its activity.

The ministry of the DIVINE GOVERNMENT with which I am most familiar is the MINISTRY of the DIVINE MERCY.

237. Hypnotic thoughts about the power of now

You can't relate to God in the past.

You can't relate to God in the future.

You can relate to God ONLY NOW !

236. Hypnotic thoughts about your most important connection cont.

Trying to succeed in any venture without being connected to God is like trying to build a house without foundation. It is like trying to build a house on a quick sand.

Any apparent “success” achieved under conditions of disconnection from God is but an illusion of prosperity. It will not hold, because it is not grounded in the Divine Reality. It will not hold because it is pseudo-supported by nothing except the human illusions of personal self-sufficiency.

And personal self-sufficiency is one of the greatest delusions of humanity.

Personal self-sufficiency is a state of mind in which a wave in the ocean thinks that it waves by its own power. It is a state of mind in which a wave in the ocean remains blind to the fact that it arises from the ocean.

Using the Christian terminology, one could say that, the feeling of the personal self-sufficiency is a state of mind in which a hand which tries to accomplish some work in this world remains unaware of the fact that it is a part of the Body of Christ.

235. Hypnotic thoughts about your most important connection

I'm sure you would agree with the statement: "Connections are very important in life. They are the most basic elements of success in all departments of life".

Is it also obvious to you that your connection with God determines the outcomes of all of your success-oriented-efforts?

Is it obvious to you that your connection with God is the MOST IMPORTANT CONNECTION of all the connections that you could ever establish?

And if your answer to the above question is "YES" - do you know how to go about establishing this MOST IMPORTANT CONNECTION of your whole life?

234. Hypnotic thoughts about being connected to God

A divinely magnificent maple tree alley

Different people feel connected to God under different circumstances and in different situations.

I fell connected to God very strongly when I jog along my favorite maple tree alley.

233. The play of God

Evelyn Underhill

One of the greatest mystics of the 20th century

The author of the one of the greatest poems about God

The Play of God

Lord, the magic of your play,
Ever changing, never still,
It enchants the dreaming heart,
It enslaves the restless will,
Calls it to the player’s part.

All the moving scheme of creatures,
Running, fitting, growing, dying,
Rippling moods thy changeful features
Quick reflect: the voices crying
News of anguish and delight,
Certitudes of swift decay.

O the rush of birds in flight!
O the blazon of the may!
Holy fading of the day,
Mystery of marshes lying
Faint and still beneath the sky,
While the solemn clouds go by
And their massy shadows creep
Gray upon the glistering sheep.

Noble sport and mighty aim,
Shrouded Player of the Game.

Lord, the terror of thy play
Thrusting ruthless to its goal,
It affrights the seeking heart,
Troubles the astonished soul;
Warns it from the player’s part.

Tramp of armies on their way
Lust of battle to fulfill,
Quick to maim and quick to slay,
Docile to thy urgent will:
Stealthy tread of hungry beasts,
Strong and subtle, all their art
Framed to stalk and framed to kill,
Careless of the victim’s smart.

Teaming life of worm and louse,
Guests at thine ignoble feasts;
Seething life of secret things;
Commerce of the charnel house
Carried upon countless wings.

Strange the sport, and and dark the aim,
Shrouded Player of the Game.

In the town thy pieces move
Here and there to serve the plan.

Some from off the board are swept,
Some in misery are kept,
Crushed by toil and racked by love;
Kept, they say, to play the man.

There within the netted streets,
Lashed and hooded, human dreams
Strive for light and air and peace,
Strive to compass their release
From the dreadful life that seems:
There thy watching mind defeats
Every move the captives make.

There for some poor folly’s sake
Every day a piece is lost -
Lured by lust and joy and wealth,
Lost to love and peace and health -
Dost thou stay to count the cost?

Reckoning in thy mighty plan
All the sins and griefs of man?

There the harlot’s venomed breast
Lulls the weary lad to rest,
Sacring with her scented breath
Victims to thy dance of death:

Doest thou smile that wreck to see?
Is the sport so gay to thee?

Cruel sport, and dreadful aim,
Shrouded Player of the Game.

Lord, thy honor to thy play,
How shall man forgive thee this?
How accept his tardy bliss,
Purge the stain of life away?

Squalor to attain the good,
Soil the sweetness of his mood,
Foulness in his daily food,
Angels in his ear to cry,
“Thou shalt kill, and thou shalt die.”

What the sport, and what the aim,
Shrouded Player of the Game?

232. Hypnotic thoughts about "finding God"

What does it mean to "find God"?

It means that you finally know who you really are, and are LIBERATED by your realization.

It means that you can never die!

It means that nobody has really died in the Thailand tsunami!

231. Hypnotic thoughts about the acts of God

There are evil events which - at least on the surface - seem to be CAUSED by the will of a single person. When these events happen we blame the person whom we perceive as the cause.

There are also evil events which even the insurance companies call by the name of THE ACTS of GOD.

The acts of God are the earthquakes and the tsunamis and all other so-called natural disasters. Through these events God kills his children en masse.

One of these events - the Thailand tsunami of 2004 killed 250 thousand people within minutes.

When the evil events like the Thailand tsunami happen, and when hundreds of thousands of people are exterminated through them - as if they were some insignificant flies - I tend to think that human life means NOTHING to God.

I tend to think that a human life means no more to God than a life of a fly or a mosquito means to a person.

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